maandag 27 januari 2014

CSMD: monster cock rock LP (lmtd 30 only made) UP FOR ACTION !!!

NFL#48 ERECTILE DEMENTIA/CSMD: split EP is at the press!!! out soon
NFL#49 SEDEM SUPRAPHON MINUT FAMILY: hluk off 10" are on its way!
more info follows soon!! 10-2-14
Hi noise freaks and space apes!

I'm doing a private one time action to hopefully generate some extra cash for 2 new NFL projects.
Here is your final and only chance to get the impossible to find:
CSMD: monster cock rock/space noise... LP (67 noisecore/grindnoise blasts from outer space on a one sided 12"LP)
Only 30 copies where made and in various colour vinyl. (real vinyl pressing, no lathe cut)
This copy is hand numbered  #9/30 and comes on black/purple space vinyl and inc. cover as pictured. (only 15 copies came with a cover, other 15 just had the inlay sticked on the outside).

ACTION ENDED!!!! sold for 75euro