Forgotten NOISE & MOVIE treasures #3

Noiseape's recommendations of forgotten noise & movie treasures PART 3 !!!

(made a 3rd page goes for some strange reason i can't add new stuff on part #2 page??)

VA/ PATHOLOGICAL COMPILATION: comp. LP+7” (Pathological records/UK/1989)
Nice compilation of industrial/avant-garde/noise-punk/grind stuff that I picked up back in time for the CARCASS/GODFLESH and NAPALM DEATH stuff that I was heavy into. But it also made me discover the amazing STRETCH HEADS and SILVERFISH. Also it was my journey digging deeper into the industrial thing as GODFLESH “streetcleaner” album was the shit at the time for me and my friends. On this comp GODFLESH do two monster hits! "Love is a dog from hell" and "My own light" both classics in my industrial book. COIL and TERMINAL CHEESCAKE where not brutal enough for me but I liked the GOD song “dum dum slug”. NAPALM DEATH repeats their bleak doom noise thing as on “The Curse” and “Evolved As One” from the FETO album and bonus EP. CARCASS trx are superior with Genital Grinder 2 and Hepatic Tissue Fermentation. Both CARCASS and GODFLESH trx where re-released on 7” EP as well a bit later on. Loads of fond memories of that time warp, listening spaced out to all that noise doing new discoveries every week. Goldie oldie classic!

EXECUTIONER: break the silence LP (New Renaissance Recs/USA/1987)
I know a lot of people hate this record and I don’t like just be goes Seth Putnam (AxCx) plays in this band. I dig it goes it has a couple of cool speedcore/thrash moments I just melt for. Also I just happen to have a bad taste for cheesy noise and sure not everything is superior about this platter, especially the vocals are sometimes totally retarded but that just gives it that extra charm. But it also has laser blasting head bangers like “death March, Eye Of The Needle, Genocide and Victims Of Evil” that rip you a new asshole. Fucn love that shit. Lyrics are totally metal as well. The world needs this shit!!!!
PROOF OF EXISTENCE: scriptural disaster LP (Putrid Filth Conspiracy/Swe/2003)
This forgotten about treasure of noise still blows me away like an atomic bomb!!! This is the bands only release, a demo put onto vinyl by the lovely PFC records from Sweden (now Blood Harvest recs for the death metal starters among you). No death metal here but ultra brutal violent Japanese distorted over the top like only the Japanese can do hardcore/d-beat/crust assault that makes you shit your crusty pants!! Holy shit this is really good, every track kicks you in the face like the boot of Badr Hari!! 12 explosions like only Extreme Noise Terror could do before in their good old days. I’m surprised that this isn’t hyped up like some of the other Japanese hardcore stuff. You can still get this cheap from distro’s and discogs so better pick this up fast before its gone forever. Incredible record!!

MALFEITOR: 1987 demo EP (Desacration Of God Productions/USA/2003)
This is the vinyl repress of Malfeitor’s “diabolic youth” demo tape from ’87. 3 blasts of evil filthy death/thrash that reminds me of early Slayer/Sepultura/Morbid Angel and Devastation. Nasty sounding blackened hateful stuff with ripping thermo nuclear guitars melt your ears off while the winds of hell burn your flesh. Totally forgotten about metal treasure from Washington DC that’s deserves some more attention!!
FUNEROT: stranded in time EP (Maggot Mind Recs/USA/2008)
Outstanding old school crossover/thrash band with some prog rock elements thrown it for extra excitement and originality. Being a big fan of their “Invasion Of The Death Dimension” album this later EP sure did not disappoint. This totally sound like it was recorded in the late 80’s and with the addition of the wicked tune “Funhouse” they almost sound like a crossover version of Focus or something. AWESOME record!!
AFTER THE BOMBS: terminal filth stench bastard EP (Sjakk Matt Plater/Nor/2005)
HELL YEAH SKELETOR!!! Female fronted crust/stenchcore/thrash whatever its called today. Reminds me a ton of early SACRILEGE, AMEBIX and HELLBASTARD!! Nothing original but hell they sure know how to make me jump out of my seat and put on my old dread scalp and make me thrash the living room and sing along with Face Of Brutality, This Is Hell, Centuries Of Genocide and Life In Fear!!!

