dinsdag 28 februari 2012

SETE STAR SEPT / CSMD: split EP (second press) out now!!!!

Some cool new distro stuff in SSS/GENERIC DEATH LP's and new WANKYS EP and more... Also some noise treasures added!                                                    6-4-12
out now!!! CSMD / HKMF's: split pro-TAPE !!! released by Original Death,Agony & Screams Records(USA).
Will get copy's soon in the distro!! See CSMD page for more info!    5-4-12
Just got the news that the CSMD: space hoes 2x5" lathe cuts are ready soon!!! this will be a lmtd release so contact Rescued From Life recs for more info! if you don't want to mis out on this baby. RFL also has plans to do some sexy CSMD shirts so watch out!                                      30-3-12
Some noise & movie treasures added                   24-3

DAMAGING NOISE EP's arived in the distro!!
Also soon we will have copys in of the RUPTURE: 49 greatest hates CD !       20-3-12
Some movie treasures added                                               18-3-12
Got some great new stuff in WARSORE: complete discography 2xCD, CHAINSAW TO THE FACE: discography CD, U.B.R: discography LP and more!! CHECK DISTRO!! soon i get DAMAGING NOISE EP's in as well!!!                                                             14-3-12
Some noise + movie treasures added + new distro snuff!!!         8-3-12
Some movie treasures added + distro updated!    RUPTURE: gatecrash 6" SOLD OUT!                          4-3-12

Cosmic freaks and space apes, goes the first pressing sold out faster than the speed of light (just like that Raven song) we made a 100 copy repress on green slime vinyl with blob red covers.
They are 4,5 euro + postage!!

maandag 20 februari 2012

RUPTURE: gatecrash the orgy 6" second press OUT NOW!!!

Finaly after a couple of years of delay NFL#30 SEPPUKU / NECROCUM: split EP is almost ready!!! (co release with A.W.W.F.N. from the UK) vinyl is ready and only the covers need to be done.
Also the CSMD/SSS split EP second pressing of 100 copys on "the green slime" vinyl with "blob red covers" should be available end of the week!!!!!                              27-2-12
We got a ton of new distro stuff in!! also got some NEKROMANTIKER EP's back in stock.
See distro list for the newest noise hits!!
CSMD / SETE STAR SEPT: split is almost sold out, down to the last 3 copys!
+ some more movie treasure's added.                                          26-2-12
NFL#40 is available again!
RUPTURE: gatecrash the orgy 6" lathe cut. SOLD OUT!!
Lmtd 21 copy second and final repress.
Half of these where reserved already and are gone so only a few left!!

woensdag 1 februari 2012

SETE STAR SEPT / CSMD: split EP out now!!!!

-The CSMD/SSS: split EP is seling out fast, down to the last 16 copys!
-TONS of new distro stuff in, check NFL distro list!!!  More stuff on it's way!
inc. D-Clone/Mauser/Folkeiis: 3-Way TOUR EP (import from Japan) +++
-RUPTURE: gatecrash 6" repress should be ready next week!!!               18-2-12 
it's ready
NFL#41  SETE STAR SEPT / CSMD: split 7"EP  4,5euro
-SSS hail from Japan and do a load of nasty noisecore bursts that will annihilate your hearing and melt your brain!!!
-CSMD hail from Alpha Centauri and do their funky THC fuelled sci fi noisecore thing inc a lot of movie/tv theme songs!!!
lmtd 200 copys  4,5euro + postage
for orders/info contact nkcsmd(at)hotmail.com

Available in France from Stockroomrecords.blogspot.com who co-released it