Forgotten NOISE & MOVIE treasures

Noiseape's recommendations of forgotten noise & movie treasure's !!!
DEVIL FETUS (Hung Cheun Lau/HK/1983)
Here we have another one of those over the top demented horrors from Hong Kong. This time some woman scores a phallus shaped jade object and when she is home starts playing with it getting all hot and horny and the jade vase turns into a demon having a great time with the woman, impregnating her with demon seed, then her husband stumbles in the room seeing his wife having sexy time and freaks out, destroys the object and turns into a maggot faced demon and jumps out of the window, death. Shortly after the woman falls of the stairs and dies as well, during the funeral a Taoist priest discovers the evil fetus in her womb and with some magic he makes it disappear. But after many years when the magic seal gets broken and the demon gets lose, possessing a soul and starts killing family members one by one, even the household dog isn’t spared. Loads of cheesy FX, UFO sounds, fucked up gore, and tons of other madness only to be found in Asian flicks like this. INSANE SHIT!!!!! DO NOT WATCH SOBER…IT WILL DAMAGE YOUR BRAIN!!

Sort of a follow up to One Million Years BC, when a blond uber sexy cavegirl gets ready to be sacrificed to the ancient gods she escapes her destiny and embarks on a journey of her own. She has to survive the harshness of prehistoric times, battle dino’s and just be fucking sexy in her skimpy bikini with her other sexy cavegirl friends getting naked and enjoying life and bouncing their tits making cavemen go crazy when they bend over. Did I mention this has superior stop and go animated dinosaurs and giant man eating crab as well and NO! dialogue, well nothing you and I would understand except the word “necro” a 100 times. Grab a beer and some popcorn, roll a joint and enjoy this fantastic prehistoric adventure!!

THE GATE (Tibor Takacs/USA/1987)
Another VHS rental fave was THE GATE.  When a boy (young Stephen Dorff) and his metal friend discover the gate way to hell in his mum and dad’s backyard, all hell breaks loose when little demon critters invade their house and terrorize his sister and friends disappear one by one. These nasty little demons are just the beginning of something evil and much bigger. The gate to hell has opened, pray it’s not too late!!! Awesome teen fantasy/horror flick with some great FX and a cool story, zombies, demons, monsters, metal records playing backwards, girls with bad 80’s haircuts, WHAT A CLASSIC!!!

Very cool and nihilistic samurai epic about some lone swordsman (Clint Eastwood type) that gets himself involved with a crazy clan named the Bohachi who are basically just pimping around all the lady’s in the neighborhood, torturing and abuse them and use them for prostitution. The lone swords man is hired to get rid of the competition so the Bohachi rule the local sex industry. Beautifully shot, a shit load of naked Nippon nipples, steamy hot naked female assassins, sex and violence with some sword action thrown in for extra excitement. I love the opening scene where people get cut in half and limbs fly through the air while they bathe in fountains of blood. Stylish sexy sword epic for fans Lone Wolf and Cup and Lady Snowblood!

THE BOOGENS (James L. Conway/USA/1981)
Great and  forgotten about creature feature. When an old mine gets reopened for investigation a bunch of fucked up creatures that look like mutated turtles with sharp teeth and tentacles break loose and terrorize the mineworkers and their girlfriends. Sure the mineworker thought it was strange finding a pile of human skulls and bones inside the abandoned mine but they didn’t know apeshit about those tentacled freakazoids having them for lunch. Great brainless monster fun!!!

GENOCIDE: live at blondies 6/4/1986 (Sick Fucking Vinyl Productions/USA/2010)
I’m not so much into live recordings, but I’m making an exception with this one. GENOCIDE changed name in 1986 into REPULSION and recorded the most brutal album in metal/hardcore history “Horrified”. What we have here is a live set under their old name Genocide, pretty good sound quality and a musical GENOCIDE it is!! All the Repulsion classics get played and the audience gets destroyed by sonic chainsaw guitars and Dave Grave’s insane hammering of the skins making Nasum sound like fucking EUROPE!!!! This is grindcore, fuck the rest! My copy is # 62/100 but I’m pretty sure they made 300 or more of this baby. TOTAL NOISE ANNIHILATION!!!!!!   

EVIL BLOOD:  midnight in Sodom LP (Buried By Time And Dust Recs/USA/2011)
Forgotten about underground treasure getting the vinyl treatment. EVIL BLOOD  was one of the first metal bands from Croatia. This record contains their legendary “Midnight In Sodom demo” from ’83 and 3 track’s from ‘85 demo. This is pure fucking speed metal/thrash mayhem. There are clearly some Metallica influences and the evilness of Venom in their music but that is a good thing. You know that this one rocks fucking hard when reading song titles like “Bat Connan, Countess Laura Whore and Kill With Napalm”. This is crazy spandex ball breaking heavy metal slaughter in all its spiked denim glory!!

MOON ZERO TWO (Roy Ward Baker/UK/1969)
Underrated Hammer sci fi western!  Yes the first space western and a great looking one! Very stylish made movie with a fun story about two space pilots, experts on space salvage are hired by the eccentric cosmic criminal J J Hubbard to catch an asteroid made of sapphire and crash land in on the dark side of the moon. In the mean time our space cowboys help out a damsel in distress who is searching for her lost brother who was mining somewhere on the moon not knowing our cosmic criminal has something to do with the disappearance of her brother. This movie rules!! Superior looking FX, groovy outfits and settings, the moon buggy is the best I have ever seen and I would love to get one of those to drive me to work. It has all the western ingredients, moon bar with distilled rocket fuel! (the bar fight scene in zero gravity is hilarious !). Hot dancing space babes, gun fights, space ships, moon colony and a nice jazzy soundtrack!! I just fucking love this stuff!! A REAL WILD COSMIC ADVENTURE!!!

SUGAR HILL (Paul Maslansky/USA/1974)
Cool voodoo zombie blaxploitation must see! When a club owner gets killed by a bunch of thugs his girlfriend Sugar takes revenge. With the help of a voodoo queen she makes a deal with Baron Samedi who raises an army of former death slaves, armed with machetes ready to kill all enemies of Sugar in exchange for her immortal soul. Now Sugar is going to kick some honky ass!! This one is low on the sleaze but the silver eyed zombies make up for that and Sugar has a sexy body so no complains. Baron Samadi is a great character and the scene where the zombies crawl out of the cemetery is classic!! You can’t go wrong with machete armed zombies in my book. If you dig BLACULA you will love SUGAR HILL!!

THE MAGIC SERPENT (Tetsuya Yamauchi/Jap/1966)
Psychotic Nippon fantasy flick with magic, samurai’s and awesome rubber monsters!! When a good lord is killed and kicked off the his throne by an evil samurai and his black wizard. His son a young prince escapes the carnage and gets help from a good wizard that teaches him magic and martial arts. When the evil samurai dude kills the good wizard our prince is out for revenge and to take back the throne from the evil guys, ending in a battle of giant rubber proportions! Watch out for the horned froggy monster  battling the water spitting dragon, oh and there is a giant spider falling from the sky as well. This is the shit!! We get Ninja’s, samurai, flying head, cheesy FX, boomerang sword, killer doors you name it this movie has it except for nudity and tits. Awesome fantasy epic!!!

RATMAN (Giuliano Carnimeo/Ita/1988)
A guilty pleasure and I could name a hundred better Italian exploitation/horror/giallo movies. But what makes this a winner is the demented story about a scientist who thinks he will be the Nobel Prize winner with his freak rat mutation who escapes and is on the loose on some tropical island, killing sexy models and everything he gets his little claws on. The Ratman is played by a real mini-midget, Nelson De La Rosa the smallest actor in movie history (and I always thought Weng Weng was the smallest guy in movie history) anyway he is totally creepy as the rat monster and the main reason this movie works besides some nudity and pore gore. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!

DUNE WARRIORS (Cirio H. Santiago/PHIL/1991)
Another winner from Mr. Santiago is this obscure low budget post apocalypse work of art! With cult fave David Carradine and Rick Hill. Mr. Carradine plays the lone warrior (as always) who helps out a damsel in distress and her village that is under attack by the evil forces of William (man, does that name sound evil or what?????)With the help of a couple of other cool warriors they kick Williams sorry ass out of town and everybody is happy. Total no budget action thrash that beats any Hollywood blockbuster zillion dollar bullshit production that I saw the last ten years. Big guns, bad explosions, Post Apocalypse cars, midgets, swords, tits and a shit load of action!! But what a god awful soundtrack!

Shaw Bro’s take on King Kong is one full of drama and adventure. When and expedition team is send off to the Himalaya after rumors of a giant ape like creature walking around the countryside they discover Tarzan’s sexy blond sister (bombshell Evelyne Kraft) named  Ah Wei whom is in good terms with the giant ape (let’s say the giant fancy’s the tiny blond goddess! Whats up with all those movies of giant ape dicks wanting to fuck little human pussys). So they take them both back to Hong Kong to put our giant friend on display for the whole nation to laugh about and throw bananas at him.  When the ape sees some bastard trying to rape his little girlfriend he goes berserk and starts trashing and bashing Hong Kong city. Of course it all ends dramatically for our giant thanx to humans stupidity. Back in the day this was one of the most expensive movies made in Hong Kong and it shows, awesome miniature FX, great looking monster and ultra hot Ah Wei in cavegirl bikini. Classic monster madness!!!

CYBORG COP (Sam Firstenberg/USA/1993)
Bad ass cheesy action flick like they made in the 80’s with Z grade action star David Bradley as a DEA cop looking for his brother that got lost on a mission on a Caribbean island where a mad scientist/drug lord lives who has turned his brother into a cyborg killing machine. Together with a sexy blond journalist our action hero is going to kick some cyborg balls. It’s one of those so bad is good cheesy actioners with big explosions, foam coated cyborgs, loads of shooting and kicking people in the face and some tits thrown in for extra viewing pleasure. You dig those old Jean Claude Van Damme, Stallone and Schwarzenegger movies check this one out!

VA/ KRANKE MUSIQUE IST SCHON: compilation LP (Kranke Musique/Ger/200?)
Nice boot of mostly 80’s and early 90’s electro music with the exception of Zombie Nation. On it are pioneering acts like Giorgio Moroder, Throbbing Gristle, Quadrant Six, Claude Larson, Chris Hulsbeck, Man Parrish and more.  Great quality comp with a good looking cover, if you look for some early “cheesy” cosmic electro hits. Space is the place!!

PLAGUE: unresting place EP (Punish records/SWE/1989)
Forgotten about awesome hardcore/punk band from Ohio/U.S. that did a couple of great records (there is a split LP with Rovsvett that fucking rules!) Here their second 5 track EP, they play nice mixture of Antiseen type punk rockers and MDC like up tempo hardcore songs inc. the hit song Nazi Submarine ! Great party rocker!!

DEVASTATION: drag you down EP (Creative Reality/UK/1984)
Now I’m not a big fan of old anarcho punk stuff and especially not hippie shit like Crass but this little platter is a real nice punk treasure. Especially with the noisepunk hype going on bands would kill to have a sound like this. Noisy, snotty, sloppy played punk with a nice fuck off attitude that reminds me of some slower Disorder stuff. Love the random guitar wanking over the songs. Fucking hit record and forgotten punk gem!!

NOJSBOJS: propaganda frisyrer rock’n’roll kommersialism EP (Panx/FRA/1996)
Insane noisecore from Sweden that blended all kinds of musical styles into noisecore chaos. Fans of Naked City, Scrawl and Final Exit should check this out at once! Would have loved to see these guys play live. Insane noise stuff!!!

POSITIVE BASTARDS:  st EP (Hasselhoff Records/Fin/2001)
Forgotten about short lived grindcore band from Finland. Playing simple but great grindcore like (old) Agathocles and Rot with nice barfing growls that sounds like it has been recorded inside a septic tank while gurgling on some feces. Nice record.  

NECROSE: acrostichon to the rack EP (Rotthenness/Hellion Recs/Bra/1994)
Fucking superior noisecore/grindnoise from Brazil with killer sound (reminding me of some early Brazilian death/thrash stuff ) that hammers your brains sonically out of your skull!! Play this record as loud as possible and feel the power of fucked up noise!! UBER CLASIC!!!

This is the pilot movie shown in the theaters and a VHS favorite of mine of an all time fave awesome! TV show. Buck Rogers is an astronaut from 1987 and warped 500 years in the future by cosmic forces unknown and picked up from space by a sexy Draconian princess, an evil empire that wants to take over planet earth. They use Buck Rogers to find a weak spot in the earth’s defenses and send him back. There he gets picked up by sexy colonel Wilma and Twiki the robot, now Buck Rogers being an intergalactic player has colonel Wilma oozing with pussy juice and gotten friends with Twiki’s giant talking “Flavor Flav style” watch Dr. Theopolis and not being that stupid for a guy 500 years old. He has his whereabouts about the Draconian plans to take over earth and together they set out to destroy the Draconian mothership. This one has it all, cool spaceships, space battle’s, laserguns, robots, space babes, great FX just total STAR WARS stuff that makes you go ape!! BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!!
YOKAI, 100 MONSTERS (Kimiyoshi Yasuda/Jap/1968)
Fantastic creepy horror/fantasy flick filled with Japanese folklore. It’s basically a crazy Japanese ghost story with awesome looking goofy monsters. When a crooked magistrate kicks people out of their houses and starts tearing up the place and destroying a shrine the townsfolk get help from a cool samurai dude and demented looking ghostly demons who looked like they came out of a bad acid trip. Total mushroom delirious sequences in this marvelous ghost story only Asians can come up with. One legged umbrella demon, a walking dick, giant cyclops bear and tons of other wicked creatures of the night. Go see this fucked up ghost tale!
Overlooked Franco classic that I somehow very much like. Probably goes of the cool soundtrack in combination with the images and a THC fueled brain that puts me in a hypnotic state of mind each time I watch this movie. It has all the trademarks of a Franco classic, nice looking sexy sluts, tons of T&A, bad dubbing, lesbianism, pussy carpets the size of football fields and cheesy acting but I just love that stuff. Bad ass sexploitation about some girl Betsy that gets enslaved by a local pimp mistress Shiela but she gets help from porno Ron in escaping the Transatlantic “ white slave torture hole” Hotel and get reunited with her sexy sister Linda. Grab you gin-tonic and enjoy the ride.

DJ ASSAULT: big ballin 12”EP (Electro Funk Records/USA/1997)
OH YEAH!! All you peace punk emo hippies, “go take a fucking shower” crust punx and pc punk nerds step aside for the one and only HIT MASTER himself DJ ASSAULT!!! With the ultimate punk party crasher ghetto style !!! You want to slap your gothic emo girlfriends on their flat fucking ass and start daggering them around the squat? You need to put this KING of Noiseape classics on right now! This nasty piece of wax has 4 monstrous hits on it and starts off with the CSMD UBER CLASSIC “Asses Jigglin (and titties wiggling)” which doesn’t need more proper introduction just play it loud and sing along! It’s followed by another dancefloor smasher (crust punx might find some difficulty getting their stained panty’s out of their crusty assholes) “Drop Dem Panty’s” and on the flip side you bring them down with “Dick By The Pound” and if there is somebody left to fuck with you play em “We Got It All”. And if you don’t make that booty move, that booty must be dead!! AMEN!!!

LETS GROW: neverending story EP (Know records/USA/2003)
One finger in the air, pure hardcore punk smasher from Serbia that is fucking killer. Highly influenced by 80’s U.S. hardcore. This has oldschool written all over it, what a blast! They sure know how to fucking Rock. Energetic fast stuff, you can get it ultra cheap from discogs so pick up a copy!

MR. CALIFORNIA AND THE STATE POLICE: untitled EP (Armpit Toast/USA/2003)
Hell yeah, here we have one fine little platter from legendery Mr. California and the state Police with 12 hits of retarded borecore/punk rock that reminds me of stuff like Sockeye and Fossil Fuel. 2 chords plus a drumcomputer stupidity with massive hits like: Cunt, Smart Drugs, MTV Tits, Golden Onion and Secret Bathroom Webcam + more. Lovely stuff!! Could listen to this all day long WWAAAARRRGGHHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

CUT AND RUN (Ruggero Deodato/Italy/1985)
Awesome bloody jungle adventure from Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust). A journalist and her cameraman check out a series of brutal murders and the disappearance of their boss his son. They soon discover that he is kept prisoner by a drug cartel in the Amazon led by a mental colonel who leads an army of violent natives and his mutant killer henchman (the great Michael Berryman) into a total drug war. Our journalist duo stumble right in the middle of it, running for their lives through the green hell searching for their boss his son and battle the natives and the colonels assassins. This movie is filled with ultra violence and tons of nasty gore inc. several decapitations, disembowelment and a guy brutally torn apart, damn sexy women in it as well, who says white chicks have no ass, check out Ana in the shower!! Winner of the hottest ass in cinema 1985!! Now go see this action packed jungle adventure of the highest order! Very nice soundtrack from Simonetti. Italian exploitation at its best!!! CLASSIC!!!!

THE BEAST WITHIN (Philippe Mora/USA/1981)
Great 80’s horror/creature feature about a boy who is the product of a nasty swamp creature rapes mother incident. He and his parent’s returns to the village of the incident to look for answers to what happened that dreadful night but the freak inside the boy wants to take revenge on the people responsible for this happening and to look for a new victim to plant his seed in to complete the cycle of terror. Sure some things are not explained completely in this movie but is has a great Stephen King like story, creepy atmosphere, superior FX and loads of nice blood & gore plus a nasty looking monster freakazoid!! Highly recommended forgotten 80’s horror classic!

OILY MANIAC (Meng Hua Ho/HK/1976)
Fuck off! Batman, Spiderman and the stupid Hulk, here’s the OILY MANIAC!!!! Shaw Bro’s supreme superhero madness. When a crippled gets the magic formula from his jailed uncle he takes revenge on the scum that fucked over the girl he loves by turning himself into an unstoppable oily monster maniac and then the magic begins and everybody gets beaten to pulp.  Insane looking monster with chopped off limbs that grow back, beating heart and glowing eyes that can turn itself in a oil pool to chase cars and crawl over walls and ceilings. Tons of sleaze, tits and awesome action!! BEER & BONG UBER CLASSIC!!!!!!!!

5 MINUTES OF CHIASSE: il y a des gestes qu’on EP (Panx/Fra/1997)
Hell yeah!! Obscure but glorious noisecore treasure of the highest order of noise insanity and beyond. Don’t know shit about this band but do these guys rock or what!!? 20 decompositions of pure noisecore terror, nasty, chaotic, lo fi slaughter that brings a giant smile on my fucking face. Track this one down and ENJOY!!!!

SUPURATION: isolated EP (Seraphic Decay Recs/USA/1991)
Forgotten about French death metal band that I got to know through their appearance on the Son Of Bllleeaauurrggghh comp EP (slap a ham). They play a nice brand of atmospheric death metal with a bit of a Swedish sound in it. 3 solid trax of mighty metal of deth!

LUNATIC INVASION: destined to die EP (Invasion Records/Ger/1991)
You might know them from the classic split LP with Agathocles from the good old days. Turned more death metal on their later releases but here they play primitive and pretty typical German grind/death destruction. You know the stuff, they try to be technical (hey, don’t forget this was early 90’s) and start trashy/death with some melody thrown in but it all ends in a grinding blurr. Sweet stuff!

ANDROID  (Aaron Lipstadt/USA/1982)
Great little sci fi treasure about an eccentric scientist and his stupid assistant Max. Together they live on a remote space station doing illegal research on androids. Max hasn’t seen another human being in his live and is especially intrigued by the female species and human sexuality when one day a bunch of fugitives including a woman stumble into the station hiding out for the space police. Max little world turns upside down and things aren’t what they seem on the station and its population. Nice story and great FX for a low budget movie, it has space ships/station, androids (duh), tits and laser-less laser guns!!! Oh, and Klaus Kinski as the mad professor so you know this is going to be good!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
SOLDIER BLUE (Ralph Nelson/USA/1970)
Excellent western/adventure/exploitation flick that tells about a dark chapter in American history called the Sand Creek Massacre (1864). A soldier devoted to his duty and trashy white chick that used to live with the Cheyenne Indians survives the massacre on the group they traveled with. Together they have to walk all the way back to the base camp through the wild and hostile countryside. As they travel our soldier starts to get feelings for the trashy chick but is disgusted by her anti American believes and her sympathy for the native Indians. When they finally reach base camp our soldier finally learns the truth the chick was telling him when he sees the true face of war and its atrocities. A romantic adventure western turning into a bloody shock fest of rape and decapitations and other nasty battle shit! A history lesson in violence!

MOON OVER TAO (Keita Amemiya/Jap/1997)
Nice action/fantasy flick from the director of the cool Zeiram movies.  A Buddhist magical warrior and a samurai master are send out to discover the source of the indestructible swords. They stumble upon an annoying beekeeper girl and some hot alien samurai babes that know more about the swords and a powerful deadly monster named Makaraga. Together they fight the evil warlord who created the sword out of the meteor that brought the blood thirsty monster from the sky. Crazy martial arts fantasy stuff Nippon style!! The monster is ridiculous looking, half rubber half CGI and there is plenty of blood fountains and body parts for all the samurai fans. Great mixture of genres and highly entertaining action stuff!!
ARENA (Peter Manoogian/USA/1989)
Stupid fun and forgotten cheesy sci fi time waster. If you are in love with the Cantina scene in Star Wars or got a pulsating penis from the superior video of Billy Oceans “loverboy”  you need to check out this one. On a space station orbiting the cosmos various monsters battle each other for the title of King Of The Galaxy!!! No humanoid can stand the power of rubber monsters from space until Flesh Gordon’s big brother enters the ring and starts to kick monster ass!!  Yes this is all star wrestling in space!! It also has that annoying Quark dude from Star Trek in it (as Weezil). Crazy looking monsters, awesome FX, spaceship, space station, space drinks, space babe and space story!!! JUST SPACETASTIC FUN!!!

NO BLADE OF GRASS (Cornel Wilde/USA/1970)
Pretty grim post apocalypse treasure about a family on the run from chaos when earth gets devastated by a deadly virus. Born from pollution and destroying all live on earth. John and his family tries to escape London to find refugee at his brother’s farm somewhere in northern England.  There is total anarchy and they battle their way through a world full of savage people, rapists, thieves and violent biker gangs from hell. This family doesn’t fear violence and brutally kill anybody that stands in their way. Nice nihilistic and grim atmosphere with some cool artsy tripping shots in between. A real post apocalypse gem that needs to be seen. Fucking anti hero fuck you and fuck sympathy vibe all the way. SURVIVAL OF THE SICKEST!!!  
I’m not a big fan of comedy movies but this one is stupid fun and a great one to watch if it was only for those sexy golden bikini babes and the always great Vincent Price as the diabolical Dr. Goldfeet. He has invented an army of robot bikini sluts that he uses to seduce rich man and steal their money. Thank satan for special agent Craig Gamble who finds out about Goldfeets plans to take over the world and tries to stop him. It’s like James Bond on laughing gas balloons. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!

VA/ HARDER THAN THE REST: compilation 2xLP (Digital Hardcore Recordings/UK/1995)
Yeah this one got me into the whole digital hardcore/breakcore thing back in the mid 90’s and it’s an excellent document of what was going on in the digital underground. If you want to listen to some early militant jungle/breakcore/digital hardcore shit and to clear the dance floor of your gay techno house party check out this platter. It has some of the best creators on it like EC8OR, SHIZUO, and ALEC EMPIRE plus other rockers like A.T.R., CHRISTOPH DE BABALON, KILLOUT TRASH, DJ BLEED and SONIC SUBJUNKIES and more. DISCRIMINATE THE NEXT FASHION SUCKER YOU MEET……IT´S A RAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FABIO FRIZZI: ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS (soundtrack) LP (Death Walts recs/UK/2012)
Finally available on vinyl, Fabio Frizzi’s electronic/instrumental score of atmospheric voodoo ritual and funky jungle tunes for the Lucio Fulci horror classic Zombie Flesh Eaters. Great soundtrack, the music has a lot of Caribbean musical influences in it like steel drums and other tropical stuff. It’s eerie and atmospheric, ritualistic and funky and a nice one to play when offering baby’s to the serpent god while enjoying your magic mushroom ride!

I recently scored an extra copy of this great soundtrack to replace my old copy. This record is filled with funky and sexy cosmic jazz/funk/easy listening songs and is highly recommended for all CSMD freaks out there even it is not noise but real music J. The opening track “Barbarella theme” rules and fits well as an ode to the sexiest woman at that time “1968” in the galaxy Jane Fonda. Track down a copy and freak out on the soft cosmic vibrations of this stellar soundtrack!

CONVENT OF THE SACRED BEAST (Noribumi Suzuki/Jap/1974)
Awesome nunsploitation classic from Japan. A sexy women joins the convent of St Clores goes she wants to find out about the death of her mother who was a nun in this convent. She discovers not only the circumstances of her mother’s death but also who her father was and that all these nuns are crazy religious freaks but also sex hungry lesbians, sadistic witch hunters and they love to take of their clothes and get punished which is fine by me goes those Japanese nuns are fucking hot!! Excellent story and great cinematography. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  

WORLD WITHOUT END (Edward Bernds/USA/1956)
A couple of astronauts returning from Mars get time warped into the future and they crash-land back on a post apocalyptic earth in the year 2508. The crew goes on an expedition in this new world to find out where they are. They battle hordes of savage mutants and giant spiders and discover a futuristic underground civilization populated by sexy women and silly looking man who lost the will to go outside and repopulate the planet. Of course our astronauts fall in love and things go bad, people get jealous and the shit hits the fan. Fun story and cool FX inc. a giant rubber spider!!! If you dig THE TIME MACHINE then check this one out as well ( it also stars Rod Taylor). FORGOTTEN SCI FI CLASSIC!

DEADLY FRIEND (Wes Craven/USA/1986)
One of his less popular efforts was this 80’s teen horror with some sci fi elements thrown in to make it extra irresistible. This one is about Paul a nerdy wiskid who has build his own intelligent robot named BB. He falls in love with next door neighbor babe Samantha (damn sexy Kristy Swanson). But when Samatha gets killed by her drunk father and BB the robots gets shot to pieces by the next door witch, poor Paul goes ape. Hhe steals Samatha’s corpse and has no sex with it (what a wasted opportunity) instead he brings her back to live with the help of BB’s artificial robo brain. But when Samatha is resurrected she has become a blood thirsty monster that is out for revenge. It’s like a Short Circuit meets Frankenstein and the ending is great, SURPRISE!!! Also the “basketball of death” scene is classic!!!  

PUTRID SCUM / CACOFONIA: split EP (PPR Recs/Mex/1990)
Lovely split of primitive grind from Mexico. This piece of the black gold starts of with Mexican noisecore/grind legends Cacofonia doing 5 noise massacre’s including an ode to Star Wars “Nunca Falta Un Malo En La Pelicula Que Siempre Pierde Al Final”. On the flip side there is more primitive grindcore from Putrid Scum. This is South American caveman grind with punk attitude. Great raw noise split!!!

NOISE DISTRACTION: agitate power 7”FLEXI (D.I.Y./JAP/1990)
Self released 7” Flexi by these pretty unknown Japanese thrashers Noise Distraction. They play killer energetic hardcore that reminds me of bands as Don Don, S.O.B. and Nightmare. Totally underrated release and one hell of a record. Seven blistering samurai Japcore assaults for your hearing pleasure.

This is not Violent Headache’s best record. Here they play mediocre grindcore nothing special. I prefer their noisecore/grindnoise stuff. You need this for the other side POSITI CAUSTICO that play a crazy blend of grindcore that reminds me a bit of Patareni with some funky vibes thrown in to keep it mental. Awesome band!!!!

TARGET EARTH (Sherman A. Rose/USA/1954)
An intriguing sci-fi thriller. About a woman who wakes up after a failed suicide attempt. She wakes up in a complete deserted city. Wondering around the empty city streets she stumbles upon a few dead body’s and a couple of other survivors. They soon find out the city has been invaded by an army of giant robots (one) from Venus and they hide out in an abandoned hotel where they meet a new danger, a psychotic killer!!! A no budget sci fi thrill ride with cool story, cheesy FX and superior looking killer robot from Venus that makes the new Transformers look completely GAY!!!  The robot in this picture looks like a real master of destruction with laser beam eye so you know this is pure cosmic terror!!!! roll a joint and enjoy this oldtimer!!

FIRST MEN IN THE MOON (Nathan Juran/UK/1964)
When an UN astronaut party lands on the moon they discover that they were not the first ones to visit it. Back in 1899 a scientist and his next door neighbors landed on the moon with the help of a crazy invention he did named Cavorite, an anti gravity paint that he painted on his home made spacecraft. On the moon they stumble upon insect like aliens named Selenites who live underneath the moon surface in caves with giant crystals and monstrous space-caterpillars. The hostile humans form a treat to the Selenites colony and are taken prison which leads to a dramatic ending. AWESOME sci fi fantasy epic with superior FX from Ray Harryhausen, HAIL THE SELENITES!!!