EXTEME SMOKE 57: who sold the scene EP (TVG recs/GER/1994) 
Inspired by Sore Throats: disgrace to the corpse of sid, Slovenian noisecore/grind legends Extreme Smoke 57 made this techno/noisecore single sided 7”. Packed with 30 party bashers to make an end to all the crappy techno shit parties!! This was made as a statement against the conformity and ignorance in the grind/noise scene at that time and being a chimp who HATES techno/house this was a great record to annoy my techno loving friends with and later it also did great on breakcore parties! Call it noisecore techno!!! EXIT HIPPIES freaks need to check this out! 
BARCASS / STERBEHILFE: split EP (Schnauf Recs/GER/1994)                                                    BARCASS where a 2 man groovy grind duo and this is my fave stuff by them. It also has a couple of cool movie intro’s for extra atmosphere. STERBEHILFE is the winner of this noise split! They play awesome grindnoise with some demented hippie rock parts thrown in and punk intros that get destroyed by blurrcore slaughter. Love these guys and they did a couple of other cool records later on in their careers. Nice but forgotten about noise treasure!

PETER THOMAS SOUND ORCHESTRA: raumpatrouille LP (Bungalow/GER/1996) 
The soundtrack from German first sci fi TV shows ROUMPATROUILLE (Space Patrol/1966). About the cosmic adventures of the Orion space crew. Sort of a German Star Trek, but even more funky and in B/W. Anyway on this slap of black gold German funk master Peter Thomas tickles the eardrums with a variety of cosmic jazz, future tunes and interstellar space funk you can’t resist to groove on. Shake your butthole and your cunt lips both at the same time on this funky jam! Essential listening for CSMD fans!!  
BRUNO NICOLAI: marquis de Sade’s (Jess Franco) LP (Finders Keepers/UK/2013) 
AWESOME! Soundtrack to Jess Franco’s 1970’s eurosleaze classic EUGENIE (aka Marquis De Sade’s), that co stars Christopher Lee and is packed with perversion and sexy euro babes showing their T&A. Bruno Nicolai’s atmospheric jazzy soundtrack full of hypnotic easy listening tunes fits well with Franco’s images and vibe. From dark hypnotic tunes to exotic funky vibrations and sleazy vibes, Bruno Nicolai’s compositions are fucn superb and this soundtrack is highly recommended. Thanks to Finders Keepers for releasing it again!! Put it on and sodomize your slave girl bondage doll, but do it gentle, just like the music on this record.

Spectacular adventure and monster madness from the great Kevin Conner. After their boot gets torpedoed to the bottom of the sea by a German U-boot, the survivors get picked up by it and stumble upon unknown island where time somehow stands still (or they got intoxicated by the diesel fumes).  On the prehistoric island the crew has to battle superior looking rubber dino’s and angry cavemen until a volcano eruption spoils all the fun. Insanely amount of awesome looking dinosaurs and other great FX. The volcano eruption that turns the island into fucn hell is greatly done as well. Total sunday afternoon classic adventure from the good old days.
CYCLONE (Fred Olen Ray/USA/1987)
Excellent 80’s action flick with some sci fi elements thrown in, like a futuristic motorbike that’s shoots lasers and an awesome laser shooting helmet that goes with the bike for the same price! Anyway, the nerdy computer dude who made it (Jeffrey Combs) works for some secret government agency and gets killed. It is up to his super sexy blond uber foxy lady to save the bike from the bad guys. Co stars the great Martin Landau and its action packed with exploding cars, guns, lasers, naked chicks, ultra sexy Heather Thomas and a rocket launching motorcycle!!! Excellent one to watch when you are not sober!

THE PEOPLE WHO OWN THE DARK (Leon Klimovsky/Spain/1976)
Very intriguing post apocalypse thrash from cult legend Klimovsky and with the always great Paul Naschy! A bunch of rich bastards have a party at a remote château totally in De Sade style with an “almost” orgy with super hot euro babes from the 70’s. But the party ends instantly with a nuclear holocaust, BANG! Everybody outside the château is blinded by radiation or death. When our partygoers kill one of the locals the blind crowd goes mad and seeks revenge upon the party people. Totally no budget post apocalypse thrash but full of atmosphere and cool ending (despite the critics). Paul Naschy is a bad ass dude and the chicks are hot, there is even a couple of tits in it! But don’t expect any sleaze, this one is more serious. A new treasure in the post apocalypse realm of fun!

