woensdag 14 september 2016

CRACK: scum meditation C60 TAPE out now!!!!


CRACK: scum meditation C60 TAPE

Prof. Noiseape presents the long lost transmissions from the Oshumi satellite that has been digged up from the Jaxa archives for your listening pleasure. 60 min. of Japanese cosmic noise vibrations. Imagine EXIT HIPPIES or CSMD without the noisecore parts. A more distorted version of THE COSMIC JOKERS and SPACECRAFT. Pure mind boggling mushroom satisfaction for the whole family. Space suits not included!!!
Lmtd 50 copies only, pro factory duplicated C60 tapes for just 5euro + postage

Listen to CRACK here 

1x copy + postage NL = 7,50euro 
1x copy + postage rest of the WORLD = 9 euro
(price inc paypal fee) send payment to: Noiseape(at)casema dot nl