zondag 30 oktober 2011


More noise treasures added                                           20-1-12
On it's way for the distro are copys of the STAGNATION / CONTROL: split EP
(2x Japanese noisepunk/noisecore dstruction)!!!!!
+ more noise & movie treasures added!                               9-12-12
More noise and movie treasures added !                             4-1-12
Got copys in the distro of the lovely RUPTURE/NIHILISTICS: split EP !! just get it for the artwork!
Also some movie treasure added!                                       30-12-11
1 copy left of the DVD !!! after that it is completly SOLD OUT!
Also added some new noise & movie treasures!
This week i get the final stock copys of THE ALIEN THAT STOLE OUR BEER DVD.
This is your last chance to get this DVD !!!!!!!!!!!!!(first pressing of 100 copys).
Also added some noise & movie treasures!
The SETE STAR SEPT / CSMD: split EP is off to the press!!! should be out
January 2012.  Also added some new movie treasure's!                   4-12-11
Some noise & movie treasures added!                                           28-11-11
Got a few copys in of the VA/ CELEBRATING THE IRRITANT NOISE 4way CDR
with CSMD/Pure Noise/Harsh Supplements/Chaotic Sounds. CSMD stuff is unreleased!! 23-11-11
Some nice NFL recs reviews up here http://grindgore.net/11-11-dutch.htm
Also added some new movie treasures!                                      21-11-11
Distro updated and more movie treasures added  14-11-11
Some new noise & movie recommendations added 7-11-11
Finaly after 2,5 years in the making.
CSMD's Spacecommander's first full length movie is ready and available on DVD
Just saw the premiere of this movie in Amsterdam at independent cinema theatre Cavia and its AWESOME!!
Total D.I.Y. production but realy pro done and directed + music by Mr. Spacecommander(CSMD) himself.
The story is about some alien dude that invades a typical Dutch boring village to steal beer from the locals and killing them. A bunch of drinking low life's find out about the evil alien plans and try to stop it before they themselves run out of beer!! Great sci fi/horror/comedy in the tradition of BAD TASTE and PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. With bad acting, cheesy fx, silly dialogs and some nasty splatter & gore!!
!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!!! contains alcohol free beer!!!?

The DVD is factory made in digipack sleeve and lmtd 100 copys only! (Dutch language and English subs!) 6euro+postage. Get it now from NFL !

TRAILER! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50u7PtmLg8c&feature=related
Got some copys back in stock from the sold out RUPTURE / CSMD: split picturedisk 7"EP !!!!

SETE STAR SEPT / CSMD: split 7"EP (lmtd 200 copys)
Japanese noise freaks theme up with sci fi monster maniacs for a filthy noisecore split!

donderdag 8 september 2011

out now!!! RUPTURE 6"and AxSxH 8" vinyl

More movies added                                                 25-10-11
More movies added                                                  16-10-11
Some more noise + movie recommendations added  9-10-11
Distro updated! + some more movie's added
CHECK IT OUT!! & ORDER SOME STUF!! :)            3-10-11
More noise & movie treasure's added!                            25-9-11
Some new distro stuff added and some Noise & Movie treasures! 17-9-11
+ I will do a small repress of the sold out RUPTURE 6" soon!!
(this will take a couple of moths before they are ready, just keep an eye out
on this blog for updates)

ASH 8"only a few left!!!
Distro updated!!                                                                   12-9-11
out now on NFL recs (The Netherlands) !!!

** RUPTURE: gatecrash the orgy 6" ** 

Official repress of impossible to find RUPTURE classic from 1996.
Lmtd 69 copys only just like the original.
Filthy fucking hardcore from Oz!!
Music taken from original master tapes!
Inc.1 bonus track not on original pressing (your hand on your rod)

** AxSxHx: the awakening at Margate 8" **

Nasty violent fastcore/power violence assault from Dutchtopia.
Supreme live recording with great sound taken at a show in the UK.
20 blasts of pure HATE!!! Lmtd 50 copys only

12 euro + postage        !!!!! ONLY A FEW LEFT !!!!!!

All records are custom made by Peter King!
Get in touch for a copy ASAP!!! First come, first go!! NO TRADES!!
Check our distro list for more noise vinyl/CD's

for orders/info contact nkcsmd(at)hotmail.com

donderdag 16 juni 2011


-The RUPTURE and AxSxH lathe's have arived. Going to work on the covers
and hope to get everything ready by the end of the week! (i hope)
-New movies added                                                                              3-9-11
Got some copys in of the INVOCATION OF OBSCENE GODS zine

Some new noise & movie treasures added     28-8-11
Some new movie treasures added                 21-8-11
Bunch of new stuff in the distro + more movies added!    13-8-11
New distro stuff and more movie's added!  3-8-11
-We have 60+ movie and 60+ noise recommendations online! check it out!!   31-7-11
-Some new distro stuff arived, see NFL distro list.
-SEPPUKU / NECROCUM split EP will finaly soon be pressed after many delays.
Co-release with At War With False Noise
-EXIT HIPPIES / FILTH MILITIA split EP's arived in the distro        24-7-11
-Some new Noise & Movie treasure's added
-Some new movie recommendations added!           21-7-11
-CSMD gig footage added (the show was great! Mesrine rules!)    16-7-11
-Shit load of rare noisecore and 90's Japanese fastcore added to the distro (see second hand section)
-Bunch of new Movie recommendations added!
New distro stuff!                                                                     2-7-11
-ELECTRIC FUNERAL: harvester of death EP
-RORT: st EP
-GAZ66: intrusion EP
-PTAO: 4ka 3x 3"CD boxset

New noise & movies added
CSMD discography + noise and movie recommendations added ! 26-6-11
Off to the press

NFL#40 RUPTURE: gatecrash the orgy 6" lathe cut (lmtd 69 copys)

NFL#39 AxSxH: live 8" lathe cut (lmtd 50 copys)

These wont be out for 2 or 3 months

NFL records helped out the chimps from NEKROMANTIKER with their debut EP!

NEKROMANTIKER: 6 amazing punk hits 7"EP 4,5euro+postage
(Nasty filthy raw noisepunk holocaust like Confuse/Swankys/Disorder from Dutchtopia)

OUT 16-3-2011

on NO FUCKING LABELS records/distro (The Netherlands)

NFL#38 SPLATTERED SPLITTER: demo 1988 7”EP 4euro+postage
(Raw bestial noisepunk/death/thrash/noisecore, think Confuse/Gai vs Autopsy/Fear Of God. Originally released as ultra lmtd Split 10” with SLOTH and now this obscure piece of filth is available on 7” with 1 bonus track that was not on the 10”. Lmtd 200 copys, with insert and A3 poster of original demo artwork)

NFL#31 CSMD / AxSxH: split 7”EP 4euro+postage
(This is the 3rd and final 100 copy repress on nice red vinyl/covers. Sci fi monster noisecore vs. pissed off fastcore!!! Last change to get this classic piece of noise vinyl!)

NFL#37  CSMD / SPOELSTRA: split EP 4euro + postage
( CSMD does 1 long sci fi doomcore/drone track and 2 monster noisecore cuts. SPOELSTRA is freak electro that sounds like the soundtrack of Logans Run, Buck Rogers and The Andromeda Strain!! )

NFL#36  VA/  SMALL DOSES: 100 band comp. CD  6,5euro+postage
(This must be the most insane and brutal noisecore/grindcore comp ever! 100 bands! all unreleased trx!
40 page booklet and die cut covers! TOTAL NOISE MASSACRE!!!!!!!)