EVIL SPAWN (Kenneth J. Hall, Ted Newson/USA/1987) 
Pretty much a re-worked version of THE WASP WOMAN, but chimps this is so much fun. Fuck your CGI shit and check out these awesome FX of latex and foam greatness! Check out good old David Carradine going mental as the mad doctor!(he must have been realy drunk doing his role). A fading movie actress gets a shot of cosmic serum to regain her youth so she can be a hot movie star again. Insted she turns into a mutant insect freak killing everybody crossing her path. Its cheesy, but extremely entertaining! Loads of T&A, monster hand puppet, some gore and great looking monster. Great story!. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!

SHADOWZONE (J.S. Cardone/USA/1990) 
Excellent midnight movie. When a NASA captain is send out to investigate a death at an underground science lab where scientists doing hyper-sleep research. He finds himself knee deep in shit when a creature from a parallel dimesnion spawned from one of the hyper-sleep test subjects brain, it goes ape and starts killing the scientists. Yes it does sound familiar but this one is a lot of fun. Packed with gore, tits and a couple of awesome freaky creatures this has all the major ingridients a movie needs. Sure there is some crawling in airshaft tunnels but no Alien rip off stuff here. The main creature looks fucn insane and creepy, real cool FX!!! A midnight movie treasure that goes well with beer & bong!

Superior HK martial arts/romance movie. Its like Romeo & Juliet on acid and over the top like all those crazy HK flicks. A laid back swordsman and almost leader of the Wu Tang Clan (no not the rap dudes) fals in love with a chick named Wolf girl who works as an assassin for the bad guys. She is the slave of the evil cult, an nasty tribe of kung fu bad guys that want to take over China and destroy the Wu Tang Clan. Their leaders are a siamese twin possessed with demon powers and one of them likes to fuck the Wolf girl as well. And so the classic story of good vs evil and forbidden love hits your screen like you have never experienced it before. Insane fantasy martial arts freak out fest, people getting chopped in half, countless decapitations, showers of blood, kung fu masters fly through the air like they just dont care, tits!, killer hair attacks, man this shit is completly insane and beautiful at the same time. Very well made movie and a HK UBER CLASSIC!!

CONDORMAN (Charles Jarrott/UK/1981) 
Forgotten about spy spoof flick from Walt Disney with the greatest speedboot action scene i can remember in movie history. Maybe it is just begoes it involves a speedboot with a lasergun, only Satan knows. But i love it!! Woody, a cartonist helps out the his buddy from the CIA and turns into his own super hero creation CONDORMAN! He escorts a beautiful Russian spy Natalia (who wants to cross over to the other side) out of the hands of the evil Krokov. Ofcourse our anti hero has a couple of great gadgets to beat the bad guys with. We have the Condor super car, Condor super speedboat, Condor super wings, the man has more toys then fucn James Bond. There is a couple of good laughs in it as well and Natalia (Barbara Carrera) is a damn sexy spy chick! A great one to watch with your whole family of mutants and freaks!! Fuck Off BATMAN!

MIAMI CONNECTION (Richard Park/USA/1987) 
Just discovered this hilarious piece of retarded so bad its fantastic piece of cinematic madness. Inmagen and episode of The Ninja Master(Lee Van Cleef, awesome 80’s tv show) gone horribly wrong. I think this was made by a bunch of karate nerds from the local karateschool that got some cash together and made this insane movie about a motorcycle ninja gang dealing drugs and beating up members of the most stupid rock band in existance named DRAGON SOUND!!! Check out their hit “against the ninja”!!! Definitely food for a CSMD song!! In the movie i thought the chorus was “gay bar, gay bar” but i had the luck of the gods that they put a real live concert of the band (this beats Spinal Tap a 1000 times) on the dvd and the chorus was Tae Kwon Do!! Anyway, this is packed with the cheechiest of cheese and a non stop laughing riot. The leader of the good guys can sure kick some ass but its impossible to hear what he is saying and yes he can grab your nose with his toes (not kidding and he does it again on the reunion concert) and beat you up!! Tons of bad shit, retarded action scenes, some limbs get chopped off and the worst kissing scene in movie history + ninja’s!!!and a guy sticking a straw up his nose. Get your friends together, roll a couple of joints, get drunk and laugh your guts out and be amazed!! SO BAD ITS FUCKING GOOD!!!