EATEN ALIVE (Umberto Lenzi/IT/1980)
Cannibal/adventure classic from mister Lenzi.  A sexy woman searches for her lost sister in the jungle of New Guinea with the help of some adventurer. They head out into the green inferno where they hope to find a hidden sect of crazy hippies led by the sadist Jonas who leads a Jim Jones like cult. They find the camp and her sister but there is almost no escape as the camp is surrounded by flesh hungry cannibals and Jonas and his crazy followers. Nice sleazy adventure epic with tons of naked jungle sluts and hippie babes, gore and cannibalism (some scene are stolen from other cannibal flix but who cares). Only minor is the senseless animal cruelty in the picture but that was sadly part of 70’s/early 80’s Italian exploitation scene and to add some extra cheap shock value. Still one of the TOP 5 Cannibal Greatest!!!
ATTACK OF THE MONSTERS (Noriaki Yuasa/Jap/1969)
When three kids discover an UFO in the woods 2 of the boys climb into it and the spacecraft fly’s off to a strange planet where two alien babes live who capture the boys to eat their brains. Gamera comes to the rescue and has to battle the alien watchdog Guiron “the chop chop” monster. A hideous creature with a huge knife as a nose that fires ninja death stars from his forehead. But ofcorpse he is no match for the flying wrestling champ turtle Gamera. Crazy kids movie but I love this stuff!! Spectacular psychotic mind boggling foam coated monster freak show with UFO’s and space babes. This is fucking MASTER!!!!

This is the second Cleopatra Jones movie and it’s my fave of the two. Here Misses Jones (sort of a female Shaft/Bond) is on a mission in Hong Kong to check out her two missing friends. Both are undercover agents who are trying to bring down the Dragon Lady, a sexy blond babe who controls the local drug market and runs a casino as a cover. With the help of Hong Kong agent Mi Ling she finds her friends and brings the Dragon Lady to justice with a nice 10min long catfight at the end. This is a SUPER COOL movie, Cleopatra has a new funky outfit in every scene, the movie is filled with awesome one-liners after another, action packed with nice fight scenes, a crazy motorcycle chase, sexy babes and kung fu girls kicking ass!! Oh, lovely soundtrack as well! BEER & BONG CLASSIC BITCH!!
CREATURE (William Malone/USA/1985)
Here we have another VHS rental fave from the 80’s. CREATURE is a nice cheapo Alien rip off where a space expedition crew stumbles upon some ancient alien stuff on the planet Titan and another spaceship from a German expedition who has mysteriously been slaughtered off by some strange creature. The only survivor of the German ship warns the crew not to go outside but ofcorpse they fall prey to the rubber monster, people turn into mind controlled zombies and get killed. Cheesy sci fi fun with bad ass looking monster, some nice gore inc. exploding head and some space tits thrown in for good measure. Plus, Klaus Kinski who looks wasted!!. GOLDIE OLDIE CLASSIC!
WOMEN’S LIBERATION: compilation 2xLP (Vinyl Fight Backs/Ger?/199?)
Great 4 way compilation of all female Nippon hardcore bands. Originally released on CD in 1991 by Selfish records/Japan and booted on vinyl probably in Germany mid/late 90’s.  This record fucking rocks hard! We get  WORMCAST playing wild rocking trashy metallic Japcore , Then we get those sexy lady’s from The GAIA that speed things up a little with their nice blend of trashy hardcore punk. Followed by the sweet GUSH with more Japcore thrash destruction than any man can handle, pretty raging stuff for a bunch of girls!! NICE! And this great comp ends with a bunch of rocking tunes from the girls that love to PISS, doing more Motorhead type Japanese hardcore slaughter with cool sing a long fist in the air headbangers, I’m getting a hard on already from all these rocking babes, this compilation is pure sex!! (the title might make you think there was some other idea behind it ).

PROFESSOR: academizer EP (Epistrophy/Ger/1993)
HOLY SHIT!! Awesome grindcore destruction from Germany that needs to be heard, raw, violent blasting stuff the sort of brutal shit I just can’t get enough from and sadly only few so called grindcore bands today still capture that raw blistering sound. 4 hits with university themed lyrics making this a pretty outstanding release that is still easily to be found cheap at discogs. I highly recommend to pick up a copy right now if you want to be blasted off your lazy “downloading” ass!!!

PISSED OFF ORGASM: st EP (Regurgitated Semen Recs/Ger/1994)
Yes in the good old days RSR records started out as a noisecore/grind label releasing classic noise platters from Meat Shits, Senseless Apocalypse, Deche Charge, WBI and the mighty Pissed Of Orgasm. The lo fi noisecore atrocity from Billy  Nocera (who helmed the lovely Stupidity Recs/Be A Freak records and later Razor Back recs ) Totally shitty lo fi porno noisecore psychosis and ear shredding massacre noise that ruled the cosmos years ago. For die hard noise enthusiasts only!! CLASSIC! (also check out TRACY LORDS LOVE NOISE!!!) DO NOT LISTEN SOBER!!!

TRANSGRESSOR: morbid brochus EP (Symphonies Of Death Recs/Col/1992)
Cult death metal from the land of the rising sun, with their only full EP and what a masterpiece of terror this is. Nasty metal of death that has its inspiration from bands such as Death, Autopsy and Impetigo with a nice filthy sound and excellent atmosphere. These guys now play in Anatomia and if you dig them you will love this shit!!! 2 tracks of superior rotten sepulchral metal!!!
Cheesy fun for the whole family when stoned and drunk with mom and dad!! While Emperor Tod ruler of planet Spango has his dead-ray set on planet earth he falls in love with Marge a housewife from earth. He beams her up unfortunately with her husband Dick who of course is not happy with this intergalactic lover who has his eyes set on his wife to make her queen of Spengo. With the help of the stupid inhabitants of this silly planet he kicks “homo” Tod off the thrown and saves his wife. Extremely stupid fun, with dog and fish faced midgets, flesh eating mushrooms and bird people and tons of other stupid shit. Only for people with a bad taste and cheesy sense of humor who like Spaceballs, Coneheads, Howard the Duck and Buckaroo Banzaai just to name a few classics!

FORTRESS (Stuart Gordon/USA/1992)
Another but forgotten great one from Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator and From Beyond) is this one with Highlander’s Christopher Lambert who has been imprisoned with his wife after she got pregnant for the second time which is prohibited in this future  (they should introduce this world wide with today’s over population of planet earth) anyway they end up separated in a high tech prison that is ruled by an evil prison commander and his electric eyes. All prisoners have an implant in their body should they escape or break a rule it will torment its host or explode, giving the movie some nice gory moments. Ofcorpse our hero has no intention to stay in this techno hell and tries to escape. Action packed and with guts flying all over the place this is a real nice futuristic prison thiller!!
QUEEN OF BLOOD (Curtis Harrington/USA/1966)
Awesome sci fi classic with Denis Hopper and John Saxon. An alien spaceship crash-lands on Mars and an earth space crew comes to the rescue. They take the female alien back to their ship and head back to earth not knowing she is an alien vampire that sucks the blood of the crew, one by one they fall victim to here glowing hypnotic eyes. This movie has great atmosphere and outstanding FX (mostly stolen from Russian sci fi movies and music stolen from Forbidden Planet). The alien ship, moonbase and planet shots are some of the best stuff ever!! Also the ending is more epic then the whole Godfather trilogy together!!! This and Godzilla is what CSMD is all about. UBER CLASSIC!!!!
THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE (Bo Arne Vibenius/Swe/1974)
Nice rape/revenge movie from Sweden, with sexy Christina Lindberg as a mute farmer girl that got raped when she was young. While waiting for the bus she gets offered a ride from a smooth looking player dude who takes her to his house, drugs her and makes her work as a prostitute for him. While being abused and exploited she takes driving lessons, karate lessons and shooting lessons turning her into a sexy one girl army. Now she starts to kill all the motherfuckers who screwed her and fucked up her life. This one is a bit slow and artsy but worth to watch. The fight scenes are filmed in slow-motion giving the movie an extra stoned vibe.
WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS (Ishiro Honda/Jap/1968)
More monster madness from the master with two hairy monsters attacking Tokyo, eating people, sinking ships and crush apartment buildings and battle each other YIPPY!!! It has the good vs. the evil monster theme but in the end they all have to die thanx to the kindness of humanity. The monsters look like a crossbreed of King Kong and Frankenstein and are ape O.K.! Great miniature FX and the opening scene with the giant octopus is marvelous!! Great Nippon monster massacre!!!
Campy drive in sci fi caveman monster fun from the glorious 70’s. From the master of disaster cinema Al Adamson and starring John Carradine (Yes the father of David) as the captain of a space crew on a mission to check out a planet to investigate the vampire space plague.  where due to radiation people turn into vampire creatures and it also turns the planet’s atmosphere in tripping colors (also to hide black and white footage into a color movie HI HI HI) giving the movie an extra psychotronic boost. Ultra campy thrash with stupid funny monsters(mostly stock footage), trampy cavegirls and  crappy spaceship, oh and don’t forget the batpeople, barbarian midget and the supersonic sex machine!!!! WOW! This one has it all and it is BAD!!!  JUST FUCKING CRAPTASTIC!!!!!
ROBOTRIX  (Jamie Luk/HK/1991)
Crazy Hong Kong action/comedy/sci fi flick with loads of sexy babes, tits and cyborgs. When a beautiful cop gets killed while the eastern prince she was guarding gets kidnapped all hell breaks loose. The kidnapper is an evil scientist that turned himself into a killer cyborg but lucky for the dead cop girl there is a good scientist as well with her sexy robo assistant (hot Amy Yip) and they turn her into a cyborg super babe. Together they go after the evil cyborg who is sex hungry rapist as well and save the prince before he gets drilled to death. Crazy film!!
FEMALE VAMPIRE (Jesus Franco/FR/1973)
Bizarre, hypnotic, erotic vampire flick from legend Jess Franco (Vampyros Lesbos). Yes it is a bit dull and you got to be into Franco’s sort of low budget art house type sleazy euro thrash stuff. But this one is a good one to start with. It’s about a sexy and most of the time nude vampire babe Countess Irina Karlstein who sucks cock and drink pussy juice while sucking the life out of her victims. Filled with lesbianism, sex, gigantic pussy carpets and weird freaky type persons that probably just played in these movies so they could see and touch some naked girls. It’s extremely bad and doesn’t make a lot of sense but it’s also dreamily hypnotic sleaze fest and it has a couple of AWESOME soundtrack moments in it. Only watchable stoned!

HEADACHE: st 8”FLEXI (Hangotan/Jap/1984)
Real cool Japanese hardcore punk record that reminds me of early GG Allin and The Stalin type punk stuff with that nice dingedingeding bass sound! It also has slight touch of metal. What makes this record outstanding is the brutal vocals that remind me of Sakevi/G.I.S.M. . No this aint Confuse or Gai but a fucking nice Nippon rocker!! You should see the drummer, looks like a member from Gwar with giant spikes and a killer mask!! Very nice record!!

MAGGOT SANDWICH: sucksesspool EP (KML Recs/USA/1986)
More punkrock madness from the mighty Maggot Sandwich (great name!). You might remember them from the AWESOME! Apocalyptic Convulsion 10” comp. Anyway they play straight up punk like a more happy happy joy joy version of Dead Kennedys with a nice sense of humor in the lyrics (cynical type shit). For some reason they also remind me a bit of less demented version of Sockeye. Party platter!!!
DEMON SEED (Donald Cammell/USA/1977)
Great sci fi thriller about a some scientists creating a super computer named Proteus with superior intelligence that invades the home of his creator and his sexy wife that live in some futuristic house of the future thing where everything is automated and work is done by robots and stuff. (must be Chriet Titulaer’s fave movie). While Mr.. Harris is at work Misses Harris gets impregnated by the computer for it wants to take over mankind and create a super human. Crazy but ultra cool suspenseful story, great atmosphere and cool special FX. Very tripping movie!!! Too bad the director started to make U2 videos and not a sequel to this one.

ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE: deceased LP (Deaf Recs/UK/1992)
VIOGRESSION: expound and exhort LP (Tombestone Recs/UK/1991)
I never was a big fan of U.S. type death metal with a few exceptions like Rottrevore, (early) Morbid Angel, Death, Massacre, Obituary and a couple of others goes U.S. type stuff often had a cleaner sound and is more technical compared to most European stuff that mostly sounded filthy, rotten and crude. I also never was a big fan of Autopsy somehow, I like the first album and the demos but that’s it. But here we have two outstanding but forgotten U.S. death metal platters that hammer the nails right into your fucking coffin. Both bands hail from Milwaukee Wisconsin and are produced by the same super team (what a coincidence). Anyway ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE (what a stupid name) play brutal creepy death metal that sounds like a mix of Death,Autopsy and Obituary with solid songwriting and chopping block snare sound and al the lyrical nastiness that come with snuff like this, check the lyrics of Method Of Murder, just love it!!! VIOGRESSION is total Obituary worshipping but definitely with a touch and style of their own, very creepy and psychotic atmosphere also thanx to the sick corpse chewing vocals. Two awesome platters of sickening metal of deth that are best listened to while dismembering your next door neighbor’s wife !!!
EXCRUCIATION: last judgement MLP (Chainsaw Murder Records/Swiz/1987)
Very overlooked but excellent death/thrash metal band from Switzerland that sounds a bit like fellow countryman Celtic Frost mixed with some German style death/thrash from that period except there is a couple of slow parts in it to create some more atmosphere and gives you time to open up a new bottle of beer before the head bang marathon goes on. This record is worth tracking down and you can find it pretty cheap. FOAD records re-released it with demo and live stuff! Must have!!!

SACRILEGE B.C.: party with god LP (Alchemy Recs/USA/1986)
Another underrated Bay Area thrash metal gem is this energetic piece of metal from Sacrilege BC, kicking your peace punk emo butt with 13 guitar ripping thrashers that make any Slayer, Sacrifice and Dark Angel fan a happy hamster. They have this nice hardcore/crossover vibe going on in their music and some fist in the air sing along parts you can go ape on and make circle pits. Their second album Too Cool To Pray was a little to funky for me and not half as good as this solid piece of thrash destruction!
SOCKEYE: retards hiss past my window LP (Jettison Records/USA/1993)
Here we have the awesome full length album from the kings of bore-core Sockeye. This record is packed with beyond stupid punk tunes that are completely retarded and with a great sense of humor. These weirdo’s are true legends in my book and they spawned a shit load of other great masterpieces of the fucked up freak shit on various EP’s and tapes who must be checked out at ones!. They are like the Monty Pythons of punk rock! Check trx like Blob Of Cum, Boy With Breast Implants, Wheelchair Of Old Man, Big Chocolate Penis and Your Boobs Poop. SUPERIOR UBER STUFF!!

MONASTERY / ANARCHUS: split LP (Slap A Ham/USA/1992)
Another forgotten treasure of noise is this black slap of death. MONASTERY was a one time side project of members from SINISTER and ENTOMBED playing a very nice blend of primitive death/grind that reminds me of DEFECATION, brutal violent crushing bulldozer death noise. I love this stuff!! There is a full EP and split EP with Sinister as well but they are the same trx that come from one and the same demo. On the flip side you have the lovely ANARCHUS from Mexico with their blend of trashy death/grind that shreds the remaining flesh of your ugly skull with 6 amazing blasts of hate. Ultra brutal split to splatter your brains on.
PRISON (Renny Harlin/USA/1988)
Cool little 80’s horror about a prison that gets haunted by the ghost of a former prisoner who got the electric chair for a crime he didn’t commit. Now the ghosts seeks revenge and starts killing inmates, guards and the warden who used to be a security guard back in the day and the one that framed him. Stars Viggo Mortensen as the cool hero inmate. Excellent horror with some nice FX and good atmosphere.
Forgotten about fantasy adventure with Guy Williams (John Robinson/Lost In Space) as captain Sindbad embarking on a new colorful adventure where he has to save the princess from the evil El Kerim and battle against the invisible monster, the twelve headed dragon and the giant heavy metal fist of deth! The fist is crazy and I’m pretty sure this was Judas Priests favorite movie. It’s a kids movie but a great one when watching under the influence of something goes of all the bright colors and wonderful cheesy FX. Check out the sexy spider woman!! KINKY!

UNKNOWN ISLAND (Jack Bernhard/USA/1948)
Fucking shit, total Oscar winner if you ask me!! I love the acting in this one and the monsters are insane!!! Check the Sloth that looks like a deformed Gorilla HA HA  HA . An amateur photographer and his girl rent a dodgy captain and his boot + pirate crew to visit an island where prehistoric monsters wobble around in their rubber suits. The captain has an eye for the photographers girlfriend and things are not going as planned. Lucky there is our ex marine dude that comes to the rescue. I gave this movie 9/10 stars and that was only goes there are no tits in it!! UBER CLASSIC!!!!

More golden oldie adventure classics with The People That Time Forgot which is sort of a sequel to The Land That Time Forgot (another uber classic!) about some army captain doing a search party for a lost friend on the Antarctic. The team crash land with their plain on hidden tropical oasis in the middle of the ice (well what do you know) where dino’s and caveman roam the land and the evil samurai king rules and holds our lost friend captive in his dungeons of doom on skull mountain (ENCOFFINATION should use some stills of this movie for its covers!!). With the help of a sexy cave girl our adventurers free their lost friend from the claws of evil followed by a zillion explosions that makes most war movies look like Sesame Street to me. Awesome spectacular adventure monster madness!!!
FOR Y’UR HIGHT ONLY (Eddie Nicart/Philip/1980)
Holy shit what a bad ass exploitation classic!! 007 watch out here is 00….., ehhh just double 0. A secret agent just as big as Yoda and just as powerful and a true girl magnet making Shaft look like a cheap ass nigger who just comes looking around the corner and has the fighting skills of Bud Spencer and Bruce Lee rolled into one action packed motherfucker. He is on a mission to rid the Philippines of the evil Mr Giant and his gang of evil drug pushers and gangster and save the kidnapped professor before Mr Giant gets his little fingers on the plans for the N-bomb. So roll a joint, grab a beer and enjoy this BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!

SPACE AMOEBA (Ishiro Honda/Jap/1970)
And another spectacular sci fi/adventure masterpiece from Honda. A space brobe gets infected by an alien spore and crash lands near a small tropical island where it takes over life forms and turn them into giant monsters to attack the local island inhabitants. An expedition group and journalist who are on the island as well hook up with the locals to fight off the alien controlled monsters before they take over earth. Gezora the squid monster is hilarious and the film is fast moving with great FX and a ton of plastic bats on strings so FUCK YEAH!!!!  This stuff is unbeatable! CLASSIC MONSTER MADNESS!! 
SEEDING OF A GHOST (Chuan Yang/HK/1983)
This is 10/10 star horror madness from Hong Kong that is up there with Evil Dead and Hellraiser so incredibly fantastic!!  Sort of a mix between Poltergeist and Nekromantik about a taxidriver dude that wants to take revenge on the guys that killed and raped his wife. With the help of a black magic priest they resurrect her rotten body from her tomb to hunt down her molesters and ex lover. This movie is filled with crazy stuff, action, tits, tentacles, magic, gore, necrophilia and even steamy hot sex scene between a corpse and a ghost!! Yes folks your read it correctly! Don’t waste your time on shit like Scream and Saw but track this one down instead! SUPERIOR HORROR FREAK FEST!!!!  MUST SEE!

MELIAH RAGE: kill to survive LP (Epic/USA/1988)
I first discovered this band when I picked up their live mini LP Live Kill goes of the cool looking cover back in the late 80’s (it had blood and a skeleton Indian on the cover!) well here is their debut album and metal is not going to be better than this I tell you. This is what you get when heavy metal professors make an album! This is more metal then metal can be, this is ULTRA POWER THRASH METAL MASSACRE!!! If you can’t bang your head on these tunes you must be a fan of Cinderella or Nasum. Tracks like Bates Motel, Deadly Existence and the metal master track The Pack are the ultimate metal anthems, this is where the air guitar was invented for. You remember those alien invasion movies where they scare off the aliens with loud music?... well if they would have played this record right away their wouldn’t even be an alien invasion so don’t be a poser and check this out right now!!! UBER CLASSIC!!!



TECHNO ANIMAL: ghosts LP (Pathological recs/UK/1991)
I have always been a great fan of early Godflesh so when i heard about this project where Justin Broadrick (Godflesh/Napalm Death) was involved in I had to pick it up and was very surprised by it. Dark, creepy (hence the title) industrial/experimental/dub shit with a spooky gloom over it. Alienated musical atmosphere with heavy parts like Walk The Crawl that has the same heaviness as Godflesh or the freaky Freak Fucker that is like a mind fuck delirium. Very ghostly atmospheric industrial darkness is what you will find here. Check out the AWESOME! Pathological records comp LP with Napalm Death, Carcass, Stretchheads, God, Silverfish and Godflesh from the same label!

GUNSHOT: children of a dying breed 12”EP (Vinyl Solution/UK/1993)
Completely forgotten about killer EP from hardcore hip hop masters from the UK Gunshot, that kicks your teeth in with this 12”EP of hip hop brutality!! The title track “Children Of A Dying Breed” is still amongst my all time fave hip hop tunes. Spitting lyrical onslaught, some parts with some ragga flavor in it to make it sound a bit more nasty then shit coming from the States. Only Dutchtopian masters Osdorp Posse is ruffer then this one! Excellent hip hop group from London! Check this instead of wankers like Kanye West or Eminem!!! Check out Gunshot’s patriot game LP highly recommended!!! Heavy beating!!!
THE MONSTER SQUAD (Fred Dekker/USA/1987)
In line with The Goonies and Explorers here is The Monster Squad from the same director genius as Night Of The Creeps, A group of kids (monster enthusiasts) called the monster squad find out about Dracula’s plans to overtake the world with the help of other classic monsters like Wolfman, The Mummy, Gillman and Frankenstein they are on the hunt for the ancient amulet that will give them the power to take control upon mankind. Good for us the monster squad is here to the rescue with the help of the scary German neighbor they fight of the monsters and save the world. Great FX, great story and tons of fun for all ages. A real CLASSIC!!!
Superior nunsploitation/occult horror classic that inspired Salma Hayeks character in From Dusk Till Dawn. About sexy sister Maria who is a good nun turning evil when she gets seduced by Satan himself (a real smooth operator) she loses herself in sexual fantasies and forbidden perversion of violence and blasphemy and falls for Satan’s plans to bring the convent down and take the nuns for a one way ride to hell. Very atmospheric dreamy film with awesome soundtrack (would love to get my hands on a vinyl copy of that one if it exists) filled with sex and violence and naked nuns! HELL YEAH! BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!

THE BATTLE WIZARD (Hsueh Li Pao/Hong Kong 1977)
Demented kung fu/fantasy flick , where should I start. Bad guys with mechanical limbs, laser fingers, the bone of destruction, kung fu gorilla, giant glowing rubber red serpent, ninja babe and firework explosions mixed with a crazy revenge story and fucked up lighting making this into a psychotronic piece of martial arts thrash fest of the highest order. Open that bottle of absinthe and get your hash-pipe ready and have fun watching this treasure of madness!! 
DISEMBOWEL: a matter of splatter EP (Wimp/NL/1991)
Forgotten about treasure of filthy doom/death/grind apocalypse with superior sound, pure horror!! Heavy as hell with layers of filthy distortion and coffins used as drums. Beating the death march of doom while chewing on corpses. Highly recommended piece of noise!!!

TUMOR / NOISESLAUGTHER: split EP (Mental Derangement Records/Ger/1991)
Great split with  by two noise mongers from Germany TUMOR (pre Yacopsae) was a great grind/noisecore band that did a bunch of killer tapes and records, all of them rock hard supremo!! Love their sound as well that reminds me of Infest (somehow) Most are short mad noisecore blasts but they do a couple of grinders as well on this one. NOISESLAUGTHER start off with a grind version of some Jimi Hendrix  (or some other hippie) song or something and then fuck shit up the hard way. AWESOME SPLIT!
CAPITAINE X (Jan Kounen/Fra/1994)
Short but highly explosive movie about an army platoon that needs to execute some prisoner but they have a real hard time killing him. Violent but very comical and you see the movie through the eyes of the convict. It’s only 15min but one hell of a ride!! Check out these as well from Jan: Le Dernier Chaperon Rouge (tripping fairytale!!) and Doberman (violent action/crime extravaganza).  BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!
SHE-SATELLITES: poison lips LP (Geist records/UK/1999)
She-Satellites was a project from damn sexy Nic Endo (ATR) doing trippy experimental/ambient/noise with a healthy dose of analog sci fi “forbidden planet” type stuff thrown in. Excellent mushroom record! and a perfect soundtrack for any astronaut in orbit. Too bad she only did one record under this name. Check out Nic Endo’s white heat LP as well!

ENERGETIC KRUSHER:  path to oblivion LP (Vinyl Solution/UK/1989)
Another obscure classic is this slap of massive death thrash from the UK. 10 solid tracks that have a slight metal-crust vibe in it pretty similar to a band like Hellbastard, only these guys where more metal. Catchy guitar riffs and double bass galloping like the fucking four horseman of the apocalypse riding out for death and destruction.
REVENANT: prophecies of a dying world LP (Nuclear Blast/Ger/1991)
I first found out about this band when I picked up their great “Distant Eyes” EP which turned out to be a hit record for me and my friends but their follow up LP blew that record away, holy shit what a masterpiece of death/thrash destruction with cool Lovecraft inspired lyrics. I can still sing along with classics such as Distant Eyes and The Unearthly. You want to hear a forgotten about death/thrash classic from the golden days of death metal check this one out right away! CLASSIC!!!!

ATROCITY: infected LP (Metalcore/UK/1990)
Here we have the debut LP from U.S. speedcore/death/grind mutants Atrocity that completely blasts away all shit that is called grindcore today. The sticker on the album says it all, “makes Napalm Death sound like a tired high school band”. Considering ND released Harmony Corruption around that time they were almost right. While ND turned metal these guys play primitive pissed off Neanderthal grindcore with hammering drums and hateful screaming that spit in your fucking face while the flesh melts of your bones from sonic guitar waves of nuclear radiation. Nasty nasty nasty stuff!!!
CREEPOZOIDS (David DeCoteau/USA/1987)
Another classic from the video rental area of time was Creepozoids. A low budget craptastic thrash fest of gory monster fun and post apocalyptic madness about a group of survivors that stumble upon an abandoned laboratory facility that hides a mutant “rubber” creature that is killing group members one by one and splattered guts all over the place. Thank Satan goes scream queen Linnea Quigley is in it as well to show her tits in between all the cheesy horror fun. It also has acid rain and short circuiting computers by blood spraying!! OH YEAH!  TOTAL B-MOVIE CLASSIC!!!!
THE MUTATIONS (Jack Cardiff/UK/1974)
THE MUTATIONS aka FREAKMAKER is a cool tripping atmospheric horror treasure about some mad professor that kidnaps people with the help of a deformed dude from the local freakshow turning them into crossbreed human-plant mutations. Featuring Tom “Dr Who”Baker as the deformed freak and cult fave Donald Pleasence as the crazy professor. The mutant creatures are insane, so are the freaks. Love the cheesy fx and has a cool soundtrack as well. Need one of those giant flesh eating monster-plants as well in my living room so I can feed it with annoying Jehovah’s.
CONTAMINATION (Luigi Cozzi/Italy/1980)
From the master of Italian cheese cinema that brought us delights such as HERCULES and STAR CRASH comes this slightly Alien inspired piece of sci fi thrash cinema. About alien eggs that when touched explode in your face and alien slime enters your body making it explode as well YEAH!!! That’s sounds promising guts flying all over the place and it does. The middle part is pretty dull so don’t get to wasted when watching this goes you will get comatose and the story is just too silly. But when they discover the awesome looking one-eyed mother alien that beats all aliens you have ever seen you will be wide awake and with a big smile on your face!. Thank you so much Luigi!!! BEER & BONG CLASSIC!
A writer and his girlfriend witness a meteor crash in the desert, they check it out and discover it is a space ship with crazy space-eye creatures in it. Nobody believes the couple but soon strange things happen and people disappear or get cloned by the space-eye to be used as slaves to repair the damaged space ship. Early sci fi classic with great atmosphere and pretty good FX! Thee freaky space-eye rules the cosmos!! CLASSIC!!
MANSION OF THE DOOMED (Michael Pataki/USA/1976)
Another forgotten horror classic is this gem produced by Charles Band about an eye surgeon that’s going insane in the brain after his daughter gets blind in a car accident he caused. He abducts people and cut out their eyes to transplant them on his daughter. He hides his victims in the cellar of his house all with their eyeballs removed. Pretty disturbing shocker with nice tension and cool make up fx. True horror treasure!!
RATS, NIGHTS OF TERROR (Bruno Mattei/Italy/1984)
Total Italian post apocalypse cheapo cheapo thrash of the highest order about a group of survivors in the year 225 AB (After The Bomb) who are wondering around the nuked city’s searching for food and shit. Soon Chocolate, Video (just to name some of the characters) and the crew finds out that this city is infested with flesh eating rats and now everybody dies WHOOAAA HA HA HA!! The ending is SUPREME!!! Bruno was a genius! Classic Italian B-MOVIE!
THE LAST DINOSAUR (A. GrasshofF & T Kotani/Jap-USA/1977)
Excellent cheesy fun adventure movie about big gain hunter with a gigantic nose and a private jet with fireplace in it WTF! Goes on an expedition with some friends by drillmachine to hunt for the last dinosaur. They drill deep in the earth to enter a prehistoric world of cavemen and dinosaurs where one moment it is snowing like hell and in the next scene everything looks green and sunny. Most of them end up as dinosaur meat but our big nose hunter stays for the kill. The dino’s look great!!! There is a couple of cool dino battles and miniature set’s but the dialog and acting is horrible in a hilarious way. Fantastic movie!! BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!
ANARCHUS: final fall of the gods EP (Rigid Records/USA/1990)
Awesome noise treasure by Mexican grind pioneers Aanarchus who did a couple of superior releases in the early 90’s like this baby (my fave!), the 500 years of Infamy EP and the split Lp with Monastery (side project with Entombed and Sinister dudes). Total raging pissed off grindcore madness with nice raw sound that reminds me of old AG stuff. Ultra brutal stuff!!