DEATH FORCE (Cirio H. Santiago/Phil/1978) 
Philipino master of exploitation Cirio H. Cantiago brings us this fine piece of kung fu samurai multi cultural action and stars blaxploitation hero James Iglehart (Savage!, Bamboo Gods & Iron Men). After getting screwed by two army buddies and thrown in the sea he washes ashore more dead then alive on a remote island, inhabitat by 2 Japanse soldiers who have been stuck there since WW2(WTF!). They take care of him and learn him the martial arts of Samurai. Yeah its sounds fucn insane but it only gets better. His two army buddies turned into mobsters and rule the city and terrorize his girl thinking their buddie is dead. But blood will be shed as their old friend rises from the grave and is hungry for revenge. Heads and limbs get chopped off in a fountain of blood as their flesh touches the Samurai blade. To bad Janye Kennedy didnt get naked otherwise i would give this a 10/10 score.Vic Diaz has a cameo in it aswell. KILLER STUFF!!
CODE NAME: WILDE GEESE (Antonio Margheriti/Ita/1984)
Great example why Antonio Marghereti is the undisputed master of Italian low budget movie thrash awesomeness! Being a fan of the movie The Wild Geese(1978, with Roger Moore)i had to check out this Italian rip off/sequel and hell what an action packed treasure it turned out to be. A commando team of mercenaries are send into the jungle of asia to burn down an opium manufacturing plant from a ruthless  dictator. Of course things dont go exactly as planned but you got to figure that out for youself. Co starring Lee van Cleef and Klaus Kinski and a bunch of other well known faces of Italian cinema. Zillion explosions, insane car chase scene, helicopter with flame thrower (= bonus points!), great minature FX and just everything a great jungle war adventure needs. Highly Recommended!!
CUT-THROATS NINE (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent/Spain/1972)
Very gritty nasty western shocker from the 70's about a group of prisoners chained together that are escorted through the harsh wintery landscape of the wild west (of Spain). When the prison convoy gets attack by bandits only a hadfull of prisoners survive together with a sargeant and his young daughter. Being outnumbered the sargeant and his  daugther not only have to survive the hostile environment, but also try and get the group of sadistic prisoners to their final destination. A bloody violent cat and mouse game starts and when the gold show up things get even more nasty. A gory western shocker not for the faint of heart!!
CELLAR DWELLER (John Carl Buechler/USA/1988)
Another VHS rental fave was this demented fantasy/horror epic about a horror comic book artists that gets butchered by his on creation. Years later a fan of the artist visits the old house that has turned into an art academy. Not aware that here horror artwork resurrects the monster from his eternal  slumber in the pits of hell and goes of a killing spree at the academy. Great monster movie that has it all, gore, rubber, tits and blood!!

DENAK / PROYECTO TERROR: split EP (D.I.Y./Spain/1996)
Great pairing of two Spanish grindcore blasters from the mid 90s. Saw Denak a couple of times live and they where fuckn brutal!! Denak begins the ear torture 7” with 5 pummeling grindcore attacks the reminds you of old AG. Proyecto Terror have a more early Napalm Death sounds making their shit extra killer inc. whirlwind drum slaughter ala Mick Harris (still the king of course!) They play a more crusty grind like Hiatus but sweet fucn 90’s shit!!

VERSKLAVEN / ABDUKTION: split EP (Fermented Chaos/USA/2013)
Holy fuck, the first time I played this baby my head splitted open when hearing Versklavens opening tune. Total fucking rage!! Superior guitar riffing stenchcore/thrash that reminds me of Sacrilege, Antisect and The Accused with awesome female vox screaming her tits out and distortion to the max!! Abducktion also from Texas have a more scandi punk/hard core approach such as Anti-Cimex and Disarm thrown in with some latin hardcore distortion. Wild shit!! But you need this for the Versklaven stuff, just fucking INSANE!!!!!!!!

FISHSTIX:  gunshot / kurruption EP (Clash recs/NL/2013)
Another awesome discovery was this instant monster hit record by Fishstix on Bong-Ra’s Clash label. After almost given up upon today’s breakcore/jungle scene (stupid D&B shit that’s going on again) I picked up this beauty. Great mix of
ragga/jungle /footwork. The title track is pure dance floor madness!! The B side goes more into jungle territory. JUST AWESOME!!!!!!

AMNESEA: 1st EP (Tadpole recs/UK/2013)
Filthy nasty distorted like hell d-beat/crust from Japan with female echoing vocals that scream for doom and despair, Disclose fuct in the arse by Antisect. Your soundtrack for the Fukushima nuclear apocalypse. If this shit doesn’t melt your ears out of its radioactive skull than only Satan is here to save us. BRING THE NOISE!!!!!!!!

VORNTH: evil blood EP (Iron Tyrant/Ita/2013)
This is the pre cum EP for their first full length and what a metal battle treasure it is. Old school heavy black/speed metal holocaust from Sweden. Evil Blood is a total speed metal banger of the highest spandex ball breaking order inc. Rob Halford vocals. The flipside has a slow tune full of blackened atmosphere and evil spells that go beyond the grave of the vampire fucker. Dracula rises from the tomb when he hears this heavy metal masterpiece!! Check oit their LP as well.

ESTAMPIDO / NUCLEAR ASSAO: split EP (Hombre que mira cielo + 3 d.i.y. labels/Spain/2013)
This one could habe been released in the mid 90s, but noop it’s a noise noisecore gem from Spain. Nuclear Assao  with members of Violent Headache and Mixomatosis give birth to 26 noisecore hits the classic way!! Just can’t get enough of this stuff. Estampido go ape on 14 blasts of demented violence. Total brainless noise fun for stupid idiots like me who just don’t want to grow up. NOISECORE LOVE 4 EVER BABY!

THE DUNGEONMASTER (Charles Band and 6 more/USA/1984)
BEER & BONG VHS ULTRA CLASSIC is this awesome psychotic fantasy adventure where a computer nerd has to save his girlfriend from the evil sorcerer MESTEMA!!! Who challenge our computer whiz kid for the ultimate battle in magic power! Our hero looks like he just jumped out of Tron. With his laser shooting wristband and his google glasses. He has to endure seven challenges before he is able to save his girl before getting molested by our evil wizard MESTEMA!!!Besides some awesome dream sequence with a hot naked babe this movie is filled with laser shooting in all its beauty, laser guns, laser fingers, laser wristband, psychotic colors, weird monsters, zombies, demons, stop and go animation and heavy metal masters W.A.S.P.!!! Totally demented  B-movie thrash from the glorious 80’s. You need to watch this stoned and drunk to fully appreciate its masterful cinematic highlight in retarded madness!!!!

EYEBALL (Umberto Lenzi/Italy/1975)
Great Giallo from Lenzi. Sure not half as stylish or well written  as other classics in the Giallo genre such as Solange, Deep Red and Don’t Torture A Duckling (just to name a few) but still one entertaining mystery thrill ride, packed with naked sluts inc .a spicy ebony angel. We have a red caped killer on the loose on a group of tourist visiting Barcelona. One by one they fall victim to the knife and gets their eyeball gouged out. Yes it’s all pretty demented and a bit low on the gore/red sticky stuff but a whole lot of fun to watch!

KING SOLOMON’S MINES (J. Lee Thompson/USA/1985)
Sadly forgotten about adventure classic that is up there with Indiana Jones and one of my all time fave adventure movies. Starring Richard Chamberlain as Quatermain and a young Sharon Stone in this comical campy adventure ride full of crazy action, cannibals, Nazis, explosions and a giant rubber spider! Yes this is the real deal adventure freaks. Follow our hero on a quest helping to find misses Hutson’s (Stone) lost father deep in the jungle of Africa where they encounter all kind of bad ass suckers and of course the lost treasure of gold hidden in the mines of King Solomon. There was a second movie as well called Allan Quatermain  And The Lost City Of Gold (1986) that you got to see as well! It has Henry Silva as the evil Agon in it so you know its good!!

RICCO THE MEAN MACHINE (Tulio Demicheli/Italy/1973)
Very cool and overlooked Italian crime flick with some gruesome gory moments. Christopher Mitchum (The Day Time Ended/Faceless) plays Ricco ,the hippie with a taste for revenge after some mobster named Don Vito kills his father and steals his girlfriend Rosa(sexy  Malisa Longo). With the help of uber sexy con-artist Barbara Bouchet (damn, she is hot!!) they team up to save Rosa from the soap factory and kill Don Vito. The striptease car scene by foxy Barbara Bouchet and the castration acid bath scene are classic!! A real little gem of Italian sleaze/crime cinema that needs to be checked out!! Step aside Godfather, here is Ricco!! The hippie nerd with the groovy chicks!! Loved the happy ending as well.