BRIGADA DO ODIO: st EP (D.I.Y./Bra/200?)
Totally over the top Brazilian political chaotic proto grind/noisecore massacre!!! (That’s the best way to describe this record as a total musical massacre!!) Their split LP with Olho Seco dates back from 1985!! So these guys know how to rock hard!! 13 blasts of cacophonic punk for noise freaks!

BULGE: l.o.a.d. EP (Fudgeworthy Recs/USA/1993)
Another underrated band with half god Charlie (Psycho/Gonkulator) in it was scum punk band Bulge. You might know them form the GG Allin: Freaks, Faggots Drunks and Junkies LP (if not GET OF THIS BLOG!!) anyway, here is their hit single l.o.a.d. with classics on it like “ballad of Ron Jeremy” and “Legions Of Anal Doom”. You get the picture, nasty punk rock holocaust with a great sense of humor. Great one to play on your little sisters birthday!
Great and laughable early campy sci fi fun about the survivors of a space trip to Mars one of them being attacked and fucked up by the giant space slime telling their story of what happened on the angry red planet. Filmed in Cinemagic (they must have been fucking stoned when filming it). Cinemagic means filmed in tripping red psychedelic colors, hey it’s a red planet!!.  On their expedition they find out that there is live on planet Mars inc. flesh eating tentacled vulva’s, giant spider bat creature that looks insanely awesome, Ozzy Osbourne wished he had this in his show and ofcorpse the Martian skyscrapers. Damn, this stuff is good. Do not watch sober!! BEER & MUSHROOM UBER CLASSIC!! The only thing that was missing was a gun that shoot laser beams, WTF was that stupid sonic gun they had, fuck off!
FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HELL: holy war LP (Boner Recs/USA/1988)
Another forgotten band is these Iranian immigrants from the states doing trashing hardcore punk songs with sarcastic lyrics about muslim extremists and middle east region in general. They turned more trashy with each record but this is my favorite of the 3.  When reading the lyrics it is still all pretty up to date today considering this stuff is 24 years old! Great band!!! I wonder how many fans this band has in Iran?

MUTILATED: resurrected/psycho death lunatics demo’s LP (Foreign Legion Recs/??/2004)
This band and specially that first demo from 1988 “psycho death lunatics” is so freaking awesome sick shit. Lightning fast death/thrash/speedcore holocaust. Mix Slayer and Morbid Angel together and you get the picture, INSANE STUFF!!! Their second demo sounds more pro and mature and is from ’92 and also shreds the balls of jesus fucking Christ!!! I just can’t stop recommending this stuff hard enough, just fucking get it!!!AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!
REENCARNACION:  acompaname a la tumba EP (Colombian Metal Militia Recs/Col/2012)
Repress of this superior 80’s Colombian black/thrash treasure. Crazy psychotic primitive blackened occult thrash metal with weird parts like the nightmarish ending on “reencarnacion prt3”. I love the atmosphere and freakiness of this little platter. Like most 80’s South American metal they have an awesome fucked up sound making things more evil. A 3 track masterpiece from 1988!!!

OCCULT: intersincarnael EP (Thrash Recs/Fra/1992)
Completely overlooked but freaking great death/thrash hit single on legendary Thrash records (who did a ton of super duper releases) by this French trio previous known as Decomposed. 2 trx of raging trashing mad death! Too bad they never made a full length album. You got to track this down if you are into early 90’s death/thrash like Morbid Angel.

TRANSGRESSION / APOCALYPSE: split EP (Desperate Attempt Recs/USA/1989)
You need to get this mostly for the Transgression trx, but Apocalypsy is nice as well, especially the first song “beauty” kicks ass. Transgression is the winner for me on this split. Crazy thrashing hardcore like Attitude Adjustment/D.R.I. and stuff like that. Check them out!! 
WOMEN IN FURY (Michelle Massimo Tarantini/Ita/1985)
Pretty serious and highly entertaining WIP movie about some sexy innocent girl send to brutal prison in Brazilian jungle where she gets raped and beaten and gets naked and all that stuff you want to see when watching WIP movie (big smile) and damn! There is a bunch of sexy babes in this one, Suzane Carvalho is fucking hot (you might know her curves from  Massacre In Dinosaur Valley) anyway of course she gets tired of being imprisoned and escapes into the jungle of death. Where she again has to struggle for survival and save her sexy ass.  Highly Recommended!!!!
TREASURE OF THE AMAZON (Rene Cardona Jr./Mex/1985)
Another jungle adventure classic is this baby. About a group of people searching for some lost treasure deep into the green hell of the Amazon. You got the jungle Jim type dude, the damsel in distress, the stupid Latino and Donald Pleasence as the evil Nazi dude with his busty sexy Mexican sidekick. They not only compete with each other but also have to fight off hungry alligators and body painted cannibals and the local chief of the jungle who wants his share of gold. Ultra classic top notch jungle adventure with enough blood and guts to please all exploitation/horror fans. UBER CLASSIC STUFF!! Watch out mister Jones!
THE DEADLY SPAWN (Douglas Mckeown/USA/1983)
Great sci fi/horror about some meteor that crash-lands at a nearby town. The meteor spawns a deadly space creature that hides in the basement of a house where it’s growing and multiplying by the numbers, eating its way through the inhabitants of the house. Ready to invade the town and planet earth with its monster jaws of death. Four teens trapped in the house try to stop the monstrous invasion and save their sorry asses from the space jaws of doom. Awesome creature!! Nice gore and a great ending! B MOVIE CLASSIC.
FORBIDDEN WORLD (Allan Holzman/USA/1982)
Another superior Alien rip off movie. A space marshal and his stormtrooper like robot are send to a moonbase where a bunch of scientists need help tracking down some experiment on the loose. This experiment is a muppet like monster going ape and feasting on the scientist crew one by one turning the place into a total bloodbath! Great gore, nudity, laser guns and awesome monster madness. Of course some space footage was used from Battle Beyond The Stars but hey it’s a Roger Corman production. Love the soundtrack as well! BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!
BLOOD FREAK (Brad F. Grinter/Steve Hawks/USA/1972)
Hilarious cult classic about some Elvis lookalike biker dude that helps a girl who takes him to the party of her hippie sister. There he gets stoned and bangs her sister. After that he goes to work at a turkey farm owned by her father where he gets to eat some magical turkey meat turning him into a turkey-headed blood thirsty killer. Killing all drug dealing hippie thrash friends from his slutty druggie girlfriend. This one is bad to the bone, pro Christian Z grade thrash and so much fun!! There is a chain-smoking narrator who talks in between the shots about drugs and god and in his last shot he has problems smoking and talking at the same time which is really funny. This movie is INSANE!!!
Here we have the AWESOME soundtrack from a great TV show from the late 60’s by Hugo Montenegro. This one is high on my all time fave soundtrack list. Great Cuban jazz/lounge/funk/soul record with stunning production and no fillers.  Great stuff when having a cocktail party with cocaine and pretty girls.
HAWK THE SLAYER (Terry Marcel/UK/1981)
Forgotten about sword & sorcery flick with good old Jack Palace as the bad dude Voltan who killed his own father and his brother Hawk’s fiancée just to gain power over his father’s thrown. But it was Hawk who got his father’s magical mindsword (it can fly on command, powerful shit!). When Voltan captures mother Teresa from the Abbey the shit hits the fan and Hawk is send in to set things straight with the help of some friends, Spock the Elf, a midget that doesn’t look midget and a giant (same dude that played the Cyclops in Krull) together they present us 90 min of B-movie fun full of great cheesy  FX, crappy dialogs and shitty fight scenes and magic hocus pocus HA HA HA…great piece of entertainment. Don’t forget the many skulls sticked to trees in the woods, awesome death metal shit!!! DO NOT WATCH SOBER!!! GREAT 80’s THRASH!!!!
RODAN (Ishiro Honda/Japan/1956)
Another great one from king Honda. Some miners stumble upon some giant insect creature deep in the ancient ground of Japan. The giant insect attacks the miners and their village but soon more terror is to come when Rodan a monstrous giant prehistoric bird rises from earth to eat the giant insects but brings even more destruction to the village. The ending is pretty dramatic so hold your girl’s hand when watching this Toho classic!!!
SPACE ADVENTURE COBRA (Ozamu Dezaki/Japan/1982)
Cool psychedelic funky animated space adventure about some space pirate helping out some sexy sisters in distress from the evil Crystal Boy who is after their planet for its mystical powers to conquer the universe. Colorful tripping galaxy’s, sexy babes, robots and space ships battling each other in this fast paced cosmic adventure. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!! 
Monster thrash cinema classic with David Carradine, Richard Roundtree (Shaft) and an excellent Michael Moriarty as a loser crook. New York rooftops are terrorized by a giant  flying lizard Aztec god named Quetzalcoatlthefuck aka Q. Its up to cops Carradine and Roundtree to sort shit out. Things go in a slipstream when crook Michael Moriartry stumbles upon the lizard’s layer up in the tower of a skyscraper. The opening scene is fucking classic when a window cleaners head gets bitten off in front of a busy office lady. The monster FX are awesome and so is the opening song and atmosphere in the movie. There’s a couple of cool twists and some nice gore making this a must see forgotten classic!!!
NUCLEAR DEATH: bride of insect LP (Wild Rags/USA/1990)
It’s insane to think there is people out there listening to extreme noise and not knowing this band but this baby is up there with Napalm Death: feto LP, Carcass: reek of putrefaction LP and Rot: cruel face of life CD if it comes to grindcore masterpieces. This one might be even considered the most extreme. Crazy blend of sickening death metal/speedcore and grind with fucked up depraved lyrics growled by a little woman (Lori Bravo) that make your death grandma turn over in her grave. Brutal dissonant noise holocaust with crazy jazz like drumming from Joel Withfield at hyperspeed intensity. This is total fucking filthy hate!!!! I remember this was advertised as “deathcore” back then but now days deathcore sounds like Green Day compared to this. ESSENTIAL GRINDCORE RECORD AND AN ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!.
CANCEROUS GROWTH: today’s society EP (Ax/ction Recs/USA/1986)
Great Boston hardcore thrasher with half god Charlie Infection (this guy played in so many cool bands!) 6 tracks of energetic hardcore/punk with some great fast moments. Pretty underrated band. Ax/ction recs did a shit load of awesome releases!.

DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA: successive substitution EP (Nuclear Blast/Ger/1989)
This is one is high on my list of all time fave death/grind records and I treasure this record with a lot of good memories from the golden days of extreme music. With Pungent Stench they where the Austrian masters of noise for me. Disharmonic Orchestra played an original style of pretty technical death/grind with some offbeat rhythms (compared to most grind stuff around that time). Compared to today’s technical stuff this is still fucn primitive but deadly as hell. Amazing stuff by an amazing band.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

CHRONIC DISEASE: born to live in chains EP (Innerforce/Bel/1991)
Forgotten hardcore blaster from Belgium. This is like Belgian version of Heresy. Energetic thrashing fast hardcore mosher that makes you want to jump and break your neck. 5 raging tracks of positive hardcore violence!!!

GONKULATOR / BLACK MASS OF ABSU: split EP (Fudgeworthy Recs/USA/1996)
Awesome blasphemous satanic noise split!! Best pairing ever if it comes to pure fucking evil. Gonkulator (with Charlie from Psycho and The Bulge) start of apocalyptic and crush churches like rotten eggs while in the next episode they rape god in all its body openings. After that Black Mass Of Absu (with Mr. Skimask) desecrate Jesus from behind with more epic destructive black metal doom slaughter and torturing the hearing of all the angels in heaven. Music has never been this evil!!!! PURE FILTH!!!

PURULENCE / NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU: split EP (Total Question Recs/Rotthenness Recs/Jap-Bra/1995)
Another classic piece of noise slaughter and my first introduction to NYATB. For me this is still their best record the 2 opening trx Galopera and Zulu Till Death are ultra classic party hits!!! Superior noisecore destruction!!  Purulence where probably one of the first all female death/grind bands from Brazil, these sexy Baile Funk babes play nasty grind that makes Sepultura sound like The Scorpions. Beautiful record that needs to be heard over and over again, CLASSIC!!!

DOGMATIZED: ipsi dixit EP (S.O.A. Recs/Italy/1992)
Pretty overlooked record that you still can buy cheap at discogs. Don’t know ipsi dipshit about them but I always liked this one. Total out of control grindcore destruction with a cool sound that reminds me a bit of Rottrevore mixed with some Atrocity. Punishing stuff. Too bad they didn’t do some more records.
PATARENI / BUKA: split LP (Psychomania Recs/Scotland/1993)
You must be a total p.c. punk hippie loser if you don’t know these bands. Patareni are Yugo grind pioneers and Buka is their more noisecore orientated bastard child. This record is uber classic and a must have for true noise freaks. Patareni  do their brand of Ramones fueled Balkan grind with deep guttural vocals and classic monster hits after another. Buka do retarded polka punk noisecore drunkers like sort of demented version of Anal Cunt. PURE GOLD!!!

EXULCERATION / PUTRID OFFAL: split LP (Sicktone Recs/Hol/1991)
Another forgotten pearl of brutal shit is this platter that starts off with Exulceration from Switzerland that play trashy death/grind with gory pitch shifted vocals but due to the clean production not as impressive as old Carcass but still great shit. The winner for me was the flip side with Putrid Offal from France that play primitive putrid death with some grind vomit thrown in to make it filthy fucking evil. Pure metal of deth!!!!!! Hope they do some discography LP of this band someday. KILLER STUFF!!
SATAN’S BLOOD (Carlos Puerto/Spain/1978)
Great Spanish occult horror about a couple that gets lured in by an other couple who claims to know them from way back. The two are uncertain about it but agree to go with them to their country house where they get sucked into satanic rituals and devilish perversions. Great atmospheric chiller with a cool mysterious plot and lots of sleazy moments.  For fans of Rosemary’s Baby a worthy one to watch!
Totally insane kung fu flick that is also known as THE ONE ARMED BOXER II. It’s about some cool swastika wearing blind dude with a flying guillotine that is after our hero the one armed boxer goes he killed his disciples in the previous movie. The blind guillotine killer gets some help from a bunch of martial art freaks that kick in heads at a local tournament. There is the Indian dude with the stretched arms of deth and the Muay Thai boxing dude (who must be friends with Tony Jaa) who try to assassinate the one armed boxer but ofcourse get their balls kicked hard! The fight scenes are awesome!! and they are pretty much nonstop, there is little dialogue and story but who gives a fuck. This one is bloody and with heads roll all over the place. The soundtrack is KILLER as well. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!!
SUBSPECIES (Ted Nicolaou/USA/1991)
The SUBSPECIES series (you got to watch em all 4 goes they are connected into one big story) are among the best vampire movies I have seen. Filmed in Romania giving it an authentic feel this vampire film is dark and nasty and is a Full Moon production masterpiece. The story is about this ugly vampire dude Radu that returns to his hometown Prejnar after killing his father for the precious bloodstone. Now he’s hungry for power and drink the blood of innocent American schoolgirl virgins that are on a holiday to visit their student friend. Things go bad and people get sucked dry. It also has cool stop and go animated demons and some other cool FX.  His mother looks great as well, nasty zombie vampire bitch!! HA HA. This is a real forgotten movie treasure and for vampire lovers a MUST SEE SERIES!!!!
LADY FRANKENSTEIN (Mel Welles/Italy/1971)
One of my  favoriet Frankenstein movies (together with Frankenstein Must Be destroyed) is this classic with ultra sexy Rosalba Neri as the daughter of Doctor Frankenstein that after his death, killed by his own monster. Builds a new monster with her fiancé by using the body of a retard servent and to put her fiancé’s brain in it to create the ultimate monster for her own lust, hell yeah!! . Meanwhile the original monster seeks revenge on the grave robbers that stole the body parts. Soon the monsters meet up for a clash of the monsters! Awesome sexy atmospheric horror greatness!
BURNING PARADISE (Ringo Lam/Hong Kong/1994)
Dark and epic  martial arts masterpiece from HK about the some temple prison where followers of shoalin get tortured and killed by a crazy general who makes paintings of human blood. Tons of awesome fight scenes and total bloodshed and decapitations. Atmospheric evil shit going on in this flick. Must see for Shaw Bro’s fans. The opening battle is incredible and bloody as hell. KILLER!
SHOCK WAVES (Ken Wiederhorn/USA/1977)
Forgotten creepy horror about some people on a boat trip that strand on a remote island where they discover an abandoned hotel where they take a shelter for the night. Soon the island is crawling with nazi zombies coming out dark waters of death. These nazi zombies where ones part of a special experimental elite force killing the misfortuned boat party one by one. No gore or blood just creepy horror atmosphere!!! CLASSIC HORROR. (watch it together with DEATH SHIP for a double bill of terror!)
S.O.D.: crab society north PIC LP (FOAD records/Italy/2011)
Thanx to the nice folks at FOAD records we finally see this piece of noisecore history on vinyl. This is S.O.D.’s first demo made just before the Speak English Or Die album and it’s a total funny noisecore nightmare with great shitty sound and 63 attacks of the hearing and senses. As a bonus they added the CRAB SOCIETY: a noise for noises sake demo ’85 on the flip side just to blow away you’re last surviving brain cells. Crab Society was Dan Lilker(S.O.D.) and Craig Setari (Sick Of It All) going ape like 7M.O.N. and AxCx did 3 years later. A must have for all noisecore enthusiasts!!!
NIGHTMARE CITY (Umberto Lenzi/Ita/1980)
One of my all time fave horrors is this masterpiece from Lenzi about some reporter that witnesses a zombie invasion. A group of people have been infected by radiation turning them into killer zombie freaks with a hunger for fresh blood. They arrive by plain (yes they do) and start slaughtering everybody on site. These zombies use knives, axe’s and guns for killing mankind and they are unstoppable. Everyone that gets bitten by them turn into a zombie as well. In the meantime our reporter tries to escape the massacre before he turns into a zombie dinner. Classic Italian horror with some nice gore and atmosphere. MUST SEE!!
Awesome fantasy flick in a series of superior Sinbad movies made with FX king Ray Harryhausen (also check The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad and Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger). Sindbad stumbles upon a piece of tablet that is part of some treasure map. With a couple of friends and a sexy slave girl (Caroline Munro) they sail the oceans in search for the hidden treasure. Of course there is an evil wizard named Koura who wants the treasure as well and follows Sinbad and his crew. Sinbad has to fight off several monsters summoned by the evil Koura and solve some puzzles before he gets to the treasure. Great oldschool fantasy adventure stuff with superior FX, Ray’s stop and go animated monsters beat any CGI shit today!! ADVENTURE CLASSIC!!!
RUNAWAY (Michael Crichton/USA/1984)
Fun sci fi actioner with Magnum’s Tom Selleck in the lead against an evil Gene “Kiss” Simmons who has turned regular household robots into killing machines. It’s up to Mr. Selleck who is a sergeant in the Runaway Squad a special police force that terminates defective robots that go ape or are on the run. Loads of stupid 80’s looking robots and futuristic stuff my ass. (what were they thinking in the 80”s). Forgotten sci fi action thriller that’s worth checking out!
THREE THE HARD WAY (Gordon Parks Jr./USA/1974)
This is like The Expendables (Stalone & co) from the 70’s with our favorite blaxploitation super hero’s Jim Brown, Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly. These bad ass players are here to kick some white superior nazi thrash ass that have plans to poison the water supply of three major city’s with some virus that only kills black folks. They also kidnapped Jimmy’s girlfriend so they are going completely ape and kill and beat a shit load of people and blow stuff up. They have a fan filled with guns that would make the A-Team jealous and they have 3 sexy biker chicks that have their special way to subtract information from the bad guys. The story is insane, Jim Kelly (Black Belt Jones) is insane, this whole movie is insanely entertaining. COOL ACTION FLICK YOU GOT TO SEE!!
GORATH (Ishiro Honda/Japan/1962)
Master Honda did it again and brings you the most insane story ever (but what a clever idea!) This time no aliens or giant rubber monsters (except for the giant walrus Magma) but a giant flaming meteor that can’t be blown up and is on a collision course with earth. And what do we do? We build giant rocket engines on the South Pole the blast earth out of orbit…HA HA HA how many joints did Takeshi Kimura smoke before he came up with this story!? Aside from the story the special FX are great, the miniatures are SUPERIOR!!! They put a lot of effort in this one and that shows. FUCK OFF BRUCE WILLES!!! This is the real Armageddon!!!!
YOR, THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE (Antonio Margheriti/Ita/1983)
Epic cheesy fun!! One of the most retarded prehistoric/sci fi/fantasy movies ever and what a laugh riot! Reb Brown + wig plays YOR a warrior searching for his origins. The opening scene is incredible with the cheesy theme song and the dino battle is a great start for what is to come, TOTAL MADNESS!! Filmed in Turkey (looks nice) Yor battles a group of hairy Turkish cavemen, saving a couple of cave girls, uses a giant bat like creature as a hang-glider and at the end he fights the evil Overlord from space with his army of Star Wars looking robots (that were previously used in The Humanoid). The story is fantastic and the dialogs are hilarious, what a masterpiece Margheriti made out of this ULTRA BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!!
FRITZ THE CAT (Ralph Bakshi/USA/1972)
Personal fave animation movie, probably goes my surname is “Kater” which is Dutch for “tomcat” and I love ebony babes and smoking weed! Besides that this is just an awesome sleazy freaky thc fuelled animation classic that needs to be seen. The story is crazy and full of cool characters, social criticism and I love the animation that is created by Robert Crumb. BEER & BONG UBER CLASSIC
THE DIRTYS: you should be sinning LP (Crypt Recs/Ger/1997)
This record rules gigantosaurus!!! Raw garage punk rock holocaust and music wise an inspirational piece of noise for CSMD (ain’t that a surprise!) The sound on this record is incredible and every track on it rocks like fucking hell!! Trx like  Midnite Till Noon and Alive are total trashing stompers and uber ape classics!!! ESSENTIAL STUFF!!!
CRAWL NOISE: demo II EP (Kleeblatt Recs/Swiz/1989)
Crazy noisecore platter with Fear Of God and Messiah members in it. This is the noisecore version of FOG, total lo fi noise atrocity only for die hard noise freaks. Side A has the tracks from demo II and sided B is fucked up live set from 88….NOISEAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VENTILATOR / DSFA: split EP (Hippy Idea recs/Ger/1993)
Totally forgotten noisecore band from Germany. You only need this for the Ventilator side. DSFA is total hippy gay shit!. But Ventilator side rules!! Raw supremo grindnoise devestation! I love the filthy sound and vox. Fans of FOG and old Anal Massaker take not! If anybody has the Ventilator: st EP (Memphis recs) for sale/trade get in touch please!!!

ANAL FIST: flying sandwich EP (Jason Recs/Ger/1989)
Another forgotten classic noisecore record is this insane baby, 786 songs HA HA HA  AK47 drum machine noise slaughter recorded at the inner anus studio so you know this is going to ROCK! I went ape seeing records like this at Boudisque/Amsterdam back in the good old days. You just knew you had something good in your hands if it had more than 20 trx on 7” EP.  CLASSIC SHITCORE!!!

GRUDGE: raw grind EP (Blurred Recs/Japan/1998)
Sick raw primitive bombastic grindcore legends from Japan that you might know from their split with Regurgitate or Coffins. The title of the EP says it all, RAW GRIND to the bone!!!! Ultra brutal destruction that makes today’s grindcore sound like the new Metallica or Korn album. No neo crust tragedy emo shit here just raw fucking grindcore slaughter samurai style!!!  A must find for any real grind freakazoid!! ESSENTIAL

MASSGROUND / DESPERATE CORRUPTION: split EP (Bloodbath Recs/Japan/1997)
Another forgotten death/grind treasure from Japan is this little platter that kicks off with Desperate Corruption that plays grindcore with some death metal thrown in that reminds me of “harmony corruption” era Napalm Death. Ultra tight and brutal stuff. Massground slow down a little and use a drum-computer making the sound pretty heavy like old Mortician (who sound way heavier!). Filthy raw death/grind with a great punishing sound. Great split!!
Awesome movie about a Chinese general that wants to invade the USA by digging a tunnel from China to the U.S. with the latest Chinese laser technology “headlights on a stick” and bomb the hell out of the states with atomic bombs placed under the city’s.(what a great idea!!! Al Qaida needs to check this movie out as well).  Anyway there is the army scientist schizoid that discovers the tunnel system and goes underground with some commando team to kick Chinese butt and battle beneath the earth!!  I love the story, wobbling cardboard underground tunnels and great cheesy FX that remind me of some old James Bond movie. Take note! Inc. a not so Chinese cast!!. BEER & BONG INTELLIGENT UBER CLASSIC!

SLAUGHTER (Jack Starrett/USA/1972)
Jim Brown is Slaughter a former green beret one man killing machine that takes revenge on the thugs that killed his family. He’s off to Mexico to beat the shit out of some mobster dudes and fucks one of their wives. Slaughter is a super cool dude and the bad guys are super bad!  Mario Felice rules!! Loads of cool one-liners and a funky soundtrack makes this a fun but forgotten blaxploitation flick that is worth a watch after seeing Coffy, Foxy Brown and Truck Turner.
BATTLE BEYOND THE SUN (Mikhail Karzhukov/Francis Ford Coppola/Russia/USA/1962)
This one is for sci fi freaks, psychonauts and chimps only! Originally a Russian movie (Nebo Zovyot) but Roger Corman bought the U.S. rights and let Mr. Coppola spice things up (or fuck it up). It’s about two rival superpowers that are in a race to reach Mars where they get a warm welcome from two superior beings. A tentacled space vulva with teeth and a sort of chicken with eyeballs on its wings… such fantastic creatures of a drugged mind. Anyway the FX are really good! Those Russian film makers did a great and convincing job. Sure it looks sober and typical Soviet for it’s time but they had great eye for detail. I would love to see the original version some day. A REAL MUSHROOM CLASSIC!
WARLORDS OF THE 21th CENTURY (Harley Cokeliss/NZ/1982)
Nice 80’s post apocalypse entrée from New Zealand where a bad ass colonel raids the New Zealand’s nuclear polluted countryside with his awesome looking battletruck. Lucky for the few survivors from a local colony there is the cool dude hero with a futuristic looking motorbike that takes a stand against the colonel and his evil battletruck. For fans of cheapo trashy action flix and post apocalypse freaks! (let’s be honest, didn’t we all want a bike like the hero had back in the 80’s, sure I did!)
ABSURD (Joe D’Amato/Italy/1981)
Sort of a follow up to Atropophagus. This time George Eastman is a freak on the loose. After some experiment gone wrong his blood coagulates very fast making him indestructible and hard to kill. A priest is after him but George escapes the hospital and is on a bloody killing spree. Loads of gory killings and George is a scary dude in this forgotten horror gem. inc killing by oven (well almost he he). Absurd brainless horror fun!!
THE MYSTERIANS (Ishiro Honda/Japan/1957)
A fantastic sci fi classic from master Honda. Some aliens invade Japanese countryside and kidnap some woman for sexual abuse (what els would they use earth women for) and to impregnate to save their dying race. Of course the Japanese army fights off the aliens with rockets, tanks, laserbeams and jetfighters. The FX/Miniature’s are excellent as always with these Toho productions. The Martians have a cool looking giant rubber robot to crush stuff with and sweet looking UFO’s. A true sci fi classic and a nice one to play your CSMD record with in the back ground!!
DISGRACE: 1990 LP (Svart records/Fin/2011)
Very nice release from Svart recs doing the first 2 demo’s (inside the labyrinth of depression + beyond the immortalized existence) and the debut EP “debts of god” on one platter. Early Carcass and Xysma fans take note and check this out! Total Carcass worshipping here, specially the demo’s fucking rule but the EP is also ultra nice! You get your dirty raw death/grind with some doom parts thrown in that reminds me of Cathedral and Sleep. Old death metal masterpiece from Finland.
Fans of Tarantino should check this out to see where he has got his skills from. Superior Japanese exploitation flick about some sexy cop girl that gets a second chance mission after she was put in jail for killing some asshole rapist. She needs to save the kidnapped daughter of a politician from a bunch of scumbags. This movie is filled with stylish and gory ultra violence, rape and torture stuff! Miki Sugimoto is pretty sexy lady. A real masterpiece of nastiness and a uber cult CLASSIC!