THE STABILIZER (Arizal/Indonesia/1986)
Action cheese fest deluxe!!! Beyond super fighting powers!!! Explosions to the max!!! The baddest bad guys in movie history!!! This is the real deal action lovers and bad ass cinema freaks, THE STABILIZER is here to kick out your teeth and to seduce your woman with his mighty mullet. Yes, he is Sylvester Stallone demented cousin and Bruce Lee rolled up in one and is ready beat the shit out of the evil Greg Rainmaker. The nasty drug dealer that killed his girlfriend by kicking her with his spiked shoes in her pussy and for kidnapping the professor. Together with his team of super fighters he battles all the bad ass villains of Indonesia inc. a Mr.T lookalike!!! Yes, The Stabilizer has the martial arts skills and is master of the assassination dirt bike!! He tortures people in oil drums and sets your house on fire. Go check this ultra action packed masterpiece of madness now!!!

FOUL MOUTH CRINGE: the Richard dastardly identity 2xLP (Mindfree records/USA/2008)
Awesome dark ultra stoned hip hop masterpiece with members from Third Sight. Spacy oldschool beats and breaks with abstracted drugged grime beats and scratches by DJ Ruthless. Jihad’s rhymes are superior demented and dope as fucking hell. Weird stories and mind farts, just listen carefully to all the craziness. Overpossessive and Beat The Pussy Up are just a few examples of genius mastery of drugged minds. Bomb your speakers with this one!!

BARRY GRAY: SPACE 1999 (soundtrack) LP (RCA Recs/USA/1976)
SPACE 1999 was a fantastic space opera series (’75-’77) from master of the cosmos Gerry Anderson (who had already blurred our minds with awesome series as Captain Scarlet, UFO, Stingray and ofcorpse Thunderbirds!). Gerry’s fave score master Barry Gray  composed the music for this series and did a great job as always, space age jazz, lounge, psychedelic rock and classical future tunes fly by like a flying saucer in orbit. There some great space trippers on this one. Fucn love this stuff. Barry Gray = CSMD!!!

Another great soundtrack from Mr. Bernstein (The Man With The Golden arm, The Magnificent Seven, Heavy Metal, Saturn 3) For the greatest spy spoof movie The Silencers with Dean Martin as agent Matt Helm. Great variety of big band, jazz, stage & screen and easy listening music and two songs with the sexy voice of Vikki Carr. Grab your THC cigar and enjoy your La Chouffe when listening to this baby. Your parents will think that youre finaly listening to some good music. CLASSIC!!

Great stoned sci fi adventure! A group of scientists make a time portal that looks like a giant television set and step though it into the future. Where the world has turned into post nuclear war world and mutants hunt for the remaining human survivors that survived in underground cities. They are building a rocket that will take them to space in search for a new planet and a new beginning for mankind. But will they make it in time before the mutants take over the underground cities? Roll a joint, grab a beer and find out!  Check out the robot factaory, fucking awesome!!! Great FX , sexy booty space girls and super cool story. Why don’t they make movies like this anymore instead of the Hunger Games, WTF!!

Three lunatics escape the madhouse and go on a rampage at a nearby private school for sexy girls. They are having a good time abusing and terrorizing the lady’s. But when our mental freakazoids stumble into an all girl karate lessons class the tables get turned and our friends get their balls kicked into their stomach. Campy tasteless exploitation fun from the glorious 70’s. Full of bouncing tits and bad ass humor. Classic piece of movie thrash!

EXTERMINATOR 2 (Mark Buntzman/USA/1984)
We all loved the first EXTERMINATOR (1980) movie that is a total revenge classic .But it’s follow up is way lesser known but just as good as the first one. Our fave Vietnam vet is back and ready to burn some street scum to a crisp. Forget John Rambo, here is John Eastland and he is pissed as hell!! After some punks killed his old nam buddy who is garbage man and also kill his stripper girlfriend he goes ape and like the A-team he builds a tank out of a garbage truck and blowtorches the punks who killed his friends. You want to see people burned to the ground, roller-skating “Mad Max” type disco dudes, 80’s haircuts, awesome break dancing, modelkit helicopter blown up, tits and some good old action? STOP RIGHT HERE, this is what you are looking for!!

MERCILESS DEATH: sick sanctities LP (High Roller Recs/Ger/2010)
Holy shit, Poland’s MERCILESS DEATH debut album (originally released on tape only back in 1993) is a blast from start to finish. Fucking evil piece of thrashing death metal that draws its inspiration from bands like Morbid Angel (Blessed are the sick), Death and Slayer but also German thrash masters like Protector. Both the bands demo’s who also got the vinyl treatment are absolutely stunning and worth tracking down, much rawer and filthier then this debut album that has a great solid underground production. But the songs on this one are just fucking brutally awesome and well crafted. Check out trx like The Victim, River Of Blood and Sick Sanctities that just tear you a knew asshole and blows away chunks of flesh from your fucking emo skull while you get sonically ripped apart by guitar wanking chainsaws, turning you in a pile of stinking death meat. Hello fucks, THIS IS METAL OF DETH!!!!!!!

NUCLEAR HAMMER: obliteration ritual LP (Morbid Moon Recs/Can/2009)
Satanic ritual sonic obliteration during a full moon black feast of hungry werewolves eating the placenta out of a raped nun. That sums it all up I think. Nasty evil bestial black death slaughter from the Canadian dark woods of doom. Filthy fucking shit for fans of early Beherit, Blasphemy, Proclamation and Sadomator. Occult horror vocals, coffin drums and axis of evil bring forth eleven blessings of gloomy putrid horror that would make Abbadon shit his pants. Here comes the plague of locusts. Best listening results when being stoned or while a goat sucks your nut sack on a full moon! Enjoy the noise!!!

AGGRESSA: nuclear death LP (Iron Bonehead/Ger/2013)
Excellent idea from Iron Bonehead to re-release this forgotten Aussie metal treasure from the late 80’s. Originally released as a 7 track MLP back in 1988 this new version has an unreleased compilation track and demo ’87 as a bonus on the flip side. But you need this for the A side.  Ass kicking nasty heavy/speed metal with a huge crossover/punk influences. I dare to say that trx like Tunks and Voodoo Doll are total speedcore madness and remind me of early Napalm Death or Extra Hot Sauce. Also  fans of the Accused will love this platter. I was attracted by the cool artwork and knew it was going to rule!  It has Sloth from Sadistik Exekution on drums so you can’t go wrong with this treasure. Grab your skateboard and break your neck!!!

TYRANT’S REIGN: year of the tyrant LP (Heavy Forces Records/Ger/2013)
Another re-release that made me go ape was this one by U.S. heavy metal maniacs TYRANTS REIGN. I’m very surprised this band never made it. They are just as good to me like Metallica or Megadeth and play some awesome thrash metal with some ball breaking vokill onslaught like Rob Halford. This is total heavy metal thrashing rage. This stuff makes me head bang nonstop and let me play double air guitar and freak out!! You need this badly if you like old Metallica, Exodus and Megadeth.

MOTHRA (Ishiro Honda/Jap/1961)
Here we have another great Toho studio monster classic MOSURA!! Scientists discover two singing micro twins on a desolate island in the pacific that was used for nuclear testing. One of the scientists, a greedy bastard named Clark Nelson captures the micro twins and putting them on display in his theatre show exploiting these exotic tiny ladies. But these micro babes have a giant monster friend who comes to the rescue named MOTHRA (a giant moth). This sweet looking butterfly is on its way to destroy Tokyo. It’s up to a reporter and the good scientist Dr. Chujo to save the micro twins from nasty mister Nelson before Mothra destroys Tokyo and anybody fooling around with our tiny twins. Love the MOSURA song and the outstanding FX. Another classic from master Honda. MUST SEE!

NAPALM SUCK / N.O.Y.F.B.: split EP (Constant Pain Recs/Agitate96/USA/2002)
One vile slab of face melting nuclear noisecore slaughter that turns a giant smile on my face when I listen to it. I keep telling you this is the stuff I like most about music, destroying it!! Fuck pop culture and punk hippies!! NAPALM SUCK where one of the best noisecore freaks around at that time early 2000. Those freaks knew how to do noisecore the classic way, 33 bursts of in your face grindnoise disaster! On the flip side we find those other talentless noise idiots NOYFB how ruined our ears with other killer slabs of black gold. They fuck you up with 12 hits to rape your virgin ears with inc. cookie basket drum sound destruction. Bonus points of course for having Boba Fett on your cover. SUPERIOR PLATTER!!!