THE WRAITH (Mike Marvin/USA/1986)
Another forgotten 80’s classic is this treasure about some cool looking car racing dude (in reality it’s Charlie Sheen) that has come back from the dead. After he was killed by a local gang of bad ass racing dudes that screw people and steal their cars by challenging them for a race. Their evil leader has an eye on the sexy girlfriend of the dead guy. Too bad for him the dead racer has returned from Alpha Centuari to take revenge on the gang and get is girl back in his black nightrider of doom. Fun story and well executed movie. It’s like Grease for dope smokers and without the stupid sing along songs!
KID606: gun court singles series EP (Wabana Ore lmtd/USA/1999)
My fave KID606 release of awesome breakcore/digital hardcore destruction!! Side A has the ultimate dancefloorcleaner track to end all stupid techno party’s “kidrush” and side B finishes off the remaining disco fags with “dropkick guncourt mix” filthy fucking distorted cut up jungle rhythms disaster master!!

KILLOUT TRASH / DJ SCUD: split EP (Kool Pop Recs/Ger/1998)
Great split. Killout Trash (with the help of Shizou) do a punky breakcore smasher while on the flipside DJ Scud fucks it up for everybody with his monster hit song “in the charts again” of ultra pissed off gabber with Exploited samples making this the ultimate pogo trasher and a great one to start your party with!! FUCK THE CUNTS!!
THE GORE GORE GIRLS (Herschell Gordon Lewis/USA/1972)
One of my fave’s from Lewis is this splatter classic about some reporter that with the help of a slick private detective try to uncover the murderer of a bunch a stripper babes. The gore scenes are gruesome and classic. The scene where the nipples get cut off and the milk/chocolate milk pours out is cult! There is loads of stupid humor in it as well and the crazy jazz soundtrack gives the movie an extra sleazy vibe. Loads of cool go go dancing ladies in it as well.  CULT STUFF!!
Pure gold! That’s what this is. It’s about some hot karate babe that searches for her disappeared sister on the Philippines and stumbles upon a bunch of drug dealers at a martial arts tournament. The story is simple but who cares goes our heroin kicks teeth of scumbags bare breasted!! YESSSS, and she is a fine looking woman (couldn’t have a little more ass and I would gave this movie a 10 instead of a 9 HA HA HA ) . The blond karate expert guy with the moustache is also awesome bad looking dude. Also the soundtrack fucking rules!! Killer electro funk that would make DJ ASSAULT go ape! BEER & BONG UBER CLASSIC!!!
RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS (Ruggero Deodato/Italy/1983)
Awesome 80’s action movie with an insane story. While attempting to raise a sunken Russian submarine they discover an ancient relic from Atlantis. For some reason this triggers Atlantis to rice from the sea destroying the submarine salvage platform but lucky for the scientists they get rescued by 2 ex Vietnam vets and now the movie starts rolling. They end up on some island where all the inhabitants are killed by a bunch of post apocalypse type of biker punx and their leader Crystal Skull who are descendants of Atlantis (it doesn’t make sense but they have cool looking bikes and a killer car so who cares). Our hero’s take a stand against the hell raising Atlantic biker freaks and sink Atlantis before it takes over the world. Crazy, thrashy, low budget action packed masterpiece only Italians can make. Hope this gets a proper DVD release soon!! BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!
Very entertaining colorful Japanese fantasy spectacle. A sort of a Clash Of The Titans Nippon style with killer monsters, laser shooting eyes (I love that), crazy swordsman, sexy magic ladies, sorcerers, giant metal bird, and the eight headed King Ghidorah look alike dragon and loads of great special FX the old school way with so much colors and lightning that you instantly get an epileptic seizure. There is a couple of cool sceneries that would sure make an awesome album cover for a death metal band like Impiety. This movie fucking rules!!! AWESOME!
DEATH SLAM / CRUEL FACE: split LP (Rotthenness Recs/Brazil/1997)
Nice and totally forgotten about split record by 2 Brazilian hardcore/grind bands that deserves a place on this blog. Sure it sounds a little dated today as now there are 10000 of copy bands doing that same style of thing but back in 1997 this was a great blast of angry South American punk massacre!

NEGATIVE GAIN: back from the dead LP (Pusmort Recs/USA/1986)
Well known but forgotten superior hardcore/thrash (crossover) assault from the middle ages that needs to be tracked down instantly !!! Totally raging energetic fastcore thrash slammer that makes you want to start a solo circle pit in your living room and makes you want to stage dive of the cough on your moms Chinese porcelain collection. Great sound, great sing a long song fist banger. HARDCORE CLASSIC!
NAUSEA: psychological conflict EP (Baphomet Recs/USA/1990)
Nausea is the band Oscar Garcia played in while doing Terrorizer (both bands where spawned out of Majesty) What you get here is ultra raw Terrorizer type death/grind in the best way possible. Alright Eric Castro isn’t as good as Pete Sandoval was on World Downfall (ha ha who is) but damn this is some pretty brutal raw shit. Fans of old Terrorizer should take note! (of course old fans have this in their collection already). 2 trx only but what a classic! (I also have a copy with red labels)

PSYCHO / SATANS WARRIORS: split EP (Ecocentric recs/Ger/1994)
This is a superior split of total noise slaughter! We got the most underrated band ever PSYCHO with 5 filthy grinding hateful songs of pissed of violence!! This band fucking rules!!!  Now Satans Warriors was a crazy side project of Seth Putnam (AxCx) doing fucked up thrashing grind with a black metal touch (specially the vox sound like Beherit or something) nasty evil shit with bad taste lyrics just to piss people off. A real lost treasure of brutal noise!

WAR IN SPACE (Jun Fukuda/Jap/1977)
Nice Japanese sci fi adventure from Toho gods that was released the same year that Star Wars was a supreme mega hit. Obvious they watched Star Wars when making this. It even has a Chewbacca with horns in it making this movie beyond super cool! Some green alien humanoids from Venus have plans to take over earth. But the nutty professor and his space-submarine (whats with those Japanese and they flying submarines??) the Gohten fights of the aliens from earth and is on its way to Venus to end the alien plague. There they must fight against the evil Marvin The Martian (he really does look like him!) and his insane cheesy space battle cruiser that looks like a Roman galleon. I just LOVE those colorful Japanese sci fi epics. The FX are superior and are better then any CGI shit coming out today. A lost sci fi treasure!
Another cool Hercules movie is this one (no nothing comes close to Hercules 1983). This time Hercules has to decent into the realms of Hades where he and his player buddy Thesus (who is fooling around with every women in the movie )need to find the golden apple and a shiny stone and toy around with the evil rock monster (and this monster looks fucking superior!!!) and he is doing it all to rescue his beloved girly from evil Christopher Lee. The movie is beautifully made with great set pieces and dark and creepy atmosphere with some real tripping moments (bleeding branches!!). No use watching this stuff sober goes it won’t make any sense. NICE!
THE ARENA (Steve Carver/USA-ITALY/1974)
Very entertaining exploitation/adventure movie about a bunch of slave girls inc. damn! sexy Pam Grier and Margaret Markov (both star in “Black Mama, White Mama” as well, a must see) who become gladiator girl fighters in the Roman arena’s of deth and later revolt against their master. Pam & Margaret are fucn hot in this one, there is some T&A, loads of gladiator fighting and nice set pieces and locations even for a low budget Corman production like this. A forgotten gladiator classic!
TROMA’S WAR (Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz/USA/1988)
Now if you are not familiar with Troma’s movies like The Toxic Avenger or Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. or Class Of Nuke Em High you must be living under a rock and haven’t got a clue what cool movies are about. Here is one of my all time fave Troma movies called TROMA’S WAR….(echo…). About some Tromavile citizens that crashland on some tropical island that is ruled by a bunch of terrorist that have plans to take over the world. Our citizens led by ex Vietnam vet arm themselves to the teeth to fight off the terrorists inc a Nazi, Mr aids, Sgt pig nose and some freaky Siamese twin mutant. The body count is incredible! It has tons of gore, guts and bloodshed and sleazy sluts with big guns showing off their tits. A shit load of humor and stupid one liners. Total Rambo parody and extremely entertaining action flick. BEER & BONG UBER CLASSIC!!!
REDNECK ZOMBIES (Perciles Lewnes/USA/1989)
Another Troma fave is this piece ultra funny garbage. The Redneck Zombies is about some inbred farmers drinking nuclear polluted moonshine and then turning into ugly inbred zombie motherfuckers killing folks by the dozen. The gore FX are awesome and over the top, the acting is horrible just as it suppose to be in movies like this and humor is excellent !! Its filmed through psychotronic mushroom filters for extra visual stimulants making this an excellent starter for first time trippers and gore hounds smoking weed by the pound. BEER & BONG EXTRAVAGANCA!!!!!!!
MISSION STARDUST (…4….3….2….1….MORTE) (Primo Zeglio/Italy/1967)
Very cool sci fi/adventure movie about some astronauts that encounter and ultra hot alien babe and her groovy looking UFO. Her boss has cancer and she needs humanoids for sexy time to repopulate her planet. The astronauts help the aliens and they think they can cure the cancer on earth. There is a bunch of superior looking robots that try and stop the astronauts and want to kill the aliens (Iove the scene where the humanoid robo dude takes of his helmet and you see his freaky robot face with grandma’s dentures). The FX are great, the moon-buggy is awesome! and so are the set pieces. Also the soundtrack rules!!! Must see for sci fi freaks and chimps!
FUNERAL BITCH: the demo’s EP (Black Mass Recs/Spain/2011)
Finally the FUNERAL BITCH demo’s get the proper vinyl treatment. If you are a fan of old Napalm Death and Repulsion you need to get this right away. Funeral Bitch was a band that Paul Speckmann did in between Death Strike and Abomination. They only made 2 demo’s (86 demo + 87 demo) both are on this EP and this baby shreds your ugly face in half!!!! ultra raw trashy grindcore destruction!! Noise is not going to get better then this treasure of pure filth and violence! A MUST HAVE!! HEAD BANG MASSACRE!!!
MR VAMPIRE III (Ricky Lau/HK/1987)
This is one hell of a crazy and over the top martial arts/horror/comedy rollercoaster ride that needs to be seen!!! This is the Hong Kong version of Ghost Busters! About some vampire hunter priest kung fu master that is helping a fellow priest defeating an evil witch and her gang of demon thugs. Filled with awesome fight scenes and spectacular cheesy FX and acrobatic stunts this movie is a blast from start to finish!!! This one even tops the first one in the series that is highly recommended as well. Hong Kong horrors are the best!!! Only thing I’m missing is the Trashmen song during the giant bird scene….. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!
THE MUTHERS (Cirio H. Santiago/Philipinnes/1976)
Forgotten about action packed blaxploitation/WIP movie with sexy Jeannie Bell (TNT Jackson) who leads a band of pirates that infiltrate into a coffee plantation where girls are kept as slaves to do hard labor inc. their leaders daughter that they want to rescue. Jeanie Bell and Jayne Kennedy are hot ebony babes and they can sure kick some karate ass!! Exploitation classic!
A group of biker babes called the “Cycle Sluts” roll into a small desert town to have some fun and action. Soon find out the place is infested with zombies created by a mad scientist (ofcorpse) who has been fooling around with radioactive material in an old mine. Now the biker chicks need to help out the townsfolk’s kicking zombie butt and save their lesbo asses. Lucky for them they get some help of a busload of blind kids! HELL YEAH!! Cheesy & cult fun fest!
Yes you need to see this classic piece of sci fi thrash!! It’s about some freaky alien (a guy in a AWESOME! rubber suit) that stalks the crew of a groovy looking rocketship that is just on its way to earth from a rescue mission on Mars. The story is a bit like Alien (1979) only here the monster gets beaten off with guns, gas bombs, mini flame thrower and even a bazooka gets fired off inside the spaceship HA HA HA now that’s the real stuff!!! I love the FX and it has some cool creepy moments but overall it’s just cheesy fun!! SCI FI CLASSIC!!!

TWICE DEAD (Bert L. Dragin/USA/1988)
Pretty original horror about some family that inherits an old mansion that used to be from a deranged stage actor that hanged himself. On the streets around the house there’s a bunch of punks hanging around harassing the newly moved in family and one of the freaks has his eye for the sexy sister of the house. Her brother fights the gang of with some unexpected help of the actor’s ghost that is haunting the old mansion. This one is pretty bizar and a little choppy but worth a watch. It has a couple of original twists and some cool idea’s. A fun 80’s horror!!
DOLLMAN (Albert Pyun/USA/1991)
Fantastic movie about some Dirty Harry space cop from another planet that crash-lands on earth during a chase of his sworn enemy a flying head !! (yes a flying head!! The rest of his limbs where shot off and only his head lives). This already sound like a blockbuster to me wait till you hear the rest. Both the flying head and cop crash on earth where they are tiny people compared to earth folks (they are from a tiny planet! HA HA) Their they get caught in some gang battle, the  bad cop helps an innocent Latino girl while the flying head gets to be buddy’s with the bad guys. It all doesn’t make sense but it’s worked out pretty cool and hilarious. AWESOME MOVIE!!!
Ultra superior sci fi/fantasy B movie masterpiece!! Yes a masterpiece goes it has space ships, aliens, robots, hot babes and loads of T&A. Two slave girls escape from a slave ship and crash-land on a remote planet where the intergalactic hunter Zed rules the land. He invites the girls to his ancient castle to hang out but soon the babes find out that Zed has other plans and soon they are hunted down by Zed and his robot servants. The girls hide in the phantom realm and find BIG laser guns to battle Zed with and a new monster freakazoid they pissed off as well. Great entertaining campy fun that needs to be seen!! Cool FX, hot babes with nice asses and cool looking monster and robot motherfuckers. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!
WAXWORK (Anthony Hickox/USA/1988)
Cool teen horror/fantasy movie with a Twilight Zone feeling about some mysterious wax museum where the visitors get sucked into the story on display and end up as one of the wax statues. This has a couple of nice gory scene’s and tons of cool looking monsters, a midget and a ton of bloodshed. Too bad it has no nudity, would love to see Sarah naked. The monster and gore FX are awesome!! Great 80’s horror fun!
ALIEN FROM THE DEEP (Antonio Margheriti/Italy/1989)
Another fun one from exploitation master Margheriti (better known as Anthony Dawson). Some jungle adventure/monster flick mix. (cheapo Aliens rip off). It’s about 2 Greenpeace activists that secretly film deep in the jungle at some factory that disposes nuclear waste into a volcano. Now somewhere half way in the movie some freaking alien claw crawls out of the ground and starts to attack people. You see the crappy looking alien/robot monster only at the end of the movie in the final battle between the hot looking blond babe with hard nipples and wet t-shirt contest look in a bulldozer kicking alien butt. But it’s a fun movie, fast paced and with interesting jungle and factory locations and some weird characters that keep things rolling smoothly. Just grab a beer and roll a joint and enjoy the ride!

METAL DUCK / LAWNMOWER DETH: split LP (R.K.T. records/UK/1989)
AAARRRGGGHHH Metal Duck was a great thrash metal/crossover/speedcore band with Andy from Electro Hippies in it and it sounded pretty much like a crossover/trash version of Electro Hippies. Specialy the guitar sound is recognizable. With silly lyrics and with a great sense of humor they blast through 10 trx of duck-metal banging madness, some insane shit on this baby. Lawnmower Deth stuff is not as good as their Oh Cricky It’s… LP but still fucking killer thrashing metal guitar wanking. 14 circle pit monster moshers to get drunk at and play airguitar! Classic piece of noise!! ENTER THE CHURCH OF THE APOCALYPTIC LAWNMOWER!!!!!

METAL DUCK: auto ducko destructo mondo LP (R.K.T. records/UK/1990)
The only full length album this awesome band did. Again with that cool Electro Hippies guitar sound and violent speed. Total trashing slaughter!!! 12 tracks sing along head bang festival with grindcore elements and a trippy instrumental jam with some pitchshifted vox at the end for all the pot smoking metal hippies. METAL DUCK FOR EVER!!!

SONIC VIOLENCE: jagd LP (Peaceville/UK/1990)
Pretty much forgotten about ultra sonic industrial metal devastation that crushes down on you like a TIGER VI tank. Heavy as fuck shit for GODFLESH: streetcleaner fans except these folks use real drums. Dark atmospheric and cold as an icicle up your arse!! Just play the opening track “saturation” on full volume and you crush a house block like Godzilla crushes a city!!  

INFECTED: dark century LP (Far Out Recs/Swiz/1989)
Obscure death/thrash metal masterpiece from Switzerland on the label that also re-released the first Fear Of God EP. Great dark tight technical trashing death with some nice melodic hooks and moshing parts in it but nothing too mello. Great songwriting and cool production. If you see this record pick it up you wont regret.

THE 10th VICTIM (Elio Petri/Italy-France/1965)
Very stylish and sexy sci fi/thriller with the same idea as The Running Man (Arnold Schwarzenneger). Its about some freaky club where people hunt each other down for price money. It stars uber sexy Ursula Andress and DAMN! She is hot in this movie! Its total eyecandy cinema. It also has a nice jazzy soundtrack and for a movie from the 60’s a pretty cool story that is not farfetched from today’s stupid reality television shows. Wouldn’t be surprised if we get a show like this within ten years. No space ships or rubber monster stuff here but it’s definitely classic sci fi stuff!
GALAXINA (William Sachs/USA/1980)
Excellent retarded sci fi/comedy/weirdness with (murdered) ex playmate Dorothy Stratten as ultra hot! robo babe. As Buck Rogers Twiki would say: “biedep, biedep, nice body” !! This movie is full of great cheapo FX,  check the alien dog!! And it has more monsters then the Cantina bar. It has Star Wars, Star Trek and Alien spoofs in it and its just fucking hilariously stupid. We follow the space police patrol ship on a demented mission in search for the Bleu Star thingy. I cannot say more otherwise you would know all the plot twists but it’s a classic in my book! Superior stupid psychotic shit!! BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!
BRIDES OF BLOOD (Gerardo de Leon & Eddie Romero/Philippines/USA/1968)
Awesome atmospheric drive in monster/horror madness with some gore & titties thrown in for good measure and bad taste. A bunch of scientists and a horney wife come to an island to investigate the effects of nearby nuclear testing. Soon they discover mutated lifeforms like flesh eating trees. Also that the island inhabitants offer their virgin daughters to a nasty monster in the night. Can they stop this horrible creature or is it all too late? This is fucking insane shit from the 60’s and with Mad Doctor On Blood Island my fave of the “Blood Island Trilogy”. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!
ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. (Don Chaffey/UK/1966)
Great prehistoric uber classic from the stone age about some Neanderthal cave dwellers and their struggle for survival in a world full of volcano’s, violent cave freaks and dinosaurs. With ULTRA HOT BABE!!! Raquel Welch running around in skimpy fur bikini and cool stop and go animation monsters from master Harryhausen. It also has a nice soundtrack!  UBER CLASSIC ADVENTURE STUFF!!
THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH (Sergio Martino/Italy/1971)
Very good, stylish and sexy giallo about an ambassadors wife that has relations with several slick Rick kinda dudes. One is a sadistic violent freak and the other is a smooth operator. In the meantime there is a black gloved killer on the loose that is killing hot babes and is also after the ambassadors’ wife. Ofcorpse things are not what it seems to be and there is a couple of cool plot twists and a great ending to keep all Cluedo “who is the killer?” fans happy. Highly recommended thriller/slasher in the giallo genre.
X FROM OUTER SPACE (Kazui Nihonmatsu/Jap/1967)
Another one of those crazy rubber monster flicks from the land of the rising sun. A space ship on its way to Mars to check out some UFO sightings picks up some spore’s and they decide to take some back to earth to investigate.  HELL that was a bad idea goes the spore is just an egg of a space chicken monster that grows bigger and bigger in earth’s atmosphere. When the monster breaks out of the lab the shit hits the fan and our space chicken monster “Guilala” is off to Tokyo crushing everything on its pad to pulp and shoots fireballs at model kit Starfighters. This movie is FUCKING INSANE!!! I love the miniatures, the moonbase looks ape and so does the apple pie shaped flying saucer. CLASSIC MONSTER MADNESS!!!

Sweet little B-movie about women mutating into sex hungry bee girls that fuck men to death. This is sort of a Colombo episode on acid. Tons of hot 70’s babes, bad acting, cheap fx and ultra silly story but it works for me and I have seen this movie a couple of times. The ending is great with the theme song from 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY. Do not watch this sober!
THE BARBARIANS (Ruggero Deodato/ITA-USA/1987)
Cool and funny adventure/fantasy flick from Deodato about some crazy barbarian twin brothers that need to find the belly stone of magic for their queen Canary who has been taken prisoner by the evil Kadar whom is also after her stone that she has hidden somewhere in the woods and is protected by a goofy looking dragon. Very entertaining adventure/action flick in typical Italian trashy style with freaky mutants, hot babes, bad dialogs, Michael Barryman(The Hills Have Eyes) and awesome bad ass FX. OH! and don’t forget the(extremely) stupid jokes and donkey noises the brothers Paul (The Barbarian brothers) do. They make you role off your seat from laughter so fucking bad!! Total BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!
RAWHEAD REX (George Pavlou/USA-UK/1986)
When an Irish farmer opens an ancient tomb some crazy satanic demon arises and go’s ape in a small farmer village. A photographer who’s on vacation finds out about the demon and tries to stop it.  RAWHEAD REX looks fucking cool and is just a stupid but funny and highly entertaining monster on the loose/horror classic. Story is from Clive Barker/Hellraiser so you know this will rock!

CHOPPING BLOCK: grizzly fetish EP (Blood Soaked Recs/USA/1991)
Awesome speedcore/brutalcore onslaught massacre that’s what this is all about. As far as I know this is the only record this short lived band ever did. They sound a bit like Infest on 45rpm (pretty fast shit going on) whirlwind speedcore with a few breakdowns so you have time to gasp for air before hammering to the next blast of face melting violence! This baby ROCKS!

SATANIC DEATH / AUDIOSTENCH: split EP (Fan recs/NL/1991)
Fucking crazy demented noise split from the good old days when things just couldn’t get extreme enough and you where just looking for that one record to top the other in brutality. Well here is a nice example of utter fucking shitnoise. Satanic Death where fucked up noisecore band from (waar de fuck ligt dat) Urmond/Holland doing a sort of blackmetal noise/noisecore type thing. On the flipside you get Audiostench also from Dutchtopia doing harsh shit noise holocaust. A real noise treasure that needs to be re-discovered!!

REVOLT: human abattoir EP (Smack In The Mouth/UK/1996)
AAARRGGHH I love this record, completely overlooked platter of gory hardcore with killer filthy death sound and nasty song titles like Maggot Infested offal and Hacked and Smashed Humans. You know you cant go wrong with this description. Search the net and track it down (I see Discogs has some copys cheap!).
HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUSE (Javier Aguirre/Spain/1973)
Nasty horror madness from Spain with cult fave Paul Naschy as a hunchback that works at a morgue and falls in love with a young woman that soon after dies of tuberculosis. Ofcorpse the Hunchback steals her corpse and has a wank (well not that last part) he gets some help of a mad doctor that promises to revive the death woman out of human cell tissue that he grows in a jar. But the hunchback needs to get fresh corpses to help the evil doctor in his crazy experiment. Things go completely out of hand and a lot of folks get killed and some freak mutant in a jar grows bigger and bigger until he looks like the monster from Oily Maniac (Shaw bro’s). Total old school euro horror massacre with graveyards, corpses, dungeons, acid bath, cut off limbs and a hunchback. Everything a real horror freak would ask for (except for the rats that got burned alive). MAD, MAD, MAD SHIT!!!
CRACK IN THE WORLD (Andrew Marton/USA/1965)
Real cool sci fi movie about some scientists that try to open the earth’s crust so they can use the earth’s geothermal energy as a new source of power. They lower down an atomic bomb to slam a hole in the earth’s crust with devastating result as the experiment causes a crack within the earth’s crust that threatens to split the earth in two (hell yeah!! Great idea!) Thank satan the scientists come up with an idea to stop earth falling apart before it’s too late! Fantastic story and pretty cool executed film with nice FX. Worth a watch!
This was one of the first horror movies I saw as a kid and it scared the shit out of me. Originally made for TV but I also remember seeing it on video as well back in the day. Recently I finally found a DVD release version of this forgotten horror classic (they recently even made a remake of it). It’s about some couple that inherits an old mansion and hidden behind the fireplace are little nasty demons that want to make the woman of the house one of their own. The demons look fucking freaky and the movie has a great creepy atmosphere. A real horror treasure worth checking out!
EXTRA HOT SAUCE: taco of death LP (Arena recs/USA/1988 + Peaceville/UK/1988)
Here we have some awesome! speedcore massacre from Extra Hot Sauce/U.S. with Dan Lilker (S.O.D./Nuclear Assault) in it. Who as far as I know only made these 2 records. Both LP’s have the same title but are different recording sessions. The Arena recs version (the red cover) has 9 trx and can be considered as an EP while the Peaceville version is more a full length LP with 14 trx and has a more blown out sound making it even more blasting. You like your noise ultra fast and with some bad ass humor in it then check this out at ones! Trx like AIDS and Extreme Hatred are real smashing hits to thrash your brains out at any party. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THE POLITICALY INCORRECT!
PISSED HAPPY CHILDREN: pissed playground LP (New Beginning Recs/USA/1988)
This is the band Wood and Connel did before they started the powerviolence monster CHARRED REMAINS/M.I.T.B.. You can clearly here Woods typical bass sound later used in C.R./M.I.T.B. and Connel’s powerful drumming. On this record they stil play angry punishing hardcore in a more traditional way but the powerviolence influences are there already so folks that want to check out some pre-powerviolence stuff need to dig this up. This record has 18 trx of brutalcore madness in the best way possible and is a real forgotten treasure of hardcore violence.

STENCH OF CORPSE: twin head baby love 10” (Psycho Mania Recs/Scotland/1994)
This masterful noisecore record contains the bands “Killer Corpse From Outer Space EP” (originally released on 7” by TNT recs but due to bad mastering of the pressing plant it sounded pretty horrible). And some comp trx. Personally this is one of my fave noisecore records ever! It has a great brutal sound and good sense of humor. When ROTGUT did a reunion show back in ’97 we covered Killer Corpse From Outer Space live just to let you know how much we adore this band. This is a real noisecore masterpiece and cult hit!!  They even do a Shitlickers, Anal Cunt and Black Flag cover cover! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
LASERBLAST (Michael Rea/USA/1978)
Another VHS fave was this 70’s cheese fest. It’s ultra stupid and a Star Wars billboard gets blown up but it fucking rules and has great stop and go animated aliens. Its about some dude that finds a huge laserblaster in the desert and a bling bling chain that goes with it to operate it. As soon as he wears the chain and gun he goes ape and turns into a laserblasting zombie blowing all kind of shit up in slow motion. I love those sequences where he walks around like a retarded ape like zombie blasting the most ugly laser-gun in movie history. Even the guns in Blakes 7 are better (and DAMN! Those where stupid). A so bad it’s good CLASSIC!!!
Stunning gothic vampire flick from Rollin with massive hypnotic atmosphere and killer psychedelic images of hot 70’s lesbo vamp babes and graveyards that makes this movie the perfect videoclip for all your SUNNO))), MOSS, ELECTRIC WIZARD and ACID WITCH records. A young honeymoon couple stops for the night at the castle little do they know it’s the home of a bunch of freaky hippie vampires that have evil plans with the couple. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
You want to see something awesome with spectacular visual fx and tons of crazy shit then check out this master piece of martial arts/sword fight/fantasy stuff that makes Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon look like an episode of As The World Turns. The story is too complicated to write it all down but its all so overwhelmingly cool and over the top that you got to check this out for yourselves. People fly through the air, crazy sword fights, demons, killer eyebrows, laser fists and nonstop action. This is like the Hercules or Star Crash from Asia! Just fucking insane colorful stuff, total mushroom worshipping shit going on!!! A MUST SEE!!!!!!
ELIMINATORS (Peter Manoogian/USA/1986)
Total cheese fest extravaganza action/sci fi flick about evil doctor Reeves that has created the Mandroid, a half man/robo dude that he used for time travel experiments to take over the world. One day the Mandroid rebels against his evil creator and escapes the lab. He gets help from a robotics scientist woman, a jungle Jim and a ninja to stop the evil doctor and his silly plans to go back in time and become ruler of the world in his robot outfit. This movie is filled with stupid action scenes. one liners, bad acting, great cheesy FX!, lasers, cavemen, robotghost and a violent she-male and other stupid things that just make this movie awesome and BAD, BAD, BAD to the bone! It’s one of those so bad it’s just FUCKING GOOD MOVIE!!! Grab a beer and have a laugh!!! 100% ENTERTAINMENT!
DAMNATION ALLEY (Jack Smight/USA/1977)
A bunch of 3rd world war survivor’s inc. Hannibal Smith (A-team) and Stringfellow Hawke (Airwolf) try to cross the post apocalypse desert in search for other survivors and a save place with their AWESOME!! 12 wheeled space wagon that is equipped with guns and rockets and an extra motorcycle and it’s amphibious as well. Don’t know why the Dutchtopian army hasn’t got some of those. Anyway on their mission they encounter other survivors, bandits, flesh eating killer cockroaches and other dangers. The sky looks tripping like mother earth is on acid!!! Oh and there are some giant scorpion in it as well so you can’t go wrong with this one!

You might have noticed I have a weak spot for ultra stupid movies and this is one of them. A racist doctor gets his head transplanted on an the body by a black convict (who is innocent). Now our brother doesn’t want to go back to jail so he runs off with the extra head on his body from the cops. It’s like a Dukes of Hazard or Starsky and Hutch episode gone horribly wrong with tons of police cars getting crashed and stupid one liners like the convict girlfriend asking “Do you have two of anything else?” I LOVE THIS STUFF!! Do not watch sober!!
TERROR BENEATH THE SEA (Hajime Sato/Jap/1966)
From the director of GOKE comes this sci fi undersea adventure about two journalists that discover some strange fishman like creature during a navy Submarine torpedo test. Durning their investigation they get caught by the fishmen that take them to their underwater base. They find out that it is all the work of a mad scientist (here he is again) that has the power to transform humanoids in to an army of fishman to take over the world. Yes it’s nothing new in movie land but this one is very entertaining and the fishmen transformation scene looks great and it’s all stylish made and action packed!
MYSTICS IN BALI (H. Tjut Djalil/Indonesia/1981)
Crazy occult horror madness from the Far East about some American woman that is in search for the secrets of ancient black magic powers. With the help of a local lover she encounters a freaky witch in the forest that makes her a disciple of evil by following several rituals. The ugly witch has nasty plans for her Amercian slave girl and makes her head with entrails fly out of her body to attack her enemies (sweet!) Some locals try to stop the witch and it all ends into one apocalyptic battle of insane hallucinating proportions. The FX are totally psychotronic and over the top wicked, there is the flying head with guts hanging out, people turning into pigs and snakes and laser shooting fingernails and tons of other brainless fun stuff. TOTAL BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!
BABY BLOOD (Alian Robak/Fra/1990)
Obscure and weird French horror/splatter movie about some circus babe with a huge gap between her teeth but with a nice pair of tits that gets impregnated by an ancient parasite that demands gallons of fresh blood from its host. Now mommy is forced to kill to feed the hungry mutant baby that’s growing in her womb and wants to come out soon. She hunts for horny man that she kills for their blood. Fucking bizarre story full of bloodshed, nudity and a killer octopus from hell!! BEER & BONG CLASSIC!
LEVIATHAN (George P. Cosmatos/USA-Ita/1989)
Great underwater adventure/horror about some underwater miners that stumble upon sunken Russian submarine with a deadly cargo on board. Soon the crew members get sick and die one by one but return as a horribly mutated sea creature. Totally an Alien and The Thing rip off but there is nothing wrong with that in my book as long as it’s a good one and this baby is fantastic!! Specially the monster FX by Stan Winston are awesome! With DeepStar Six a forgotten underwater treasure that got lost in the shadow of success of The Abyss.
FANTASTIC VOYAGE (Richard Fleischer/USA/1966)
Fantastic sci fi adventure about some scientists in a submarine that are shrunken and get injected into a Russian professor who has run over to the other side and is deadly wounded after an assassination attempt. The shrunken submarine needs to travel to the brain of the professor to operate the deadly blood clot. But it is a long and dangerous trip into the human body full of obstacles and a sabotaging crew member. Very exciting and well executed movie full of awesome FX and Raquel Welch (One Million years B.C.) in it. CLASSIC SCI FI ADVENTURE!
Oldschool adventure movie about some survivors of a storm-tossed ship are rescued by Captain Nemo and taken to his underwater city where they will be Captain Nemo’s guests for ever! Goes the Captain doesn’t want the outside world know about his secret underwater realm…..0f course the survivors have other ideas about their stay and try to escape. One of those great lost Sunday afternoon adventure movies that I saw as a kid and up today still kicks ass!! Nice miniature work and the underwater city must be mushroom paradise!!
Great but overlooked war/adventure movie with Rod Taylor (The Time Machine)as a mercenarie that has to rescue 25 million $$$ worth of diamonds and a bunch of people during a civil war in Congo. With a wild bunch of soldiers led by an ex Nazi asshole they go by train deep into the wild to a small village where the diamonds are kept in a save of a bank. Of course things don’t go as planned and the Nazi dude turns out to be a bad choice. Great oldschool war adventure like The Wild Geese or Kelly’s Hero’s with loads of thrilling moments and nice cinematography. CLASSIC PIECE OF CINEMA!
KRULL (Peter Yates/UK-USA/1983)
I was lucky seeing this as a kid in the cinema back in the day and I was fucn impressed by it. It’s still one of my fave fantasy flicks of all time. Our hero prince Colwyn needs to save his princess bride that just got kidnapped by the evil Slayers (that look fucn awesome and when you kill them their heads explode and some tentacle jumps out) He has to go to the moving castle-spaceship-mountain called The Black Fortress (sounds metal!!) to save the princess from The Beast before it is too late. On his way to the castle of doom “The Black Fortress” he retrieves a knife-boomerang and makes several friends with a Cyclops a magician and a bunch of Robin Hood like dudes that accomplish him on his mission fighting evil wizards, giant spiders, quicksand and other stuff. Total classic adventure/fantasy epic with great FX, fun characters and killer looking monsters. Highly recommended stuff!!
NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (Fred Dekker/USA/1986)
Here we have another VHS favorite zombie, horror comedy with some sci fi thrown in to make it even better!. Some alien experiment crashes to earth and space-slugs turn people into zombies. The slugs multiply inside the brain and at some point explode out of the head HELL YEAH!! Resulting in some great shots! This all happens at some campus where a nerd and his hot babe find out about the killer slugs and try to stop it with the help of local depressed and suicidal detective. This has B movie written all over it and is very enjoyable. It has great special FX, fun story and caracters and a cool space ship at the end (wish they would show it a bit longer). MUST SEE !!
CONQUEST (Lucio Fulci/Ita/1983)
Highly recommended effort from Mr Fulci on the Conan/sword & sorcery theme. Only the Fulci one is totally mushroom approved psychedelic freak out flick. No it’s not your TV or DVD that has a vague picture, it’s the movie itself HA HA. It’s filmed in the mist to give it extra atmosphere I think. Hell it works for me and I think this is a very stylish, hypnotic and dreamlike movie full of violence and bloodshed. It also has hot babes, T&A, albino snake, zombies, monsters and a laser bow!! (yep) it’s all pretty mindboggling, bizarre and out of control and one big LSD trip and I LOVE IT!! The story is simple, our hero embarks on a mystical journey through a mystical land to kill the evil naked sorceress Ocron. Go check it out but do not watch sober!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A BEER & BONG/MUSHROOM CLASSIC!
THE PROWLER (Joseph Zito/USA/1981)
Cool slasher about some dude in an army outfit with bayonet and pitchfork killing off local teens at a graduation dance party. The story is simple and it’s one long cat and mouse game but it has a god atmosphere and build up with nice gory FX by Tom Savini. Just watch it with your girlfriend and make her scream!!! J

DEADBEAT AT DAWN (Jim van Bebber/USA/1988)
Awesome ultra violent and nihilistic gang/revenge movie from cult fave Jim van Bebber. About some ex gang leader that takes bloody revenge on the killers of his girlfriend. Like BAD TASTE (Peter Jackson) this movie was totally d.i.y. made by van Bebber and some friends and he did a killer job. It has the same nihilist vibe and atmosphere like Street Thrash or Combat Shock and is filled with the good old ultra violence!!! I HATE PEOPLE MAN, I DON’T CARE, I JUST FUCKING HATE PEOPLE!!! Bloody good movie!!
VIRUS: pray for war LP (Metalworks/UK/1987)
It’s not going to get any more metalpunk then this. I’m surprised that with the metalpunx hype this record hasn’t been re-released. This is one slap of filthy fucn punx going thrashmetal blitzkrieg! Just non stop blasting and pounding crusty metal of deth. Imagine Amebix or Axegrinder going sloppy Slayer. Very underrated record! But I can understand all clean technical
metal leather gay dudes didn’t like this back then. Punks listening to metal in 1987 HA HA HA HA. Highly recommended record. Oh, there second album Force Recon is also KILLER!! and has one of the best metal album covers ever!!!

HARTER ATTACK: human hell LP (Metalcore recs/UK/1989)
Great pissed off and violent thrash metal with awesome pounding drum sound that is hammering your brains out. This record was produced Glenn Evans and some trx written with the help of Dan Lilker (both of Nuclear Assault fame). So if you like that band you will love this stuff as well. Very solid record with a couple of hit songs like Death Bells Of The Apocalypse and Symbel Of Hate. Total circle pit quality stuff here!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ALBUM!

LETHAL AGGRESSION: subliminal erosion EP (Virulence/Fra/1990)
Devastating crossover/speedcore madness from New Jersey/U.S. that did a couple of other great releases like the Life Is Hard LP and the We Just Killed R’N’R EP. Total turbo speed thrash with pissed off vox bordering to hatecore. I love this stuff full of anger and energy! Aaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!!

ULCEROUS PHLEGM: international problems can’t be solved by intern nationalism EP (Shithouse recs/Ger/1990)
Awesome grindcore massacre by forgotten legends from Germany. Nasty filthy raw grind destruction of superior quality inc. a couple of ultra short ones. To bad this band only did 2 EP’s. The song Consequence was later covered by GUT. As you can see on the pic there exist 2 different cover versions. ESSENTIAL!
BURNT OFFERING: st LP (Walkthrufyre Prod./USA/1989)
Not really death metal but more thrash/crossover, a strange mix like CRUMBSUCKERS, ANTHRAX and CELTIC FROST,DEATH in a blender but without the typical death growls but more hardcore/thrash kinda vox and loads of drum breaks and double bass galloping. Still a very cool lost treasure of noise that I recently discovered. Not ultra fast but still pretty brutal moshing shit. A nice unknown surprise!

ASSORTED HEAP: the experience of terror LP (1 More Flop Records/Ger/1991)
Awesome aggressive thrash/death metal gem from Germany that breaks your neck! Great songwriting, production and atmosphere. Fucn evil & powerful shit that makes you wants to scream along and thrash your living room. A real lost treasure of noise!!!
If this record doesn’t make you laugh out loud you must like R.E.M. !!! This is the most hilarious record ever made. Total demented country retardotron. Not even the Sockeye guys came up with something stupidly insane like this. This is the hit record from country/rockabilly star “The Legendary Stardust Cowboy” that did a couple of other fine retarded records as well that are definitely worth checking out! You might consider this as the first noisecore record HA HA HA  CLASSIC!!!
PHASE IV (Saul bass/USA/1974)
AWESOME! sci fi thriller about desert ants that form a collective intelligence and start to attack the locals. 2 scientist’s are send out to investigate the whole thing. But also the scientist’s have to fight for their lives when the ants declare war on mankind. This is a very cool made movie where real ants play the lead role. Very original take on alien invasion theme, superior atmosphere and excellent soundtrack as well. A LOST TREASURE THAT NEEDS TO BE SEEN! Highly recommended!!
SUPERSTITION (James W. Roberson/USA/1982)
Forgotten horror that starts off classic with an exploding head in a microwave! Some family moves into a nice old house near a lake where in 1600 some witch was drowned. Now hundreds of years later the nasty witch takes revenge on the family and a priest and kill them one by one. Great horror with nice build up and some cool scary moments. A fave from the video rental days! Worth a try.
LADY TERMINATOR (H. Tjut Djalil/Indonesia/1989)
This movie ROCKS HARD! Some evil demon queen possesses the body of a young anthropologist student. She goes ape and start to seduce man and fuck them to death or she turns into a mean sexy fighting machine armed with an M16 and endless supplies of ammo she blasts here way through dozens of soldier and everybody else that stands in her way. The original Terminator looks like Mary Poppins compared to this Asian feast of the insane. Total cheesy trashy shit with ultra bad dubbing that makes it even more fun. A true BEER & BONG classic!!
ROBOT JOX  (Stuart Gordon/USA/1990)
In the future the world’s nations fight out territorial disputes by robot battle in a single combat match between two giant killer robots. These machines are piloted by national heroes Achilles (the American one) and Alexander (the Russian one). When Achilles crashes his robot in the audience killing 300 spectators he wants to stop fighting and gets replaced by a genetically engineered fighter girl that looks like a boy (that must be a gen fuck up) .  Its sounds dramatic but it isn’t. This movie has killer robot fighting and cool set pieces, thanx to Charles & Albert Band you get another great Stuart Gordon classic!
THE STUFF (Larry Cohen/USA/1985)
Supreme B-movie classic about killer soft-ice called “The Stuff”!! That sounds stupid, but let me tell you this movie is fucn great!! Some freaky Blob like ice cream is the new real hit in our consuming society. Enslaving all its eaters into mindless zombies that try to take over the world.  Meanwhile and investigator a young boy and an ex employee tries to uncover the snacks secret formula but instead discover the horrifying truth about the body snatching ice cream snack.  MUST SEE!
MESSAGE FROM SPACE (Kinji Fukasaku/Jap/1978)
Cool Japanese space opera made after the Star Wars hype in the 70’s. Not as funny as Star Crash but still cheesy as hell with cool costumes, nice miniature sets and awesome space ships. Some scene’s are lifted straight from Star Wars but that’s only a good sign. Planet Jillucia has almost been destroyed by the metal skinned Gravanas. King Kaiba sends out 8 magic glowing walnuts in space to be received by the lucky chosen one’s to defend against the Gravanas. Story wise it’s a little like “Battle Beyond The Sun”  so if you like that one be sure to check this one out as well. Great Nippon space adventure!!
One of the greatest B-movie classics by Roger Corman is this monster hit. Genetically altered salamon are let lose in the sea and transform into half man half fish sea creatures that are hungry for human flesh and want sexy time with human women. Soon they terrorize a small fisherman town and everybody gets attacked and eaten on the beach. Some girls are lucky and have fishy sex. I love this one, total classic with cool looking monster mutants, nice atmosphere and tons of T&A. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!!
GOREMENT: repulsive putrid demo’s LP (Bloody Axe Music/Chile/2011)
Fucn killer deathmetal with huge grind influence from Sweden. This record contains the bands first 2 incredible demo’s from the early 90’s. The Human Relic demo 1991 and Obsequies demo 1991. Just cant say it enough how fucking insanely good this is. Mix Carcass with Bolt Thrower realm and some Swedish deathmetal and you get an idea how this monster sounds like. Throw away your Nasum and Splitter collection en get this instead!! MUST HAVE!!!
PLEASANT VALLEY CHILDREN: what the world needs now EP (Words Of Warning Recs/UK/1989)
Nice freaky hardcore that reminds me a little of Charred Remains or PHC goes of the bass driven sound and atmosphere with psychotic vocals. Nice lyrics and attitude as well. Definitely a band that’s worth checking out. They also did a cool LP!

JOHNNY COHEN AND THE NEW AGE NAZIS: hitler was a speedfreak EP (Motorwolf/No Fucking Labels/Hol/2002)
Johnny Cohen was a punk rock band from Den Haag/Holland and this was their underground hit single, Hitler Was A Speed freak. This was the second pressing and it was lmtd to 250 copys (first press was lmtd 100 copys only on pink vinyl). Killer punk rock holocaust like GG Allin. Sadly the band was short lived and split up after doing a split EP with Netjajev Society System and a double 10” 3 way split release. Their shows where notorious and they had great spoof lyrics and attitude to piss off all the PC punk nerds. You got to be REAL narrow minded cunt taking this stuff serious (hence the “white powder”cover). A modern punk rock classic!

Awesome forgotten grind split with 2 killer bands on it. NECROBIOSIS play grindcore with a touch of death metal in it that reminds me of Napalm Death harmony corruption era stuff. There is a discography LP out by em that is worth tracking down. INTENSE AGONIZING are even greater and play nasty pretty technical grindcore like Atrocity and Disharmonic Orchestra. A real lost noise treasure!!
Spectacular adventure movie with superior (BEYOND SUPERIOR!!!) FX from wizard Ray Harryhausen. Well know Greek mythological story about Jason who will become king if he can find the Golden Fleece. With the help of some friend inc. Hercules and with some help of Hera they go on a tripping adventure in search for the Fleece. On their way they battle all kinds of freaks and cool looking monsters inc. a bronze giant, flying demons, the Hydra and the awesome made skeleton army. Especially the skeleton army is still one of the best FX ever done. NO! CGI comes close to the awesome looking skeleton army fx from Ray. An absolute timeless adventure classic!!! MUST SEE!!
TERRORVISION (Ted Nicolaou/USA/1986)
One of the B movie greatest and one hell of a sci fi/horror comedy. The crazy Putterman family just installed their new satellite dish and pick up a signal from a distant planet that has just energized a freaky garbage monster pet.  The Putterman’s TV turns into a portal gateway and transports the garbage monster into their living room and the monster starts eating the family members one by one. Only young Sherman and his sister survive and are earths last hope to stop the hungry space monster!! This movie is packed with cheesy one liners and super cool FX. The garbage monster is SUPERIOR! And the story and characters are great. I love the living room paintings as well!! This needs a DVD release ASAP!!!  A true lost treasure and a fantastic must see movie. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!
THE NEST (Terence H. Winkless/USA/1988)
Forgotten insect horror from the 80’s about killer cockroaches, I always had a soft spot for killer insect movies and this is one of my favorites that I saw in the video high days and I was fucn happy like a little kid finding it on dvd recently. A small town is terrorized by killer cockroaches that are spawned from some biological experiment gone wrong. The roaches are not only hungry for flesh but they also mutate into diabolical creatures of doom. Check the Cockroach/Cat crossbreed HA HA WTF!! And the mutant monster at the end rules the fucn cosmos!! Also the freaky sound the insects make when they attack is fucking hilarious. AWESOME! Movie.  

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (Ruggero Deodato/Italy/1980)
I wanted to focus this site on the lesser known movie treasures and leave out the obvious classics like Zombie Flesh Eaters, The Beyond, Alien, Brain Dead, Bad Taste, Deep Red, this baby and a couple of others but the site isn’t just complete without them so I’ll mention one of the top 20 movies ones in a while. First up is the KING of all cannibal movies, Deodato’s masterpiece CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. It’s about an anthropologist with a rescue party in search for a lost film team that was doing a report on cannibal tribes in the south American jungle. Besides surviving the dangers of the green hell itself they piece by piece discover what really happened with the lost team of over ambitious film makers. This movie is beyond classic!! and is a great shocker, filled with nasty scene’s and tons of gore. It is also a great social comment on western civilization. It has a great atmosphere and grabs you by the balls and has a superior soundtrack by Riz Ortolani !! Forget all the Oscar winners this movie beats them all!! LEGENDARY!
BONNIE’S KIDS (Arthur Marks/USA/1973)
Great drive in/exploitation classic about two sisters Ellie and Myra that shot their stepfather after a rape attempt. Both girls run off to a wealthy uncle in El Paso. The youngest falls pray to the women of the house and the oldest gets involved delivering a package that turns out to be a half million in cash. She runs off with it and everything goes into a downwards spiral after that with their lives. Its obvious that Tarantino stole some scenes from this movie for Pulp Fiction, see for yourselves and check this movie out that has a great story and is fast paced 70’s classic!

More cheesy VHS madness with this lost treasure of stupidity. A space hero Dogen helps a girl battle the evil dictator Jared-Syn who killed her father, that’s the story HA HA HA. This movie is AWESOME!! Our hero rides a cheapo cheapo but cool looking space buggy and fights a cyborg dude with a stretch out robot-arm that shoots acid!!! HELL YEAH! Oh and Jared Syn captures people’s soul in a giant crystal. No it doesn’t make sense but it is all very entertaining with a big bowl of popcorn and a bunch of Belgium beers! CLASSIC!!!
THE BURNING (Tony Maylam/USA/1981)
Another great Slasher is this baby, THE BURNING about some summercamp caretaker that gets burned alive after a joke that has gotten out of hand. 5 years later the mutilated caretaker comes back to the camp to take revenge! Well made teen slasher with plenty of gore by Tom Savini and a couple of nice camera shots and great atmosphere. A real classic!

THE TERROR WITHIN (Thierry Notz/USA/1989)
Another VHS fave was this Alien type rip off flick produced by Roger Corman (king of cool movies!). In a post apocalypse earth a bunch of scientists try to survive in their underground base only coming outside ones in a while to search for meat and survivors. They find a woman outside that survived an attack by mutants and take her to the base for a checkup. Things go bad when the woman is impregnated by some mutant life form and the monster infant pops out of her belly. The monster grows fast and starts to slaughter the base inhabitants one by one. The monster looks awesome! And I love the trashy atmosphere in these type of movies. Great low budget sci fi fun!
Sweet HK erotic horror/fantasy movie that needs to be seen! With colorful and crazy FX about 3 sexy nympho witches that try to be human and fall in love one by one with some goofy innocent looking neighbor guy. Not knowing that their neighbor nerd in reality is an nasty sex demon out for lust to stay young. Lucky Fi Fi, So So and Fa Fa (yep, that’s the girls name’s) get help of some shaolin monk to beat the evil demon in a colorful psychotronic end battle. I love these weirdo HK flicks, everything is so over the top and freaky with superior cheesy FX and tons of T&A and camel toes!!. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!
PROPHECY OF DOOM: matrix CD (Metalcore/UK/1992)
This is the rare second album form obscure UK grind legends Prophecy Of Doom. As far as I know only released on CD except for a handful of test press/promo copys on vinyl (see picture). On this CD P.O.D. sound even more doom like then on their previous effort and have a nice filthy stenchcore sound that makes their music even more gloomy crusty stech-grind hybrid. The vocals or totally psychotic and the Tibetan Buddhist monk music intro’s give this album a great atmosphere. This record is superior and needs a proper re-release on vinyl!!!
PATRIC CATANI AND PAUL PM: discovering Steve Hive 10” (Black Hoodz/USA/2000)
Fucn killer underrated and obscure abstract/hardcore hip hop record. A project from Patric C. (EC8OR) and Paul PM (Fever/Puppet Masters) that sadly as far as I know only spawned this record. Filled with dark industrial/breakcore/DHR type hip hop music with the crazy rap flows of Paul PM. A real treasure if you are into this type of hardcore hip hop. Fans of EL-P should check this out for sure!
DOCTOR MORDRID (Albert & Charles Band/USA/1992)
Great little fantasy movie with Jeffrey Combs as the mighty sorcerer Mordrid that waits for more than 100 years for his sworn enemy the evil Kabal. Think this is one of the best full moon productions and highly entertaining with cool FX. If it had some nudity I would give it a 10!! Oh, the museum scene at the end was later used in Night At The Museum (Ben Stiller) HA HA HA.. EXCELLENT!

ZONE TROOPERS (Danny Bilson/USA/1985)
Another lost treasure that is still not available on DVD. Again one of the fave’s in the video rental days. It’s one of those classic Charles Band productions about some GI’s that are on patrol in Italy and stumble upon a crash landed spaceship and its crew, a hairy insect like alien creature that likes to eat cigarettes. Ofcorpse a nearby Nazi unit also finds out about the ship and sends a patrol over to capture the aliens and the American soldiers. Too bad for the stupid Nazi’s that their guns are no match for the alien laser power.  Great little sci fi/war movie that needs to be seen!
Superior zombie flick with a real cool story and great atmosphere.  Two city folks George and Edna find themselves trapped in a small village in the countryside that is infested by zombies that start killing the towns people. The police inspector thinks the city folks did it not knowing that some agricultural machine that’s being tested using radiation waves to kill bugs and parasites from the crops is the source off all the trouble. Great zombie classic!!! Pre-dates those Italian zombie classics by Fulci & co. MUST SEE!!
THE CRAZIES (George A. Romero/USA/1973) 
From the director of Nigh Of The Living Dead comes a new piss take on society, authority’s and humanity this time a germ weapon named Trixi has contaminated a small U.S. town making the people infected go crazy. The army is trying to quarantine the place with brute military power but a few citizens has flet to the outskirts where they must hide for the trigger happy soldiers and mentally decapitated neighbours that turned into homicidal maniacs.  Excellent fast moving thrill ride and a story that could happen everyday with all the freaky governments and insane weapons created by those same idiots.
COMBAT SHOCK (Buddy Giovinazzo/USA/1986) 
Nice disturbing, nihilistic and depressive movie about an ex Vietnam veteran that tries to make ends meet with his annoying wife and mutated kid. He lives in a shitty neighborhood filled with low life punks, junkies and white thrash. His life is total shit, no job and no income. He turns crazy and makes an end to all his troubles by ridding the scum of society and his fucked up life. Despite the low budget it’s a very strong movie.  Highly recommended!
THE TIME MACHINE (George Pal/USA/1960)
Awesome! Sci fi/adventure classic  with superior FX and great story by H.G. Wells. A scientist builds a time machine and goes 800.000 years into the future with it. There he finds out about the Eloi a peaceful tribe of humanoids that live among the remains of past human civilization and the Morlocks, evil mutant superior race that live underground and use the Eloi as food and slaves.  He of course falls in love with an Eloi girl and wants to save her from the bad Morlocks. If you have not seen this movie YOU ARE A RETARD!!!!! Also check George Pal’s  7 Faces of Dr. Lao and Atlantis, The Lost Continent….. UBER CLASSIC STUFF!
BLASTFIGHTER (Lamberto  Bava/Ita/1984)  
Cool Italian action movie about an ex cop that was in prison for killing the killer of his wife.  He returns to his hometown to escape from his past. There he gets bullied by some redneck asshole poachers that kill his friends and molest his daughter and then our ex cop goes RAMBO!! The movie now turns into a wet dream for all animal rights activists. Our superhero got a HUGE gun that he got from a friend when he got out of jail that shoots all kind of ammunition like grenades, smoke bombs, steel balls and tons of other projectiles and starts to slaughter the hunters one by one. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Green Peace needs to re-release it in the cinemas!! Oh it has our cult fave Michael Sopkiw in it and George Eastman as the bad guy (ofcorpse). THIS MOVIE ROCKS!!

FIRE AND ICE (Ralph Bakshi/USA/1983) 
With Fritz The Cat my fave animation movie from director Ralph Bakshi. This is a cool adult fantasy animation flick that reminds me of Conan. It’s about some ice lord Nekron (cool name) that tries to conquer the regions with growing mountains of ice and his plundering evil horde of mutants. Our hero Larn and a ultra hot babe in tiny bikini and a cool warrior named Dark Wolf set on a journey to kick the ass of Nekron and free their kingdom’s from the ice tyrant. Total eye candy animated epic. The movements of the animated characters are really organic, very well done. Great atmosphere as well and the girls look fucn HOT!! Totally forgotten animation classic!
HELL YEAH! My fave Ilsa film in the series. I like this movie so much that I call my own sister “Ilse” after this movie (she used to be in the army as well).  After her adventure as a ss officer in a German concentration camp Ilsa now works for an oil sheik in Arabia who enjoys importing girls to use as sex slaves in his harem. She has two hot chocolate assistants Velvet and Satin that help Ilsa out with training the slave girls in pleasuring their master and his guests and beat those who don’t obey. Ilsa  has an eye on one of the American guests (who is a spy that wants to bring down the sheiks business) and when the Sheik orders her to kill him she disobeys and starts a revolt against her master. Less shocking then the first Ilsa film “She Wolf Of The SS” but still a lot of crazy wicket stuff going on to satisfy all perverts and exploitation cinema freaks. UBER CULT CLASSIC and BEER & BONG FAVE!!!
BELCHING BEET: you know that the holes are empty.. EP (Masters Of Mayhen And Noise Recs/Ger/1989)
You might now them from the split LP with Rupture if not then check out this great grindcore outfit from Germany (I Believe they are still active). This is their debut EP and music wise they sound a lot like old Disharmonic Orchestra, Atrocity (ger) and Pungent Stench.  9 killer anthems of grinding terror with loads of breaks and tempo changes, pretty technical for its time. Forgotten treasure of noise! 

BOOM AND THE LEGION OF DOOM: love to hate, hate to love EP (Depression Recs/USA/1986)
Totally underrated hardcore/punk band from the U.S. that did 2 fine EP’s and a 12”. I have this record for ages and still dig it up ones in a while to give it a spin. The music has a trashy wild and not to serious vibe to it that I like. Too much hardcore bands take themselves way to serious and that makes their music often boring as hell. Another great one to track down. 

ANADOREI: 69 n hole EP (Freaked Out Frequencies/NL/2003)
Fucn wild all girl noise-punk/garage band from Japan. Sadly the only record I own by them but its a fucn superior noise holocaust one!! Totally over the top noise mayhem inc. a loud as fuck cover version of Black Sabbath’s Sweetleaf. AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH Hot Nippon Noise Girls Rule!
LOGAN’S SANCTUARY: (fake) soundtrack LP (Emperor Norton/USA/2000) 
Very cool soundtrack for a fictional sequel to LOGAN’S RUN done by R.J. Manning and B Reitzell (The Moog Cookbook). Great atmospheric part electronic part instrumental record of spacy sci fi/funk tunes that sound very 70’s and you would swear it’s from a real movie of that period. Loads of cheesy keyboards and cosmic moog sounds and only one track with vocals in it. (The only track I don’t like of this record “Search For Tomorrow”). Also reminds me of typical Italian sci fi/giallo soundtrack stuff. If you are into that shit you got to check this record out! 

UFO (Barry Gray): soundtrack LP (Trunk/UK/2004)  
Killer soundtrack for awesome 70’s T.V. show UFO (Gerry Anderson). It’s worth getting this  just for the main theme song only HA HA, the whole record is filled with great instrumentals, atmospheric sounds, spacy jazz tunes and saucer chase music.  The real roots of CSMD’s music!!!
ESCAPE TO ATHENA  (George P. Cosmatos/UK/1979)
Totally forgotten war/adventure movie with a great cast! Roger Moore, Richard Roundtree, Telly Savalas and Claudia Cardinale. About a bunch of war prisoners on a Greek island that are forced to do some archeological dig ups for the German invaders led by Major Otto Hecht (Roger Moore as a bad guy)With the help of the local resistance they take over the island in surge for the treasure hidden on the island monastery.  Great old school adventure with some humor and a bunch of great action scene’s and a cool plot twist. This has the best motorcycle chase in movie history through the narrow streets of the old center. A real lost TREASURE!!!!

THE NEW BARBARIANS (Enzo G. Castellari/Italy/1983)
Hilariously bad ass  low budget trashy sci fi/post apocalypse video fave from Italy with Fred Williamson and George Eastman. A true atrocity of a movie with bad acting, badly dubbed and with tons of silver paint, machineguns making laser sounds and electric cars that are beyond stupid and a pimped up version of the Interceptor. But it is so much fun and highly entertaining with some cool gore scene’s of blown up heads and chests. Total Mad max rip off shit about some gay looking metal gang called the Templers that attacks everybody in it’s territory with their killer space cars. 2 cool dudes (Fred and the Italian guy) and a kid fights them off to save the travelers of the wasteland.  A guy gets raped in the ass so its women friendly!! (for all you PC dudes) Total BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!
THE MANSTER (George P. Breakston/USA/1959)
Need little horror about an American journalist send to Japan to interview a scientist (who is mad ofcorpse!) and working on bizarre experiments in his mountain laboratory. The scientist abuses the journalist for his next experiment, he drugs the unfortunate man and injects him with a serum that gradually transforms him into a hideous, two-headed monster freakazoid. First an eye grows on the man’s shoulder and after a while a whole head pops out and the man goes ape and kills everybody. Very underrated horror that needs to be checked out!
ZEIRAM (Keita Amemiya/Jap/1994)
Cool Japanese sci fi action with some funny moments thrown in for good taste.  It’s like a Japanese Terminator/Predator type movie about a bounty hunter girl named Iria and her talking computer Bob that are on the hunt for a seemingly indestructible alien that’s been genetically engineered to kill. There is also a clumsy electricians duo that get caught up in the hunt for the monster and get stuck into an alternate dimension. The Zeiram monster dude looks AWESOME!! and each time the monster gets killed it transforms into an other monster. Great stuff! Crazy monsters and cool 90’s FX. Check out ZEIRAM 2 as well!! Take note of the “Boss Dr Rhythm DR550 drumcomputer” that is used as a control panel at the end of the movie. This movie ROCKS!!!
KING KONG ESCAPES (Ishiro Honda/Jap/1967)
Another cool one by master Honda. This time an evil scientist (here he is again)tries to dig up some radioactive element to sell to Madame X (ex Bond girl Mie Hama/You Only Live Twice) with the help of a giant robot Kong. When the robot fails he kidnaps the real King Kong who just fell in love with a hot looking human girl to do the task of digging up the radioactive elements. Of course things go out of hand and the robo ape fights the big ape and everything gets destroyed. Great miniature FX, goofy monster apes and tons of crazy action. I just cant get enough of those Nippon monster movies. This stuff RULES!!!!!!... the only thing better is good old Star Wars.
PLEDGE NIGHT (Paul Ziller/USA/1990)
Another obscure little fun horror/slasher that according to one of the actors was recorded in 1988 and it looks more like it then a 90’s pic. Anyway this has Joey Belladonna and music from ANTHRAX in it. Its low budget stupid fun and it’s like a Porky’s slasher movie. About some student house where the fresh students get slaughtered during their initiation by a former student that got killed in an acid bath and now turns up as a mutilated ghost on a killing rampage. Some nice shots where the ghost bursts out of a student’s body and all the girls in it show their tits! A fun horror comedy.
TARANTULA (Jack Arnold/USA/1955)
Think I saw this one for the first time at the DEADLY EARNEST HORROR SHOW (I remember seeing The Blob and Quatermass Experiment as well as many others on that great tv show). I love the special fx and the the tarantula angle of view when he stalks his pray and you see through his fangs. It also has Clint Eastwood in it (uncredited) as a fighter pilot. Its one of those uber classic giant insect/monster movies from the 50’s about a mad scientist who makes a potion that makes things grow faster in order to grow food faster for mankind’s overpopulation in the future. Besides some test animals inc. a tarantula two of his colleges tried it on themselves and get horribly deformed and die. While fighting with one of the the tarantula escapes and grows bigger and bigger and goes nuts outside attacking everybody on its path.  Jack Arnold (It Came From Outer Space,The Incredible Shrinking Man) is a great director that always sets a good atmosphere in his movies and this one is no exception. Classic giant monster stuff!  
Need little sci fi/monster movie about some spaceship that crash-lands on a planet that looks like earth but no humanoids can be found, only terrible blood thirsty dinosaurs WWHHHAAAAA HA HA HA … The crew that hopes to be rescued has to fight off the dino’s to survive and get killed one by one. This has amazing stop and go animated dinosaurs in it and its worth a watch. Also has a sexy space brunette in it and a KILLER!! Moog soundtrack. I also love the opening tune of the movie with the images of dino’s in space. Go track it down!
This is the mushroom delirious remake of the Kurosawa's classic, Yojimbo. Total low budget but awesome cheese fest with David Carradine in the lead as the mysterious dark knight that comes to save the topless sorceress. Forget about the story, if I would write it down you would know the complete plot.  I love the sets, the atmosphere and colorful lightning. It has a stupid lizard puppet, and SUPREME rubber tentacle monster with a billion eyes !!, sloppy sword fights and a stripper girl with 4 tits!!! YEP! If it had a spaceship in it I would rate it 10 stars on IMDB (I gave it an 8). Excellent BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!
HELL YEAH!! Hilarious funny horror comedy about psycho alien clowns that land in their circus tent-spaceship in a small town. The funny invaders annihilate the towns people by turning them into cotton candy! YEP! Only a couple of teen clown-haters try to stop the invasion. But can they beat the brutal weaponry the killer clowns have like killer pop-corn,deadly balloons and cotton candy rayguns. Go find it out for yourselves. Don’t forget your popcorn!!!!! BEER & BONG CLASSIC!
INTRUDER (Scott Spiegel/USA/1989)
Amazing horror/slasher movie about some people working in a supermarket and doing overtime at night and getting slaughtered one by one. This movie has superior and original camera work and excellent atmosphere and some real nasty killings. One of the best slasher movies ever made in the U.S. with MANIAC (William Lustig).  See people getting splattered in a box crusher or sawed in half and a cameo appearance by Sam Raimi (Evil Dead) as officer Howard.  Highly recommended!!
2019 AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK (Sergio Martino/Ita/1983)
Superior post apocalypse sci fi masterpiece from Sergio Martino with cult fave Michael Sopkiw as Parsifal a mercenary that is hired by the federation to infiltrate the ruins of NY and rescue the only fertile women left on earth to save mankind. He gets the help of a cyborg, ape-man and a dwarf to accomplish his mission. Great atmospheric post apocalypse action adventure movie with some nice gore scenes and it even has some space ships thrown in. The miniature FX are well done specially the NY skyline reminds me of ground zero 2001. Take note of the laserguns the white federation guards use, they are props from Barbarella!  THIS MOVIE RULES!!!!!!
ETERNAL TORMENT: downfall of human existence EP (Old World Recs/Ger/1993)
Obscure but excellent deathmetal from the states that did 2 EP’s and a demo. Released by Old World records (now Power It Up). Still looking for the first EP “Confined Within Consciousness” so anybody who wants to part with it drop me a line. They also appear of the IN CRUST WE TRUST comp CD on Lost & Found recs. Great and forgotten death metal gem.

ULTIMO RAUSEA / EXCRETION: split EP (Ecocentric Recs/Ger/1994)
Killer split! Ultimo Rausea are raw Japanese hardcore band that did a couple of other nice records inc a split CD with Chicken Shit. Excretion site is total grindcore devastation from (I think) Australia inc. a Sore Throat cover so you know what to expect, nothing but head splitting destruction!
CHAOS HORDE: demo ’86 LP (Cutthroat recs/USA/2007)
Truly amazing demo from 1986 by this thrash metal band from Louisiana USA . Sadly this is the only thing they did. They play thrash with a big hardcore/punk influence. You hear a lot of Discharge and Exploited thrown in but also traditional heavy metal especially on the vocal site. It’s the vocals that make this demo stand out. Sometimes crazy psychotic heavy metal yelling like Judas Priest while music wise its heavy and fast blown out thrash chaos and destruction with killer guitar riffs. This is an AWESOME demo that’s worth digging up.

IMMORTAL FATE: beautiful LP (625 thrashcore/USA/2000)
Ultra brutal filthy death metal with grind and doom elements that makes you crawl around the cemetery like a maggot and dig up your grandparents so you can eat their rotten brains out of their skulls. The LP was recorded back in 1993 at House of Faith studios and for some reason it took ages for it to be released which is surprising for a quality record like this. The music breathes darkness and despair and is filthy as hell. Fans of Autopsy will surly appreciate this record.  Pure metal of death!
NEKROMANTIK (Jorg Buttgereit/Ger/1987)
This has always been a fun one to watch with friends who haven’t got a clue about what they are going to see. I own both Nekromantik 1 and 2 on original JB VHS video’s from back in the day and I probably seen em a zillion times and watch people getting sick. I don’t consider this a horror but a real attempt in making a serious necrophilia movie. It’s about a couple that enjoys sex with the dead.  Lucky for the girl that her boyfriend works for a crime scene clean-up crew and takes home a corpse. When the guy loses his job and his girlfriend has more interest in the corpse thinks end dramatically. You got to show this to your mom and dad and have a laugh. Nekromantik 2 is even more serious in tone and atmosphere and is also highly recommended to watch. UBER CULT CLASSIC!

Here we have another of those great forgotten adventure/fantasy/monster movies from director Kevin Connor. Sure the FX are dated but HELL, I would prefer this stuff over any Hollywood bullshit CGI blockbuster that came out the last 20 years. This is oldschool adventure to the max!! Some scientists, Doug McClure “the adventurer” and some double-crossing sailors go on an expedition in search for the lost city of Atlantis with a diving bell device the scientist has created. Of course they end up getting in trouble when a giant octopus grabs them by the balls dragging them to the city of Atlantis that is ruled by an evil alien race. This has a ton of crazy monsters and action going on and some real cool scenery and backgrounds. They don’t make movies like this anymore and that’s a shame. MUST SEE!

DRAGONSLAYER (Matthew Robbins/USA/1981)
Definitely the best dragon movie ever made (Godzilla=GOD and not a dragon) and no fucking CGI shit was used making this beautiful fantasy adventure from Disney !...Hell who would think I would recommend Disney stuff, but this one is superior and a pretty dark one as well with a young Peter Macnicol that you might know as Dr. Janoz Poha from Ghostbusters II . A King has made a pact with a dragon where he sacrifices virgins to it, and the dragon leaves his kingdom alone. An old wizard, and his keen young apprentice volunteer to kill the dragon and attempt to save the next virgin in line… the Kings own daughter.  CLASSIC!!
THE BLACK HOLE (Gary Nelson/USA/1979)
We stay in the Disney stratosphere with another uber classic The Black Hole.  Disney’s answer to the Star Wars hype back then. A research ship discovers a black hole with a lost ship flying around it. It’s the ship of a (here we go again) crazy Doctor and his nasty evil red Robot Maximilian. The research ship crew and their 2 funny looking garbage can robots (Vincent and Bob) check things out on the lost ship and soon they find out that they are trapped and that the mad Doctor is on a suicide mission and heading straight into the black hole. This one rules, its like those Captain Nemo movies but then in space! Fucn GREAT FX, story and atmosphere. CLASSIC!
MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY (Michele Massimo Tarantini/Ita/1985)
Fucking superior jungle adventure movie about a bunch of people that crash-land in the Amazon jungle there they have to fight off cannibals, piranhas, and slave traders that capture them. This movie is just as entertaining as Indiana Jones except this one has more hot babes and T&A then in all four Indi films together.  PURE GOLD!!!
WILD WILD PLANET (Antonio Margheriti/Ita/1965)
Fantastic sci fi thriller with groovy looking set pieces, miniature FX, killer space cars, space babes, mutants, spaceships that al look like a low budget Gerry Anderson production. It’s about some mad scientist that let his 4 armed caped mutants capture various people from earth and shrink them so they fit in a suitcase and can be taken to his hidden base where he is making a perfect race of humanoids. Everything goes according to plan until he kidnaps the girlfriend of a Space Commander. He and his space mates go visit the mad scientist and rescue the girl and kick ass with their turbo lighter guns. This movie is pure eye candy for futuristic 60’s and 70’s design freaks. Wild shit!
ATRAGON (Ishiro Honda/Jap/1963)
Nice sci fi/adventure from master Honda. Earth shakes and is in terror caused by the undersea empire of Mu that has plans to take over the earth.  They create earthquake’s that tear the world apart and their underwater kingdom is protected by a giant sea serpent monster named Manda. Only Captain Jinguji and his super submarine Atragon can save the world.  Beautiful miniature FX, flying battleship submarine, rubber monster and  shit load of explosions and city’s torn apart in this epic adventure Nippon style.
C.H.U.D. (Douglas Cheek/USA/1984)
Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers is a fun 80’s monster movie. People disappear or get killed around the sewers of New York. A cop, a hobo a journalist and his girlfriend are investigating the murders and soon find out that due to toxic dumping in the sewers some mutated humanoid monsters are on a killing rampage in the city. Campy 80’s monster thrash with cool looking rubber monsters with glowing eyeballs. If it had a little more gore and some nudity it would have been an Oscar winner!
Here another greatest in horror/exploitation bad ass cinema. Sardu and Ralphy the midget run the theatre of the macabre where they torture girls in front of a live audience that think its all fake.  Uber cult epic with tons of cheesy fun, nasty gore, brain juice milkshake, nude cannibal girls, evil midget, titties, bad acting and the torturing of sweet 70’s babes.  This has all the ingredients to produce one of the greatest comedy’s in horror history. ESSENTIAL!!!
Fun blacksploitation movie about 2 violent cops (Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed) that turn Harlem upside down for a bale of cotton stuffed with cash. Great action scene’s, care chase’s, hot black chicks, explosions and goofy one liners and I forget the great looking cars and 70’s pimp outfits. Of course a killer soundtrack as well of groovy ghetto funk.  Check it!
AGRESSOR: kill or die LP (Dies Irae Recs/Bra/2001)
Here we have the Agressor 1987 demo on vinyl and chimp, this is one hell of a killer demo!!  Agressor hail from Brazil and play violent raw thrash metal with great songwriting and supersonic sounding. The LP starts off with a cool post apocalypse intro and then bursts in the atomic bombing opener Kill Or Die followed by 5 other thrashers of headbanging massacre. This is pure gold for raw trash fans!

SAVAGE DEATH: crucified after the genocide LP (F.O.A.D./Ita/2010)
Again 2 AWESOME! Demo’s released onto vinyl, this is a real noise treasure. This record contains both Savage Death demo’s from 1985 and 1986. Saveage Death are from the U.S. and play violent Death/Thrash with nice raw sound. (most bands today suck be goes of the overproduced sound and forget that “the sound” makes half the music and that’s why I love those old demo’s/recordings and old noise shit. They had that nice raw violent sound that makes the music so much more attractive and give it much more atmosphere and power).First you get the “Mass Genocide demo (1985)” which contain 5 savage thrash beasts and on the B side you get the “Crucified In Hell demo (1986) this one is the best, 8 blasts of raw death/thrash holocaust that makes your face melt straight from your fucking skull.

DESECRATOR: subconscious release LP (R.K.T. recs/UK/1991)
Here another lost death metal treasure. Desecrator from Nottingham/ England played an evil blend of bulldozing death with doomy parts making this record a total skull crusher. I would describe Desecrator as a mix of Death (Leprosy/Spiritual Healing era) with some Asphyx and Entombed thrown in for good taste. Also has nice cover art by Dan Seagrave.  Superior death metal album!

INSURRECTION:  st LP (Peaceville/UK/1988)
Great trash punk/hardcore band from the UK from the glory days that got lost in the attention bands like Napalm Death/Doom/Electro Hippies/Ripcord/Heresy got. If you are a fan of early Earache/Peaceville stuff then please check this record out.  It’s a real blast. Not as fast as the above mentioned bands but sound wise they remind me a little of Electro hippies and Doom.
JESUS CHRUST: blasphemy EP (Fudgeworthy Recs/USA/1990)
Jesus Chrust from Boston/U.S. (don’t confuse em with Jesus Chrust from NY around the same time) where an awesome grindcore band that did 2 killer EP’s and this is one of them, 18 trx of stinking grind madness with nice filthy sound and piss take lyrics on christianity and the church. MUST HAVE!

CHRONICAL DIARRHOEA: abstract carnage EP (Off The Disk/Swi/1989)
Fast U.S. hardcore/crossover band from Germany that did some cool records (2x EP and 2xLP) these guys play tight and fucn fast and have a good sense of humor in their lyrics. They also do a SSD (gleu) and Negative Approach (pressure) cover on this platter 12 trx of in your face trash assault!

(Ultra killer 3 band comp flexi from mighty MCR records. All bands on this record hail from Japan (hence the weird title of the comp). SOCIETY DEATH SLAUGHTER (aka SDS) play great metallic crust/thrash and offer 2 trx with clean sound. On the flipside we find ATROCITY EXHIBITION (that’s pre- C.F.D.L.) fast Japanese hardcore with great distorted crunchy sound and crazy high vocals, great band!! The record ends with NAUSEAE that do a more thrash/grind approach of filthy noise that reminds me a little of S.O.B.. Japanese bands are always over the top in sound and musical approach and this is a nice example. KILLER COMP!!
MORAL CRUSADE: an act of violence LP (C.M.F.T./UK/1990)
Nice and forgotten thrashmetal from Dublin/Ireland. Who only did this LP and a demo. They play U.S. style trash like Exodus and Slayer with raw aggressive sound and vox. I can understand why this record never gain much attention as in 1990 thrashmetal was over its peak and deathmetal took over but still this is a nice violent record that is worth checking out if you are into obscure thrashmetal.

NECROSANCT:  equal in death LP (Metalworks/UK/1990)
Here another forgotten band from the UK that made some AWESOME death/thrash records, especially the second album “Incarnate” is a true masterpiece. But this one rocks hard as well and makes you want to grab your air-guitar and smash your head and offer your little sister to Satan.  Brutal raw death/thrash that reminds me of old Morbid Angel. You need to check this band out! Highly recommended!!!
INTENSE MUTILATION: save sex LP (New Renaissance Recs/USA/1989)
Scene police stay away of this record! If you can think for yourself and have a bad sense of humor like me than you got to check this record out of retarded sloppy thrashmetal/noisecore dementia. Totally in the style of The Mentors, Sockeye and Anal Cunt with funny stupid lyrics and attitude.  25 party pooping trx to make you laugh!

FUDGE TUNNEL: hate songs in e minor LP (Earache/UK/1991)
Think Earache wanted a piece of the grunge/guitar rock hype that was going on with bands like Nirvana and contracted this great and forgotten guitar/noise-rock band from Nottingham England who had done 2 nice EP’s prior to this release. Massive sounding guitar rock/grunge/noiserock/stonerrock whatever you want to name it. Just killer heavy rocking shit I name it! Check trx like Hate Song,  Soap and Water and the heavy Spanish Fly. 20 years later this record still kicks ass. The first pressing came with extra 7”EP inc. a Ted Nugent cover song. Also check NAILBOMB! That was a side project they did with Sepultura dude’s.
LOGAN’S RUN (Michael Anderson/USA/1976)
One of the greatest sci fi classics that must be seen. In the year 2274 humans live in an ideal world called Metropolis which is a huge city inside a dome to protect the people from the ravaged outer environment. Its an idyllic society where people just have fun and enjoy life but there is a limit. At the age of 30 life gets terminated in a semi religious ceremony called the Carrousel.  People who try and escape their termination called runners are hunt down by so called Sandman. One of those Sandman is Logan a man and with several years before his own termination date, thinks nothing of the job he does. Soon after meeting a young woman “Jessica” he is ordered to become a runner himself and infiltrate a community outside the dome known as Sanctuary and to destroy it. Pursued by another Sandman, Logan and Jessica find their way to the outside and discover a beautiful outside world. Logan realizes that he must return to the dome to tell the trued and to be a free man. Superb story, FX and atmosphere. CLASSIC!!! Space thriller.  

EVILSPEAK (Eric Weston/USA/1981)
Absolute one of my all time fave horrors movies ever. Evilspeak is about a military cadet nerd guy that gets bullied by his fellow students and beaten. One day after his puppy dog gets killed he takes revenge and summons with the help of a computer the unholy spirit of Abbadon!! HELL YEAH! And he turns ape en kills all the motherfuckers. A real forgotten classic with a great story and atmosphere. The combination of occultism, revenge and help of computer technology is a cool idea. Nice done FX as well. One of the coolest horror movies ever made!! Higly recommended!
MARK OF THE DEVIL (Michael Armstrong/Ger/1970)
Great German movie about the inquisition. A witch hunter apprentice who strongly believes in the ways of the church and his job loses his faith when he sees his mentor kill an innocent woman. He begins to see for himself that the witch trials are nothing but a scam of the church to rob people of their land, money, and other personal belongings of value and seduce beautiful big breasted women. Full of brutal torture scenes and other nasty shit.  Classic shocker that shows the real face of Christianity in the middle ages.
FLESH GORDON 2 (Howard Ziehm/USA/1990)
Couldn’t help it but I had to recommend part 2 as well. Made 16 years after the original one Flesh embarks on a new sleazy adventure when he gets kidnapped by a couple of cosmic cheerleaders hoping to use him to save their planet.  Not as good as the first one but still pretty hilarious campy fun with cheesy FX , crazy monsters and some classic scenes like the cock soccer game and the cannibal turds!! YEP! And tons of T&A. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!
THE CHURCH (Michele Soavi/Italy/1982)
Very impressive occult horror movie with superb atmosphere, nice camerawork and wonderful FX. Its about a church that was build on a mass grave of people killed in the middle ages by templar knights who thought they were devil worshippers. The church was build to contain the evil powers but in the present some greedy librarian breaks the seal and frees the forces of evil and everybody in the church gets possessed by the demons and all hell breaks loose. A masterpiece of horror you got to see. Also has a great soundtrack from Goblin and Philip Glass. Highly Recommended!
PARASITE  (Charles Band/USA/1982)
Great cheesy sci fi/horror and originally released in the theatre’s in 3-D with a young Demi Moore in one of her first starring roles. It’s a post apocalyptic world (of course) some evil corporation have created a parasite and there is a scientist on the loose with it carrying it in his stomach. With the help of a young women he hooked up with in the wasteland he has to find a way to kill the parasites before they can reproduce. A great 80’s classic with nice FX and cool atmosphere. Worth a watch!
DICKTATOR:  what you excrete is what you are EP (Rotthenness/Bra/1990)
Here we have another one of those unknown treasure’s of filthy noise. Dicktator where a death/grind band from Finland that sadly only did this EP and a couple of demo’s.  Nelson/Rotthenness recs had a great taste of releasing stuff goes he did so much killer shit onto vinyl. Dicktator play filthy trashy death/grind mix with sick vox that remind me of Fear Of God. This is absolute top notch grindcore slaughter!

DESECRATION: who’s in control? EP+FLEXI (TPC recs/Ger/1988)
Killer fast hardcore/thrash from U.S. that reminds me of bands like Cryptic Slaughter and Attitude Adjustment, total trasher! I don’t know if all copys came with bonus flexi that had another 5 live trx with good sound quality. RECOMMENDED!!

Another great one to track down. Exploding Corpse Action play filthy grindcore that reminds me of old Carcass real superior stuff!! If any body knows if this band has more releases floating around please let me know goes E.C.A. RULES!!!!! Dead Baby is nice as well. Fast straight edge grind like Monster X. Excellent split!
DISASTROUS MURMUR: st EP (Gore Recs/Ger/1989)
Uber classic grindcore from Austria.  It’s records like these that make my heart pump blood in my dick, this is a perfect record, score 10/10. The LP/CD they did after this EP is killer as well after that they lost my interest. But this baby is PURE GOLD!! Just like old Pungent Stench.

VASELINE: ick wees von nischts! EP (TVG recs/Ger/1995)
Germany had a great grind/noisecore scene in the mid 90’s and one of the jewels was this band Vaseline who play totally blown out grindnoise slaughter with fun German spoken intro’s/horror intro’s . I just cant get enough of that filthy horrendous noise stuff!

DISSENSION: sanctioned EP (Fetus Recs/USA/1994)
Dissension was a killer grindcore band from the U.S. (Personally I think the best grind band from the states with Terrorizer and Excruciating terror) with great political lyrics, still surprised about the split with Meat Shits they did. Dissension also reminds me of Disrupt (other great U.S. masters of noise)Later on members of Dissension formed Hail Of Rage so if you like any of the mentioned bands check them out. Their discography CD is still available from discogs.
UNITED MUTATION: freaks out LP (Bitzcore/Ger/1989)
Holy shit what a fucn killer record this is. United Mutation where a hardcore band (pretty fast sometimes , crazy and brutal sounding for its time) from Virginia U.S.A. that released a couple of awesome records of psychotic and sometimes even futuristic hardcore punk with some tracks even bordering to proto grindcore, specially goes of the rough vocal style for its time. Tracks like Passout and Happy daze win it over any fast hardcore band today. Tracks from this LP which is basically a compilation of the first 2 EP’s from  1983 and 1985 + unreleased studio trx and some live slaughter. Truly amazing band and pioneers in extreme hardcore.

CEREBRAL FIX: life sucks and then you die LP (Vinyl Solution/UK/1988)
Before Cerebral Fix turned  death/thrash metal in the 90’s they made this killer debut LP of raw crossover/crusty thrash/grindcore destruction that you should definitely check out if you like old violent fast noise.  For fans of Electro Hippies, Heresy and Concrete Sox.
ROVSVETT / PLAGEU: split LP (Punish Recs/Swe/1988)
Here another forgotten about ultra killer “fast” hardcore platter. Holy Shit!! Its not going to be better than this baby. Both bands do their best stuff on this record. Rovsvett hail from Sweden and are active since 1983 and play nice catchy sing a long but still aggressive  up tempo hardcore punk, I just love them. Plageu are the most brutal ones on this LP, they play fast hardcore destruction with sweet energetic rough sound from Ohio U.S. with a couple of ultra fast ones and some slower ones to cool down.  Very underrated band that did a great LP and EP as well that is worth tracking down.  ESSENTIAL!!!

STRETCHHEADS: five fingers, four thingers a thumb a facelift and a new identity LP (Moksha Recs/UK/1988)
I only met a few people in my life who know this band/record. This is a real lost treasure of freaky noise-punk/avant-garde noisecore. Only band that I know that comes close is Melt Banana from Japan.  I got to know this band from the Pathological comp. LP/CD back in the day (that features trx from Godflesh, Carcass and Napalm Death as well, cool comp!) Stretchheads hail from Scotland and did a couple of other nice records as well. But this LP and the Barbed Anal Exciter 10” are my fave.
Excellent Z-grade trash cinema at it’s finest. About an astronaut  that gets radiated by sonar flairs while he was on its way to Saturn and back on earth in the hospital he starts to melt as the effects of the radiation overdose he got. The melting man escapes the hospital and gets hungry for human flesh while melting away. This has to be the best story ever after Star Wars and Godzilla. The melting man looks fucn great!  Don’t forget to play Repulsion’s classic tune “Radiation Sickness” over and over again watching this! AMEN
EASTERN CONDORS (Sammo Hung/Hong Kong/1987)
Cool over the top Hong Kong action flick with tons of great action sequences, kung fu fighting and big explosions. About a group of prisoners that get one chance of freedom. They are to go deep into Vietnam and destroy a secret depot of missiles that the US left behind during the war.  If you like brainless crazy action stuff you got to see this great movie!  CLASSIC!
NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS (Aldo Lado/Italy/1975)
To cash in on the success of Last House On The Left (Wes Craven’s masterpiece of true terror) the Italians made their own version. Two girls who are on their way to their parents to celebrate Christmas get brutally molested and killed on the train by two low life thugs and a vicious bitch. When the parents find out what happened to their daughters and encounter the scum who did it revenge will be merciless and bloody as hell. Nasty shocker from the 70’s, very sick shit!!
GODZILLA VS HEDORAH (Yoshimitsu Banno/Jap/1971)
Another great Godzilla movie classic where Godzilla fights the pollution monster Hedorah. We humans are destroying our environment and now there is a price to pay. From the sewage and sludge pumped into the sea, life degenerates then mutates creating a mega monster Hedorah. He emits poisonous gas, crushes armies and annihilates cities while thriving on the toxins of our ecosystem. Cannons and missiles cant stop it, only Godzilla, king of the monsters can beat the smog monster.  Great trashy Godzilla epic, with ultra cool soundtrack and party hardy Nippons. MUST SEE!
DEATHSTALKER (James Sbardellati/USA/1983)
Nice Sword & Sorcery film by Roger Corman from the Conan rip off high days. Our hero Deathstalker needs to obtain the three powers of creation, a chalice an amulet and the sword of He-Man before the evil magnician Munkar gets it. Also he has to save the princess at a tournament where he fights the pigman. Great bad ass barbarian flick with tons of ultra hot chicks in it showing a lot of T&A and nice cheesy FX.  A true B-movie masterpiece!
SPACED INVADERS (Patrick Read Johnson/USA/1990)
I saw this movie last year for the first time and was surprised not remembering seeing it before here in Holland. Specially back in 1990 I would rent any sci fi/alien/ufo invasion flick that was available and I have seen em all. So for me this was a real lost treasure and it’s a real fun one.  Its up there with Gremlins, The Goonies, ALF  and Explorers. Its about some cool looking aliens that crashland on planet earth in a sleepy town and unfortunately it’s Halloween and the citizens mistake these spaced invaders for harmless trick-or-treaters. Turning it into a fun comedy adventure with great special FX. If you are a fan of the before mentioned movies then check this out! !  AWESOME!
HEIST:  st EP (Ecocentric recs/Ger/1995)
Pissed off powerviolence from Oz that did 2 great EP’s and a killer CD. Total Infest and Crossed Out worshipping going on here. This EP is superior!! 17 blasts of pure violence!

GORY MELANOMA / EMETIC: split EP (625 Prod/USA/1997)
Excellent split EP of punishing thc fueled grindcore in the fain of Plutocrazy, DeadBodiesEverywhere and No Less.  Sick record, same for GM artwork! Kids splattered over the front of a driving bus, nice!

WARBOYS: too drunk to skate EP (Keep Screaming+2/UK/2008)
When I first listened this record I was blown away by it. Holy Shit!! These guys are supersonic fast and ultra blasting going through 11 trx in a blink of an eye. Fans of Spazz, Widespread Bloodshed and Suicidal Tendencies on 45rpm should check this out. Might even have a copy in the distro left of this baby. Fucn solid record! Highly recommended.
ORAL NOISE: 222 song EP (Schnauf Recs/Ger/1994)
Oral Noise was side project of Anal Massaker dudes doing traditional noisecore like Deche Charge and 7MON just cramping as much songs on a 7”platter as possible. Loads of one second songs going on which is great ofcorpse. Throughout the years noisecore is still my all time fave music genre! CLASSIC!

NAMLAND:  st EP (Urban Alert/FRA/1990)
Here is another lost treasure of noise. Namland (probably named after Namland theme park in TCM 2) where a crust/grind band from the states that only released this killer 7” as far as I know.  5 trx of crusty grindcore with great raw sound and brutal vox.  You need this for sure if you love noise!!!

DEPRAVITY: remasquerade EP (Adipocere Rec/Fra/1992)
Nice 4 track EP of atmospheric deathmetal from Finland with typical Finish sound that reminds me of Demigod and Purtenance.
Very nice done re-make of Invaders From Mars from 1953 by Tobe Hooper (director of Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Think I like this version just a little more than the original. A young boy witnesses the landing of a spaceship in his parents backyard. In side it are aliens from Mars that take control over the local population by mind controlling them. One by one the boys parents and friends fall victim to the aliens who are ready to invade earth. Now the boy must find a way to stop the invasion before the whole human race turns into brain dead zombies from space!  I love the special fx and how the monsters look, also the inside of the spaceship looks sweet. RECOMMENDED!
DEF CON 4 (Paul Donovan/CAN/1985)
Another fave from the VHS rental days was this Canadian post apocalypse movie about a a bunch of astronauts on a space station loaded with nuclear missiles witness the destruction of earth through WW3. They crash-land on post apocalypse earth and struggle for survival and fight thieves, punks and cannibals in search for a safe haven.  Low budget but very nice post apocalypse survival adventure movie.
STREET TRASH (J.Michael Muro/USA/1987)
This one is high on my list of all time fave movies. Fun story, great characters, excellent atmosphere and nice done FX in this dark comedy horror. When a liquor store owner finds a case of "Viper" in his cellar, he decides to sell it to the local hobos at one dollar a bottle, unaware of its true properties. The drinks causes its consumers to melt, very messily. Two homeless lads find themselves up against the effects of the toxic brew, as well as going head to head with "Bronson" a Vietnam vet with sociopathic tendencies, and the owner of the junkyard they live in. MUST SEE, BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!!
MEGA FORCE (Hal Needham/USA/1982)
And here another unforgettable cheese fest from the 80’s. You would think its one of those crazy Italian movies from Enzo G. Castellari but no. It’s just 100% American stupidity on the highest level.  Mega Force is some kind of elite force that travels the world to fight evil and bring down dictators and terrorists. The story is incredibly stupid but the action scenes are great!! Never ever have I seen so many rockets fired off as in this movie. You get off the road buggies with laser cannons, you got bikes with guns and rockets molded on them, cool looking space battle truck and they are all painted in the same cool colorful way. Its all very hilarious and laughable but it works and its entertaining. Its like a G.I.Joe live action episode.
ROT: diabolus “the unholy rot” EP (D.I.Y./USA/2010)
This is ROT (U.S.) one and only demo from 1990, great that there is someone out there putting this on vinyl! What you get here is 4 trx of brutal deathmetal with nice raw sound and psychotic vox that remind me of Prophecy Of Doom and Impetigo.  Very solid release of extreme metal of deth! Find a copy before it’s too late!

HEADROT: st EP (Dissonant Recs/USA/1992)
Headrot where deathmetal band from Rhode Island/U.S. that did 2 demo’s and this killer EP of violent nasty deathmetal with grindcore elements.  Brutal stuff not for melo death dudes,  this is just endless hammering on rotten skulls. Very nice record!

MUTILATED BONES: claustro febo EP (Displeased Recs/NL/1990)
Mutilated Bones where fun and stupid noisecore/borecore band from the late 80’s out of Holland who did several demo’s where they used all kinds household stuff, a kitchen sink as drums and acoustic guitar to make silly noisecore trx. This is the only EP they did full of retarded noisecore like Sockeye, Pile Of Eggs and The Earwigs. Members later on formed the band Nembrionic Hammerdeath. A nice piece of Dutchtopian noisecore history.
THE BARRY GRAY ORCHESTRA: no strings attached 10” (PRT recs/UK/1981)
Here some great sci fi TV tunes by Barry Gray, the guy that did soundtrack for those killer Gerry Anderson productions like UFO, Captain Scarlet and The Thunderbirds. On it are Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet,Joe90, Stingray theme’s and the superb Agua Marina song!!! A must have for any CSMD fan!!!
BRAIN IMPLOSION: sandgrains EP (Putrefaction Recs/Fra/1990)
This is a true treasure of obscure KILLER thrashmetal from Holland. Sadly this band only existed a few years in the late 80’s and did 1 demo and this 7” of violent thrash. Killer production and 2 quality trx. Think of bands like Dark Angel, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax and Exodus. MUST HAVE!! (Hey Dan “the beast drummer” Charge, this is what you need!)

DAMNABLE EXCITE ZOMBIES: suck your soul EP (Amok recs/Ger/1991)
Raging Nippon hardcore thrash (don’t call Japanese hardcore Japcore). Who did 2 other 7” records and some comp trx. Think there is a discography CD in works as well, keep an eye out on the net for it. Anyway 5 blazing thrashers for fans of S.O.B. , Systematic Death, and all those crazy Japanese fastcore bands.

CONTUMACY: fall of the structure EP (Putrescense Recs/USA/2010)
Insane noise torturer of violent raw death, that’s how I would describe this metal masterpiece of Peruvian insanity. 3 putrid trx and an outro of doom! This is the vinyl version of the only demo this band from Peru did back in 1990. A must have for any raw deathmetal/grindcore maniac!
VIOLENT SHIT II (Andreas Schnaas/Ger/1992)
TOTAL CRAP!! No plot, no acting, no budget but EXTREMELY VIOLENT AND ULTRA GORY ENTERTAINING SHOCKER series from Germany (Violent Shit part 1,2 and 3).  This is definitely in the top 10 of most over the top shocking sickening movies ever made. Non stop killing, slashing, decapitating, mutilating, blood, guts, genitals and Karl The Butcher Jr. This stuff makes me smile. I forget to mention that this stuff is way better than those stupid Saw movies! Just to let you know.
DINOSAURUS (I.S. Yearworth Jr./USA/1960)
Another great old-timer and in full color! After an underwater explosion some prehistoric creatures come alive, a T-Rex, a Brontosaurus and a caveman and start terrorizing the island and its inhabitants. The caveman hooks up with an island boy and together they get in all sorts of crazy adventures. A fun colorful adventure with cool done stop and go animated monsters. Great to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
THE PHANTOM PLANET (William Marshall/USA/1961)
Here another of those little sci fi adventures from the old days. Its cheap but well executed with some nice done inventive special fx, specially the part where the astronauts shrinks is cool done. Also the alien monster looks good. It’s about an astronaut who lands on an alien planet with little people on it. He shrinks little people style and falls in love with a woman. Meanwhile he has to fight the aliens that attack the planet.  Its all stupid and laughable but I just love those old sci fi/monster movies.
G.I. JOE THE MOVIE (Don Jurwich/USA/1987)
I was a fan of the cartoon when I was a kid but I have seen the movie just a few years ago for the first time and it is MIND BOGGELING!! Totally mushroom delirious piece of art!! The folks who made this movie must have been far out of their skulls. Its fast passed and real trippy, its AWESOME!!!!!! A truly forgotten overlooked cinematic treasure and nice piece of animation! MUST SEE!
THE WEREWOLF AND THE YETI (Miguel Iglesias/Spain/1977)
Great trashy horror with master of disaster Paul Naschy.  An expedition in surge for the Yeti gets lost in the snow, Finds some cannibal nympho vampires that take Mr Naschy (Waldemar) as their sex slave and turn him into a werewolf. He then goes ape in the mountains killing everybody (except the damsel in distress ofcorpse) and fights the Yeti as well in the ultimate end battle. Total B- trash from the highest order and you will watch this movie with a big smile on your face!! BEER & BONG CLASSIC
ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN (Sergio Martino/Italy/1979)
Nice little mystery/adventure/monster movie about some prisoners and their doctor shipwreck on a remote island on the Caribbean.  Soon prisoners get killed and disappear and a strange couple shows up that live on the island. The doctor soon finds out that there is more going on then the couple tells him and what happened to the prisoners??? Go find it and check it out!  It has all the classic ingredients:  a mad scientist, monsters, treasure hunting, voodoo and a volcano in it + sweet looking Barbara Bach.
NUCLEAR DEATH / GENITAL DEFORMITIES: split LP (Malarie Recs/Czech/1993)
Back in the day when I bought this I thought it was a new split LP from the U.S. Nuclear Death but I was wrong. Still it was a great buy goes Polish Nuclear Death where a big surprise! They play brutal technical death/grind that reminds me of bands like Disharmonic Orchestra, Atrocity and Cadaver (the second LP) Sadly this band only did 3 demo’s and the 3rd demo “I am only god” is presented on this split LP. 6 trx of sick technical death/grind with good production. Absolute a lost treasure for any death /grind fan. On the flip side there is Genital Deformities from the UK , who are not as brutal as you would think with a name like that. They play mid tempo pretty boring crust. You only need this record for the Nuclear Death side!

UPSET NOISE:  nothing more to be said LP (Hageland Recs/Bel/1988)
Killer but overlooked trashy hardcore/punk band from Italy that did this great record. I enjoy this record as much as I enjoy bands like Raw Power and Impact!  Compared to those Upset Noise has a more metal touch to their songs and sound. KILLER LP!!
GAPPA  (Haruyasu Nogushi/Jap/1967)
Here we have another fun rubber monster flick. This time and expedition crew discovers a prehistoric baby monster on a pacific island. While the natives of the island warning them to leave it alone the crew takes the monster infant back to Tokyo zoo for exhibition. Ofcorpse mum and dad monster are off to Tokyo to get their baby back and kick humanity’s ass and beat the shit out of Tokyo city. Nice miniature fx, cool monsters and tons of DESTRUCTION TERROR!! You got to love this stuff!!!!
NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES (Rene Cardona/Mex/1969)
One of the best exploitation movies from Mexico about a professor that transplants an ape heart in his terminal sick son turning him into a half ape sub humanoid that has a taste for blood and hot Mexican women. There is some female wrestling thrown in as well just for good taste. Total sex and violence uber classic!
Here a great split from the mighty Testicle Bomb who did a couple of other cool releases as well that is worth checking out if you like retarded noisecore/sludge stuff.  Here they present a bunch of live noisecore trx with stupid intro’s. On the flipside you find the mysterious Jesus Fucking Christ. I don’t know shit about this band but they sure rule!! Weird mix of sludge/grind with funk/jazz parts mixed in between. Their track “my dark brother” alone is worth checking out this record if you are into freaky noise shit. The cover version on the pic is lmtd edit “blood splattered cover” with real blood on it according to the note inside the record #9/13 HA HA HA Great split record for noise mongloids 

RECTAL PUS: mr t’s nudist colony EP (Chaotic Noise Prod./USA/1995)
Yeah! More stupid noisecore madness from the Rectal Pus boys aka Pus Del Recto.  For fans of Minch and WBI with great song titles such as “Waterpick in the gall bladder of Henry Rollins” and “Ballad of Green Day and the punk fashion revelution” also there is a Rupture parody song “B is for Butthole” and a Sore Throat parody song “Joing the navy”.  24 happy noisecore hits for your collection!!

EGOFIX / PLUTONIUM:split EP (Dan Doh Recs/Jap/1996)
You need to get this record for the Egofix side!! Plutonium side is nice as well but they are just an average Japanese fast hardcore band like so many in Japan. Egofix instead play brutal grindcore that reminds me of Unholy Grave and Carcass Grinder in the best way!! Raw chainsaw bass grind. If have a demo tape of them as well that rules so check them out!! Ultimate Nauseant Grind System!! 

SHIT SCUM:  manson is jesus EP (Ecocentric Recs/Ger/1990)
Killer retarded scum rock/grind/noisecore project with Seth Putnam that pretty much sound like a lost Anal Cunt record. Politically incorrect as hell but what did you expect with Seth in it. CLASSIC!

S.B.S. : taste it EP (Red Stream/USA/1987)
Another totally underrated forgotten gem of filthy noise. If I’m correct S.B.S. stands for Satans Bake Sale and they play filthy raw rocking proto grind/thrash that reminds me of Exit 13 (maybe same members I don’t know) and Regurgitation. Absolute must have psychotic noise delirium!!!

ROTTING FLESH: infanticious monstrosities EP (Rotthenness/Bra/1993)
Stunning grindcore holocaust like early Cracass and Xysma from Brazil. Just Superior stuff!!!

SHIT: time to think EP (TNT Recs/Ger/1990)
Obscure (even back then) fast hardcore/grind band from Germany that as far as I know only did this nice EP. 6 trx of blistering grinding hardcore that reminds me of bands like Deathcore/Mob47 and No Security.  You would think it was from Scandinavia goes of the sound.

SARCASTIC: corps in decomposition EP (Rotthenness recs/Bra/1993)
Filthy putrid grindcore from Brazil with dual vox ,one insane and a deep guttural one. The title of the EP pretty much covers the description of how this sounds like. Must have for old school gory grinders and people into raw Brazilian grindcore destruction.

APOPLEXY / SEA MONKEYS: split EP (Extune Tontrager/Ger/1990)
One hell of a crazy split of proto noisecore dementia. Apoplexy are from Germany and do sort of improvised punky noiserock with saxophone and a  guy yelling the lyrics over it while Sea Monkeys have a more hardcore approach to their noise in the style of Rapt, Larm and Rotgut (specially the lo fi sound) Fucn insane split!!
Great fantasy/adventure classic from special FX king Ray Harryhausen. About a bunch of people that escape a U.S. civil war prison camp with a balloon and end up stranded on a remote island where giant animals and insects live. During their struggle for survival on the island they find out that Captain Nemo  is hiding there as well and is responsible for  creating the giant creatures. Will they all escape the island before the islands volcano erupts?  Go see this forgotten spectacular advanture. No CGI FX beat the stop and go animations from Harryhausen!!!  AMEN!  

SIDEWALKS OF BANGKOK  (Jean Rollin/Fra/1984)
 I know most Rollin fans think this one sucks but I thought it was an intriguing movie. Lets be real this movie was just a lame excuse to show some stripper girls and they made some kind of kidnapped / secret agent story around it. Its lacking any budget (if there was any they used it for the strippers) but some it worked for me. Its also pretty speedy one for a Rollins movie and it has some nice chicks in it. It’s sort of a sleazy arthouse thriller. Give it a try! 

WHO CAN KILL A CHILD (Island Of The Damned) (Narciso Ibanez Serrador/Spain/1976)
Superb creepy thriller about and English tourist couple that visit a small Spanish Island where all the children have gone crazy and are murdering the adults. Fans of Alfred Hitchcock and giallo type movies should take note of this masterpiece of terror!! It’s one long build up to an edge of your seat climax.  RECOMMENDED! 

BARBARELLA  (Roger Vadim/Fra-Ita/1968)
The most sexy sci fi/fantasy movie ever made starring ultra sexy Jane Fonda as space babe Barbarella. In the far future, a highly sexual woman is tasked with finding and stopping the evil Durand-Durand. Along the way she encounters various unusual people, killer robot dolls, space nympho’s and monsters. Extremely well made, erotic and stylish dream like fantasy epic. This is one of my all time fave movies that’s up in ranks with Godzilla, Star Wars and Cannibal Holocaust. This is a true cinematic masterpiece and DAMN! She is hot! Also the funky psychedelic soundtrack is worth mentioning. A MUST SEE!!! One of the greatest movies ever! 
I DRINK YOUR BLOOD (David E. Durston/USA/1970)
The ultimate grindhouse classic about a group of satanic hippies terrorizing a small town raping a young girl and beat and drug here grandpa with LSD. The grandson takes revenge by infecting the hippies with rabies and they go bezerk en infect the whole town turning everybody in flesh hungry maniacs. Nice fast paced movie with cool atmosphere and with supreme soundtrack! Making this a bad acid trip full of violence and bloodshed.I DRINK YOUR BLOOD AND I EAT YOUR SKIN!!!! PURE CULT!!!!!!

THE NECRO FILES  (Matt Jaissle/USA/1997)
Hilarious funny low budget horror romp with tons of gore, stupid dialog, bad acting, giant zombie dick, gothic sluts getting raped and 2 over the top retarded cops that steal the show.  A cannibal rapist rises from the grave as a flesh-eating zombie sex maniac! Two Seattle cops, a satanic cult and a flying demon fetus try to stop the lust-crazed ghoul before he can kill again. Totally over the top Z-grade thrash but definitely one of the funniest horror movies ever made!! WWAAAARRRRGGGHHH!! BEER & BONG UBER CLASSIC!!!
FIEND WITHOUT A FACE (Arthur Crabtree/UK/1958)
Here one of the better sci fi/horror movies from the great 50’s. That has all the standard ingredients, atomic power, cold war paranoia, mad scientist and great looking monsters!!! Bunch of people get killed and the body’s are missing their brains and spinal cord. This is the work of a crazy scientist that has created an invisible monster that turns human brains into tentacled brain creatures that crawl around the house. The FX are done really well and it has a nice creepy atmosphere.  Yes its B/W but don’t let that be a letdown. CLASSIC SHOCKER!
X-CRETA: patronizing the heterodox LP (Punk Etc/Belgium/1986)
This is a real treasure! Fucn insane trash/punk /crossover hellslaugther from Belgium ,that made this amazing record of psychotic fast metal of deth. That reminds me of bands like Hellhammer/GISM/The Dirty’s mix those together and you get the idea how X-creta sounds like. Great NASTY THRASH ATTACK!!  Go check them out!

MALICIOUS GRIND: welcome to hell LP (New Wave recs/USA/1988)
Here another completely overlooked and forgotten platter of extreme hardcore noise!! Pissed off raging punky thrash from the states! Inc a sweet looking girl on bass! For fans of Cryptic Slaughter /Pissed Happy Children/Septic Death!  Contains 14 blasts on a 45rpm so you know its gonna rock!!
INFRA-MAN (Shan Hua/Hong Kong/1975)
The Shaw Bro’s did a lot of insane flicks and this is one of my favorite. The evil Princess Dragon Mom wants to take over the World with her horde of wicked mutants but lucky for us that professor Chang creates Inframan to make her stop and to save Prof Changs daughter who is captured by the Dragon Mom. Totally insane over the top live action/martial arts stuff, tons of foam-coated crazy monsters and fighting scene’s that remind me of the Power Rangers or Ultraman. Giant tentacles, laser eye’s , hot evil princess, robot twins of terror and totally off the wall FX that makes this into campy psychedelic funky ride and one of the greatest movies of all time. MUST SEE! Total BEER & BONG UBER CLASSIC!!!!  
SOCIETY (Brian Yuzna/USA/1989)
Bizarre twisted horror from master Yuzna. About a down to earth guy that doesn’t fit well with his yuppie parents and sister who are part of the high society of Beverly Hills. Good for him goes he soon finds out what freaky select club his family is part of. Really creepy horror that is highly recommended  with great special FX and a cool story. MUST SEE!!
BARBARIAN QUEEN (Hector Olivera/USA/1985)
Excellent barbarian babe’s movie. A village gets attacked and everybody gets killed or captured to be used as slaves. Only a handful of barbarian girls escape and are off to kick the asses of the bad guys TOPLESS!!  It’s B-grade crap but this movie RULES!!! If all the action movies where like this or all girl movies than I would be the biggest fan! Why didn’t DJ ASSAULT do the soundtrack for this one! GREAT STUFF!!
Nice but forgotten sci fi adventure about a game nerd seemingly doomed to stay at his trailer park home all his life, finds himself recruited as a gunner for an alien defense force.  Sort of a mix of Tron and Star Wars. Inc. good looking computer animations, nice space ships and cool looking aliens. Go check it out!
DEATHSPORT (Allan Arkush/USA/1978)
This is sort of a sequel to Deathrace 2000 and is also great B-movie thrash! Starring David Carradine (Kill Bill) that is forced to play the deadly game of death sport by the ruthless dictator Lord Zirpola. That sounds good, yes is does, this is one of those “its so bad that it is good” movies. With laser blasting bikes, tits, sluts, crystal swords,explosions,mutants, bad acting, cheesy FX and a killer bad ass soundtrack making this a psychotic potpourri of cheesy madness. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!
SUPER MARIO BROS. (Rocky Mortone & Annabel Jankel/USA/1993)
First let me tell you that I never was a fan of the Mario Brother games, I don’t give a fuck about it.But I do like this movie they made in the early 90’s about Mario and his buddy Luigi. No it’s not Tron, they didn’t have the budget for it I think but it’s a great fantasy flick with eye-popping special FX! With Dennis Hopper (RIP) as King Koopa and Mojo Nixon plays in it as well ,HELL YEAH! Its difficult to transfer a video game into a movie but I think they did a nice job making it into a spectacular action packed fun ride. If you can see it like that you will have a great night checking this underrated epic!
THE BIG BIRD CAGE (Jack Hull/USA/1972)
Great women in prison/exploitation classic with Pam Grier (damn! She is hot!)  and Sid Haig (give this man an Oscar!!) with a shit load of sleazy 70’s sluts, cool story and nice action, very entertaining movie from the director of Foxy Brown and Coffy. A young woman accidentally gets caught up in the activities of two revolutionaries, Blossom and Django, and finds herself in a concentration camp for women. The prisoners are subjected to sadistic cruelty from the guards and fellow prisoners, and all attempts at escape are dealt with...permanently.
SPACE MUTINY (David Winters/USA/1988)
I’m going to be honest about it but this movie is BAD!, so extremely BAD!  That it is laughable and you just roll out year seat piss your pants from laughing and thinking WTF where they doing making this piece of thrash. It is a no budget sci fi epic my ass and all the space battles have been stolen from Battlestar Galactica !! It is all very hilarious, the costumes, brig walls in space ships?, the golf cart battle, you got to see this with friends, get drunk!, smoke pot and have a great night of laughing your guts out!! One of the best comedy’s ever made. Even the poster looks bad and no it was not made in the 70’s but 1988!!!! BEER & BONG UBER CLASSIC!!!!
FRANKEN HOOKER (Frank Henelotter/USA/1990)
Superior horror comedy by the creator of the Basket Case and Brain Damage about a medical school dropout loses his girlfriend in a tragic lawnmower accident, and decides to bring her back to life (hence the title). Unfortunately, he was only able to save her head, so he goes to the red light district in the city and lures prostitutes into a hotel room and makes them smoke “explosive” crack to get new body parts for his decapitated girlfriend. Filled with dark humor and funny FX .
PLANETA BUR  (Pavel Klushantsev/Rus/1962)
This is a true sci fi masterpiece that must be seen. With stunning FX for its time and cool looking robot and loads of rubber monsters, space ships, freaky planet, superb atmosphere this has it all. The Russians lost the battle for the moon but on the movie screen they beat the Yankee’s  here! (yes its more over the top then Forbidden Planet…and that movie ROCKS!) Here you can see the Russian explore planet Venus and what adventure’s they have there.  A must see for sci fi freaks!
IMPULSE MANSLAUGTHER: burn one naked and nuke it (Freak Accident Music/USA/1986)
Rereleased in Europe by Nuclear Blast some years later so shouldn’t be too hard to find.  Nasty fast hardcore/proto grind with great screaming vox. Trx like “chaos””and “slithis” make you shit your pants so brutal!  (the song Slithis is about the movie Slithis wich was a pretty bad monster movie, still have an ex rental copy of it in my vhs collection). Great record if you like oldschool noise!

SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS:  I’ve just had about all I can take EP (Loony Tunes Recs/UK/1987)
Filthy fast raw political punk/noisecore atrocity from  the UK,  that did a couple great EP’s, split and 2 LP’s. The sound on this record is supreme!! Noisepunk fans check it!

HELLHOUSE: burn for peace EP (d.i.y./USA/200?)
(this is the vinyl boot version of original HELLHOUSE demo from 1986! This has to be some of the most brutal shit ever recorded! According to metal-archives it was a one man project by ex NYC Mayhem guy. Total black death devastation, think Bathory and Beherit on speed!!
DEATH SQUAD: noise commands respect EP (Sub –Mission recs/USA/1990)
Fucn killer sloppy thrashmetal/crossover from the states, that sadly only did a couple of demo’s and this EP. Raw shit with punky attitude!

EXOTERACY:  st EP (Kathartic Recs/USA/1990)
Killer trashy hardcore/crossover that remind me of Corrosion Of Conformity. Great stuff!

B.G.T.: brutal glockel terror EP (Snoop Recs/Ger/1989)
Absoluut one of my all time fave noisecore records. Supersonic noisecore slaughter from Germany with fun German lyrics (Verstarkerschwein, Tittenfetischisten and Omaschweine). This is up there with Anal Cunt and Sore Throat and its PURE GOLD!!!!
RUPTURE: righteousfuck EP (Off The Disk/Swiz/1991)
Now this topic is about forgotten  and lost noise treasures and you know this aint one of the forgotten bands (fucn hell, if you don’t know these masters of the universe! Then get the FUCK OFF THIS BLOG!!) I don’t want to make it an all time greatest site and put Gerogerigegege, Napalm Death, Carcass and Man Is The Bastard on it (just to name a few) but I had to mention them just ones just for the people who forgotten about them or don’t know em yet (HA HA).  Here is one of the greatest records in hardcore history. Totally raging pissed off hardcore chimpzilla’s from Oz fronted by one of the greatest vocalists in the genre Gus Chamber. They did tons of killer records but the most outstanding ones are Corrupture 10” and Cunt Of God LP. These apes where ultra fast,had great lyrics and attitude!.. KILL THE PC’s !!!! 

DEMISE: furnace of tension EP (Off The Disk/Swiz/1990)
Another killer release from Off The Disk by this overlooked brutalcore/powerviolence band from the U.S. that reminds me a lot of Infest and some Slap a Ham type stuff. Dark violent fast hardcore with brutal vox bordering to grindcore. This EP, their 10” and live 8”Flexi are must have’s in any extreme hardcore collection. 

ASPIRIN FEAST: how do you call the cops on the cops EP (Piss Poor Prod./USA/1991)
Great violent pissed hardcore that reminds me of Siege and Infest. I have another EP by them as well called “Police Beat” but that was recorded after this(this is 1990 demo on vinyl I think) and isn’t as good  as this one but still pretty brutal punishing stuff.
THE BEING (Jackie Kong/USA/1983)
80’s mutant monster classic with Martin Landau (SPACE 1999). Toxic waste dumping in a small Idaho town turns a young boy into horrible mutant monster. The town's police chief and a government scientist team up to stop the monster before it kills all its citizens.  With C.H.U.D. and The Toxic Avenger the best in 80’s toxic waste turns bad movies galore!
MATANGO (Ishiro Honda/Japan/1963)
This bizarre tale was made by Godzilla master and ruler of the cosmos Mr. Ishiro Honda (with George Lucas the only real gods on in this shitty planet) After some people shipwreck on a deserted island they take refuge on a stranded fungus covered boat. While using the mushrooms that grow on the island as food they discover the stranded ships journal warning them not to eat the mushrooms. But  its already to late and they get attacked by THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE!! Great spooky shipwreck adventure/thriller not to be missed!
LIFEFORCE  (Tobe Hooper/USA/1985)
After the success of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist  Tobe Hooper got a big bag of money from the studio  hoping he would make another blockbuster like the previous mentioned movies. But commercially it was no success and I can understand why but HELL! This movie is uber cool. It’s a great mix of sci fi and zombie horror. It’s  about the spaceshuttle investigating the Halley’s Comet and discovering a cool looking alien spacecraft with a hot nude alien babe in it that turns out to suck the life out of people. When this hot space vampire chick arrives on earth all hell breaks loose turning everybody into flesh hungry zombies. Cool story and great FX!  With TCM,Eaten Alive,Funhouse,  Poltergeist and Invaders From Mars the best thing that Mr. Hooper did! 
THE LOST CONTINENT (Michael Carreras/UK/1968)
Here we have another one of those LSD fueled adventure/fantasy movies that popped up in the late 60’s and 70’s (Also check : At The Earths Core,Warlords Of Atlantis and The People That Time Forgot).This Hammer Studio’s produced film is about some ship getting stranded in flesh eating seaweed and end up in a strange world with mutant monsters, people with snowshoes and balloons above their heads (so they don’t sink) that are part of a long-lost community of sailors, ruled by descendants of the Spanish Inquisition.  Totally tripping stuff for a rainy Sunday afternoon. MUST SEE!
This has always been one of my fave rental movies in the VHS video age when I was a kid and it was one of the first movies by Albert Pyun that you might know from Nemesis and Cyborg (other great video hits!) This is a pretty dark and horrorish Conan like adventure movie about a mercenary with a three-bladed sword rediscovers his royal heritage dangerous future when he is recruited to help a princess foil the designs of a brutal tyrant and a powerful sorcerer in conquering a land. Another BEER & BONG CLASSIC! (aren’t they all in this list! He he he..)
THE LAUGHING DEAD (Somtow Sucharitkul/USA/1989)
For some strange reason even forgotten horror/gore epic under the die hard’s in horror. I always had a soft spot for this one. But maybe it’s  just my taste for cheesy movies. Anyway, here a nice one not to forget. The Laughing Dead is about some priest taking a bunch of tourists to the festival of the dead in Mexico. But the busload of tourists get an education they didn’t expect. One by one they get killed/offered to the Aztec god of the dead. This has some nice gory moments for all the splatter freaks inc. a guys arm ripped off and stuffed in his own throat and basketball with chopped off heads. Sounds like a new item for the Olympics. Go check it out, but don’t watch it sober!

BEYOND ATLANTIS (Eddie Romero/USA/1973)
Excellent trashy campy adventure movie with Sid Haig J and John Ashley (that you might know from these must see uber classics Mad Doctor of Blood Island, Beast Of Blood and Brides Of Blood) This entertaining, well made adventure/fantasy movie concerns some cut-throats looking for undersea treasure being protected by amphibian-like humanoids with ping pong ball eyes and an ultra hot sea nympho that wants to mate with one of the visitors to make her daddy happy. Great cheesy fun and total BEER & BONG classic!!!!

THE HUMANOID (Also Lado/Italy/1979)
Yeah here is one of the greatest wacky bizarre Star Wars rip offs (from Italy ofcoprse). Staring Richard Kiel (Jaws from James Bond) and soundtrack by Ennio Morricone (he must have been wasted making it) . Inc, crappy Darth Vader and R2D2 rip offs, Bad spaceships, great FX and total cheesy fun. I hope someday this gets a proper DVD release. Oh the story, who gives a fuck! It has Barabara Bach naked!  Absolute underrated classic for Star Wars geeks only!! (and people how enjoy obscure masterpieces of exploitation trash cinema) THIS RULES!!!! 
CHOPPING MALL (Jim Wynorski/USA/1986)
Total 80’s cheese fest about chopping mall security robots going bezerk and killing unsuspected shoppers and intruders. Crappy looking robots, lasers, bad 80’s soundtrack, nudity,blood and all the ingredients that make these movies so great. This is SHORT CIRCUIT ON ACID!!!

1990 THE BRONX WARRIORS (Enzo G. Castellari/Italy/1983)
One of my fave entrée’s in the post apocalypse genre is this Italian B-movie masterpiece that is a mix of The Warriors and Escape From New York. In post apocalyptic NY where gangs rule the street and some crazy multinational corporation rules the country, a rich girl on the run for her family falls in love with the gang leader. But the corporation hires the HAMMER to get her back. Non stop action, explosions, bikes and cars flying through the air, more explosions, ice hockey gangbangers and Fred Williamson!! 100% ENTERTAINMENT!! 

SATANS SADISTS  (Al  Adamson/USA/1969)
Forgotten drive in exploitation classic from Al Adamson (the man who brought us Horror Of The Blood Monsters and Black Samurai) Great biker thrash o rama cinema about a violent biker gang that kills a bunch of people at a café and some witnesses escape the mayhem and are chased throught the desert by the biker gang from hell. Inc yuppies getting beaten up and some tits, and a great soundtrack! What else do you want.  Better than Eazy Rider.. HA HA HA!!

SUBVERT:  the madness must end EP (Hippy Core/USA/1988)
Great trashing hardcore from the states that also did a nice LP. Think this record got re-released several times through other labels so it wont be too hard to find.

THE DEHUMANIZERS: kill lou guzzo EP (Subcore records/USA/1986)
This band rules! Cool hardcore drunkers from Seattle, sometimes bordering to speedcore like Extra Hot Sauce.  With nice lyrics about drugs, alcohol,social comments and stupid life.  If Nirvana would start to play hardcore you get The Dehumanizers !! The End Of Time LP is also a great one to track down by them.  What a forgotten classic!

SUBVERSE: give jesus back to the martians EP (Loony Tunes Recs/UK/1989)
More trashing energetic  and sometimes fast hardcore from forgotten Canadian outfit that also did a killer split LP with DESECRATION (on the lovely Manic Ears recs).  Just cant get enough of that stuff that makes you fist the air and head bang!
PHLEGM: masterpiece of mutilation  EP (Rotten Recs/USA/1991)
Excellent raw filthy death metal from the U.S. with superb sound and cool doom parts that makes Abbadon rise from the pits of hell and you can smell the rotten cadavers chewing your guts while playing this record. Forget about the stupid review on metal-archives, the guy doesn’t have a clue how death metal should sound like. We want it raw and filthy!! Also any band that has a song title like “Israel will burn again” is good in my book, AMEN!

PSYCHOSIS: my private hell EP (Infest recs/Fra/1991)
Another forgotten death metal gem from the glorious past. Brutal technical metal of deth with fucn insane psychotic vocals.  Sounds like Nocturnus without keyboards with a lunatic on vocals. NICE!

MALEDICTION: mould of an industrial horizon EP (M.B.R. records/Ger/1991)
Another underrated metal band from the UK playing a nice blend of death with grinding parts that remind me of Carcass (exhume to consume era) and Bolt Thrower (realm of chaos era) stuff with the same punishing sound. Well played and cool songwriting. Makes this an excellent extreme metal record that is worth digging up.
INTESTINAL DISEASE  (Psychomania recs/Scot/1993)
Defenetly my fave record from these Belgian grinders, Total grindcore/noisecore  destruction going on here. They have that very nice early grind sound and good political lyrics. The spoken word stuff makes it apocalyptic sounding end of the world shit. This record rules and is up there with the first 2 ROT ep’s, first AG stuff and smashing noise hits like that. Psychomania did a lot off cool stuff, great label! If you can find a copy of this record PLEASE get it!! It will blow your brains out!

SCRAWL: st  EP (Psychomanai Recs/Scot/1994)
Scrawl (Le Scrawl)from Germany  play a great mix of jazz/funk/ska/salsa /rock in a grindcore jacket. Pretty much like John Zorn’s NAKED CITTY. Inc.  trumpet, trombone and keyboard parts thrown in. Total spaztic freak music with vox that remind me of the Patareni . Crazy record for open minded noise freaks!

CABAL:  st  EP (Punx/Fra/1998)
Ultra brutal down tuned drumcomputer vegeterian goregrind/death that sounds like a mix of Mortician with Gut. Now I’m not so much into that whole goregrind thing and pitchifted vox but this record managed to grab my attention back then and has been one of my fave of the genre with early Gut and Mucupurulent stuff.  Just get it for the opening track on side B, “unaestethic genital stump”.
THE ABOMINATION (Bret McCormick/USA/1986)
Great horror trash from the highest order!  Totally mad shit going on here.  A mother who is a religious freak and has cancer and one day cough up a tumour and the tumour starts growing in a cupboard in the kitchen while her son gets possessed by the tumour that sends him out to get fresh human meat. Total low budget splatter fest and what a hell of a story J HA HA …  this stuff beats SCREAM a thousand times!!
Set on the subterranean Mine-World, a band of human worker are treated like slaves under the power of the evil overlord Zygon until one, Orin, unearths the hilt of a mythical sword that only he can master. Escaping the planet, he runs into the rogue smuggler Dagg and a pair of helpful droids and the princess, who all team up to return to the Mine-World with a plan to defeat Zygon and free Orin's enslaved people. Great intergalactic animation adventure of the highest order. Fans of Star Wars, He-man, Blackstar take note!! You got to check this out! Underrated classic! 
XTRO (Harry Bromley Davenport/UK/1983)
Excellent disturbing and gloomy sci fi horror from the UK (in the video nasty era!?). About a father that got abducted by aliens and his son being the only witness of the happening. A few years later his father mysteriously returns but isn't quite the same anymore….. WHAAA HA HA HA HA!!! And then  the shit hits the fan! Loads of bizarre and freaky shit happens. One of the better Alien shockers from the 80’s. Great FX, nice gore and excellent but bizarre story! A MUST SEE! 

GORGO (Eugene Lorie/UK/1961)
Complete King Kong / Godzilla rip off from the UK, but what a great one! Some fisherman capture a prehistoric mutant monster that was born out of a volcanic eruption and take it to London where it is put on display. Not knowing it is just a baby soon the mother monster arrives to reclaim her offspring and to fucn destroy London and crush it into a pile of shit! AAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
ATROCITY: hatred birth EP (Hogbitch records/USA/1989)
Fucn underrated band that did 2 KILLER! LP’s as well. Violent and hatefull grindcore tornado from the states. With nice trashy sound blasting through 10 trx of pissed off hatred!!! With song titles as “blundgeoned To death” and “Mangled Beyond Recognition” you know this shit is for real!

PUTRIFACT: visceral devourment EP (After World Recs/USA/1991)
Pretty unknown death metal gem. Sadly this band only did a rehearsal demo and this EP. Great raw brutal and atmospheric death metal that reminds me of bands like Rottrevore, Immolation and Obituary. Pure METAL OF DETH!

CACOFONIA / BLOODSOAKED: split EP (Self released/Mexico/1991)
Rare but excellent noise split by death/grind pioneers from Mexico Blood Soaked and grind/noisecore legends Cacofonia. This was released by the bands and lmtd 800 copys. Ultra brutal raw stuff going on here only for die hard noise and metal fans!
GUILLOTINE TERROR: no god EP (Battle Planning/Japan/1991)
Thrashy /grind from Japan that sounds a lot like a mid tempo S.O.B. (gods!) only with slightly more deathmetal touch to it. You might know the opening track “break the face moral” from the great Son Of BLLUUUAAAARRRGGHHH compilation EP on Slap A Ham. 5 trx of blazing Nippon noise slaughter!!!

BARBAROSSAS RHABARBER BARBAREN:  rendezvous der sinne EP (Perverted Taste/Ger/1993)
23 track noise massacre from forgotten noisecore legends BRB from germany. Crazy classic noisecore with cool rocking intro’s inc a Ministry and Metallica rip off’s  and funny parts/voice’s in it. They do an Anal Cunt cover as well(Radio Hit). For fans of Pile Of Eggs, Minch, WBI and Rotgut.

GIBBED:  eternal life  7”FLEXI (sound of burial/Japan/1990)
Brutal punishing grindcore/deathmetal from Japan in the vein of old Agathocles and Napalm Death.They have that great raw sound you don’t hear a lot in todays grindcore scene. Try and find a copy of this record if you like old grindcore bangers.

HERCULES (Luigi Gozzi/Italy/1983)
This is UBER CLASSIC cheesy fun! Defenetly the best of all the Hercules movies, starring Lou Ferringo (The Incredible Hulk) as Hercules. This is the psychonauts  approved Hercules version where Hercules fights robots! and shows you how the constellation ”big bear” was created (hilarious).  There is Zeus that looks like Santa Claus and very colorful retarded “special” FX. You just can’t stop laughing how bad it all is. This is a masterpiece of a B-movie!!! Absolute BEER & BONG CLASSIC  #1 !!!! MUST SEE!!!
ESCAPE 2000 (Brian Trenchard Smith/Australia/1982)
Nice sci fi/exploitation thrill ride set in the near future where some totalitarian regime puts innocent people into rehabilitation camps where beating, rape and torture is reality of daily life. The sadistic camp warden uses inmates for a turkey shoot for his elite and wealthy friends. You are a free man if you can escape?? If you like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Running Man you have to check out this great movie!
THE TOY BOX (Ron Garcia/USA/1971)
More LSD fueled sex madness on film than the human brain can handle in this freaky 70’s bizarre softporn  classic! Its about two swingers that are invited to a creepy castle from an uncle where they have all kinds of weird orgies. They find out that the uncle is not human but alien looking for depraved human souls for his alien toyshop. Very bizarre but highly entertaining mushroom ride into the dimension of sin. Do not watch sober!! 
HERCULES (Luigi Gozzi/Italy/1983)
This is UBER CLASSIC cheesy fun! Defenetly the best of all the Hercules movies, starring Lou Ferringo (The Incredible Hulk) as Hercules. This is the psychonauts  approved Hercules version where Hercules fights robots! and shows you how the constellation ”big bear” was created (hilarious).  There is Zeus that looks like Santa Claus and very colorful retarded “special” FX. You just can’t stop laughing how bad it all is. This is a masterpiece of a B-movie!!! Absolute BEER & BONG CLASSIC  #1 !!!! MUST SEE!!!
EMPIRE OF THE ANTS (Bert I. Gordon/USA/1977)
I remember seeing this creature feature as a kid and was fascinated by the giant killer ants (and a little bit scared I think). I still have a soft spot for this cheesy campy mutant horror ride about a bunch of people that are lured in selling some real estate on some paradise like island. Not knowing that the place is infested by killer ants that have mutated into giant monsters due to nuclear pollution and they are hungry for human flesh.  Doesn’t that sound great, yes it does! Giant killer ants, bad cheesy FX and Joan Collins (Dynasty). This is so bad that its GOOD!!
XYSTER: in good faith LP (C.M.F.T. Productions/UK/1989)
XYSTER: black bible demo  12” (CCG Underground recs/UK/1990)
Don’t know why I never hear anybody about this band but this is pure gold!! This is fucn extreme shit! Mix Slayer type thrash/speed metal with some 80’s deathmetal and early grindcore like Pungent Stench and you get the picture. Warning! the vocals might be a letdown in the beginning for those thinking they are going to hear the next Lee Dorrian or John Tardy, noop! Vocals here are more Thrash/hardcore type vocals/screaming. But that just makes this band more outstanding and fucking brutal! Totally pissed off THRASHING DEATH!!
ARDKORE: napalm stix to kidz!! LP (Metalworks/UK/1989)
This is what you get if a bunch of UK punx start to play crossover/thrashmetal you get ARDKORE.  They have a raw still trashy sound, punky pissed off vox and a shit load of energy! Some pretty fast trx on this one. If you like old D.R.I./RIPCORD/S.O.D. and EXTRA HOT SAUCE you will love this one!

FEAR ITSELF: till death do us part LP (We Bite Recs./Germany/1987)
Excellent  80’s fast hardcore/thrash from the U.S. that’s up there with Acussed/Heresy/Intense Degree/No Security in greatness!! Just blasting energetic in your face violent trash assault!! Great songwriting en production. Trial by combat, Shadowman,  Pray for death +++++ are all instant classics! It’s a miracle Earache didn’t release it! This beats all todays thrashcore clones!! MUST HAVE!
ATAVISTIC:  vanishing point LP (Deaf recs/UK/1990)
Another underrated forgotten band that is so fucn incredible good. HOLY SHIT! Total anarcho crust speedcore violence.  There is some ultra fast raging stuff going on here and some crazy breaks and intro’s.  Like the groovy start of ”Survival of the fittest “ or the mouth-organ in “Clearcut conscience” This is Amebix on 45rpm!!! You dig Electro Hippies, Phorphecy Of Doom and Deviated Instinct you got to love this record! Compared to the (even more) killer two EP’s they did this record has a slightly cleaner and beter produced sound but still raw and raging compared to most shit today. UBER CLASSIC!!

Totally forgotten about compilation that is very worth tracking down if you like fast hardcore/speedmetal/thrash/death/grind.  Besides exclusive HERESY(2) and UNSEEN TERROR (2)trx you find ADONIS (evil speed/thrash metal), ANTICHRIST (killer grindcore!)and MAXIMUS THRAXX (thrash metal psychosis). All great bands that are worth listening! Excellent comp!

THE ICE PIRATES  (Stewart Raffill/USA/1984)
Another great goofy space advanture like they don’t make them anymore.  In a near future where water is worth gold a bunch of space pirates are captured and forced to help a princess in search for her father.  For fans of Spaceballs and Mars Attacks!  Tons of fun and action, cool robots, monsters and spaceships and the space herpies ofcorpse.  Totally forgotten fave from the video highdays! ANOTHER BEER & BONG CLASSIC!
GALAXY OF TERROR  (Bruce Clark/USA/1981)
One of Roger Cormans better Alien rip offs (also check Forbidden Planet!) with Robert Englund and Sid Haig (always great!), A ship on a rescue mission gets trapped on a planet by a strange force field and a gigantic alien pyramid that houses their greatest fears and one by one the crew gets slaughtered, that sounds excellent doesn’t it?... HELL HEAY!!! Inc. legendary scene where a girl gets raped by a giant space maggot. Sid Haig plays some weirdo Spock like dude that rules with fiberglass boomerang ! Some nice gory scenes and cool cheesy fx. The spaceship is also great looking.  The movie has a good dark atmosphere and  nice story.  BEER & BONG CLASSIC!

PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES  (Mario Bava/Italy/1965)
Superb dark sci fi horror from Italian master Bava. You can see where Ridley Scot got his idea from for Alien! Planet of the Vampires is about some astronauts responding to a distress call discovering a crashed  spaceship on a remote planet that is housing ghost aliens that take over the crew turning them into zombie vampires! Great atmospheric suspenseful horror classic with cool done FX and great set pieces.  MASTER PIECE!
PSYCHO: riches and fame 10” Pic. (Axcion Recs/U.S.A./1991)
Personally I think that PSYCHO is the most underrated band in HxCx/grind history. While started off as a punk band going to a more hardcore approach in the 80’s morphing into pissed off grind early 90’s. This release shows them at their best, totally pissed off hateful fast hardcore/grind.  If it was only for the 2 opening trax and specially the second “Misery” that kicks in your face like a sledge hammer. This whole record is pure anger and one killer track after the other, no fillers!! If you like brutal pissed off fast proto grind stuff you definitely need to find a copy of this forgotten underrated classic!
FORBIDDEN PLANET (soundtrack) by Louis and Bebe Barron (Small Planet/U.S.A./1956)
This is one of my all time fave soundtrack records. This is one of the first completely electronic music soundtracks in movie history. Done by pioneering electronic musicians Louis and Bebe Barron. I love old 50’s/60’s sci fi movies for the monsters, space ships and the soundtracks! Crazy analog bleeping, theremin’s and other weird sounds from the cosmos made by people who had to be heavy on drugs (probably not). Well this is a wet dream for those who like the sound of outer space funk! 40 min. of FFFFFfzzzzzzzzZZZFFFFFHHHHSSSSSsssssssssssssssSSSSLU LU LU LU LU LU lu lu lu lu…bliep, piep…. YEAH!!!!!! This is the real stuff, just roll a joint and listen.
EYEGOUGER: ass rotor EP (Mind Control Recs/Germany/1991)
Another ultra underrated grindcore gem. I remember the Xeroxed Nuclear Blast catalog I got advertising this record, ex Impulse Manslaugther folks doing nasty raw grindcore but cant find any info on that. But HELL what a brutal piece of vinyl this is. What a hitmachine !! with classic blasts like “Gore Monger, Asstonsis, Blood Secretes and Pompous Whore”. This record makes it in my top 20 of all time fave grindcore records. Very primitive violent stuff!

DEAD: st EP (Gore Records/Germany/1990)
WOW! Demented primitive deathmetal with female vox that are more psychotic than Lori Bravo’s shrieks in Nuclear Death. This is some real sick nasty evil shit. Only for real maniacs!!! They don’t make em like this anymore. CLASSIC!

UNDER SIEGE / KILLER CRUST: split EP (Cheap Thrills Recs/UK/1989)
I never hear anybody talk about this record and that’s a shame. You get here 2 fast hardcore/grind/crustcore bands from England and Ireland that fits in completely with old Earache/Peaceville records stuff! This record starts off with UNDER SIEGE(UK) that’s playing straight on grindcore like early Napalm Death, with 13trx on one side you know this is good! KILLER CRUST(Ir) have a more crusty/thrash approach to their noise and offer 6 trx of destruction! Must have for fans of old fast 80’s UK hardcore/crust/grind stuff.
FLESH GORDON (Howard Ziehm/USA/1974)
Superior sci fi sleaze fest /Flash Gordon spoof and ultimate this is so BAD! That is GOOD J flick. The evil pervert Emperor Wang has targeted earth with his cosmic sex ray making all humans horney as hell. Only Flesh Gordon, his slutty girlfriend and Professor Flexi Jerkoff can stop the madness. This psychotronic master piece of perversion is filled with stupid FX, crazy monsters like the penisaurus and the giant pimp-monster and tons of other sex and filth from planet porno! BEER & BONG UBER CLASSIC!!!
HELL YEAH! One of my all time fave Godzilla movies and a great one to start with if you are new to the World of rubber monster fantasy.  Made by master Honda (king of all bonobo’s) is about some groovy looking aliens from Planet X with electric boogie sunglasses that want to borrow Godzilla and Rodan to stop King Ghidorah attacking their home planet, but it soon turns out they these nasty aliens got an eye for planet earth and send the monsters down for TOTAL CITY STOMPING DESTRUCTION and to take over our fucking world. Ofcorpse Godzilla beats them all and there is a happy ending. Great FX! Cool story! Besides old Star Wars the best thing in the world ever created by men. MUST SEE OR GET OFF THIS BLOG!!!!!
NIGHTS OF TERROR (Andrea Bianchi/Italy/1981)
Personal all time fave Zombie flick!!  A professor opens a crypt and reanimates the rotten death that attacks a nearby villa filled with yuppies, an incestuous mother and her watermelon-head son. The zombies look great, tons of gore, nipples bitten off and great atmosphere. Yes the Italians know how to make good movies! BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!!
THE GREEN SLIME (Kinji Fukasaku/Jap/USA/1968)
The perfect video-clip for any CSMD record. This is pure gold!!! A giant asteroid is heading toward Earth so some astronauts from a nearby space station blow it up. The mission is successful, and they return to the station unknowingly bringing back a slimy green substance that mutates into one-eyed tentacled  space monsters that feed on electricity and the crew. Superior FX , cool space battles and some of the best looking monsters ever!!  A real movie treasure!!! DO NOT WATCH SOBER!
STAR CRASH (Luigi Cozzi/Italy/1978)
With The Humanoid my fave Star Wars rip off movie period. Made in Italy ofcorpse! With cool psychotronic FX, starring Caroline Munro as uber sexy space babe and David Hasselhoff (Night Rider) as Luke Skywalkers brother in law. Forget about the story, you got to check this epic master piece of madness out yourself but do not watch sober!! From the same director of Hercules so you know what to expect.  One of my all time fave’s MUST SEE!!!
THE BOXERS OMEN (Chin Hung Kuei/HK/1983)
One of the most insane movies ever from the Shaw bro’s that’s up there with El Topo and The Holy Mountain (A. Jodorowsky). Pure LSD satisfaction and with a killer djongo bongo soundtrack. The FX are so fucn crazy that after 50th time of saying WOW!! WTF!!! You stop counting the WOW’s. Its about some Thai boxing dude that takes revenge on the Thai boxer that has beaten his brother crippled (the evil dude from Enter The Dragon) A flying V takes the boxer to a Buddhist temple and from there on everything gets mind boggling beyond believe. This movie is incredible insane and over the top but so much fun. They don’t make movies like this anymore. BEER & BONG UBER CLASSIC!!!! 
DESTROY ALL PLANETS (Noriaki Yuasa/Jap/1968)
Personal fave Gamera movie. In this mushroom delirious epic Gamera fights the best looking rubber monster period Viras, a squid like freakazoid from space. 2 boy scouts are captured by some aliens and are held captive on their colorful moonbase (man this must be paradise!!). The aliens then implant a remote control device into Gamera’s skull and use the great turtle to destroy Tokyo. The 2 scout boys find a way to disable Gamera’s remote control and Gamera returns to the moonbase to save the kids and beat the shit out of Viras. This movie RULES!!!
BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS (Jimmy T. Murakami/USA/1980)
Roger Corman’s sci fi take on Seven Samurai with Robert Vaughn (I was born in space), John Saxon and George “Hannibal Smith” Peppard as a space cowboy in this fantastic sci fi epic. A small agrarian community is under attack by the evil Sador. A village hero takes off to the stars to recruit mercenaries to save his agrarian world from destruction and stubles upon a space cowboy, cosmic duo a lizard like Alien dude, a sexy space slut and couple of other freaks. Together they fight the evil Sador and save the planet. Great FX, killer space battles, cool soundtrack by James Horner. UBER CLASSIC STUFF!!

ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST (Marino Girolami/Italy/1980)
Sweet trashy mix of the Zombie and Cannibal genre.  Its about some crazy scientist that brings the dead alive in the jungle (yep, sounds familiar) Meanwhile an expedition team in surch for Kito the cannibal good stumbles upon the mad scientists and his crazy plans, Lucky sexy Suzan from the expedition team is seen by the cannibals as their queen and everybody is going ape in the jungle. Tons of nasty gore inc. death by outboard-motor!!!, cool looking zombies and Suzan getting naked as much as possible. Total highlight in bad taste cinema a true epic masterpiece! BEER & BONG CLASSIC!
DYSENTERY: pathological waste EP (Poserslaughter recs/ger/1991)
Fucn killer ultra primitive Neanderthal grindcore destruction with goregrind elements. This is how grindcore would sound like if it was played by caveman back in the Stone Age. Superior stuff and very overlooked classic of ultra violent noise!!

CONFUSION: civilization? 7”FLEXI (Standard Of Rebellion Recs/Jap/1990)
This is one of the best grindcore/noisecore records period by this great band from Medellin, Colombia. 16 blasts of pure ear splitting terror like old Napalm Death with killer raw primitive sound. A true masterpiece of grind core destruction!! MUST HAVE!
NEMESIS (Albert Pyun/USA/1992)
Another classic of the golden age of vhs video rentals. Here we have one of the coolest Terminator rip off movies (with Lady Terminator of course). About a cop named Alex who is half cyborg goes he was blown to bits and put back together. He fights a bunch of terrorists that want to take over society in a future world where man and machine mix together. A must see for all the cyber freaks and lovers of good old hardcore action movies.
ROCK N ROLL NIGHTMARE (John Fasano/Canada/1987)
O.K. be WARNED!! This movie is extremely BAD!!!! I mean, Plan Nine From Outer Space is epic compared to this one! This is also one of those truly bad movies, almost bordering the real bad areas of such crap as Troll 2 or Blood Of Ghastly Horror but what saves this one for being atrociously bad is the stupid funny sock-puppet monsters, some tits, John Mikl Thor (HA HA HA METAL FREAK! in blue sweater), stupid dialogs, people dancing to metal music while doing the dishes!!!! And the uber so incredibly bad and mindboggling over the top beyond the fucking cosmos ending where Thor fights Satan in a clash of the titans battle of the masters that needs to be seen to believe. You will roll on the ground like a squirming maggot laughing your lungs out so fucking insane is the ending. The ending is more epic then all 3 Star Wars movies together. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA  WWWAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!