CARBONIZED: no canonization EP (Thrash/FRA/1990)
Forgotten about progressive death metal orchestra from Sweden. Carbonized had members of Entombed and Carnage in its ranks when this EP was created. Three tracks of pretty technical and at times almost jazzy like metal of deth with some thrashing parts to raise your beer and start banging your head until it bleeds. Their “For The Security” LP is a worthy one to track down as well. Swedish death metal classic that deserved more attention.

DEATHCHURCH: unsilent hate anthem EP (Klaxon/NWN recs/USA/2007)
Crushing black/death from Chiba/Japan. This stuff reminds me a lot of Nuclear Death in terms of chaos and sound. Its black metal with grindcore ferocity and violence. These Samurais know how to rock and kick Jesus in the balls at the same time. This stuff wipes the corpse paint of most black metal leather faggots faces and tears them a new asshole ! 7” OF  VIOLENCE!!

THE CRAWLING EYE (Quentin Lawrence/UK/1958)
Goldie oldie drive in classic that is also known as THE TROLLENBERG TERROR. Weird shit happens in the mountains of Trollenberg, where people disappear and found back with their heads missing. A professor at a local research station soon discovers a radioactive cloud that slumbers around the mountain. Inside the cloud are giant alien eyeballs with tentacles who are hungry for human heads. It’s up to the professor and a science investigator to solve the riddle of the strange killings and to save Trollenberg from the tentacle terror of the crawling eye’s. The monster is great and creepy looking and it makes a fucn weird sound like some old pervert is having a wank on the phone. Great sci fi horror classic!

To cash in on the success of Cannibal Holocaust they made this sort of sequel that was sometimes advertised as Cannibal Holocaust 2. Not as gory and over the top and more of a jungle drama epic. It tells the tale of Catherine Miles who’s parents lived in the jungle at some plantation. On one of her visits as a 18 year old girl her parents got butchered at a boat trip deep in the jungle and Catherine who survived the attack is taken by the natives who are head hunters (not cannibals),and hold prison in their camp doing sleazy rituals, sexual abuse and a titty parade. Also for a jungle drama it has killer gore scenes and decapitations in it as well. If you want to see some romantic movie I recommend you this one!

GACY’S PLACE: smells like EP (Spiral Objective/Oz/1998)
Totally forgotten about furious hardcore punk band with some speedcore moments from Oz. They remind me of The Dehumanizers and their split with Seven Foot Spleen was a blast but this baby is the real winner! 8 hardcore smashers with “redneck rampage” being a sort of jazzy Dead Kennedy’s like song (California uber alles type). A forgotten hardcore treasure! And cheap to come by so grab it while you can.

ROTTREVORE: fornication in delirium EP (Cenotaph Recs/Hol/1992)
Monstrous rotten metal of death with awesome dungeon of doom sound recording, obscure and atmospheric horror madness. With deep guttural vox straight from the swamp of gore. Production wise a bit cleaner than their previous masterpiece “Copulation of the Virtuous and Vicious” but still nasty as fucking a girl in her cut off torso. EVIL SHIT DUDE!

HADES MINING CO.: setting records in futility EP (Continuum/USA/2002)
Great fucked up grindnoise dementia with tons of silly intro’s in between. Total lo fi obscure shit noise slaughter for noise freaks and die hard’s only. Lmtd 200 copys only of this beauty so pretty hard to find these days. For fans of ROTGUT, KKF, WBI and other crapcore disasters!

THE SEVENTH CURSE (Ngai Choi Lam/HK/1986)
Another lost cinematic treasure from Hong Kong is this demented adventure epic that is like Indiana Jones on acid. Our hero stumbles upon a sexy babe named Betsy who was just having a wet t-shirt solo contest in the jungle of Thailand. When he finds out that the girl belongs to the worm tribe and gets sacrificed by the evil wizard of the village, he of course comes to the rescue. He gets his ass kicked and the wizard gives him a blood spell that makes his veins explode (yes you read it correctly). With the help of some friends our hero returns to the jungle to find a cure to undo the spell and save Betsy and some other annoying bitch from the evil wizard and his freaky flying flesh eating fetus. Get ready for an insane ride full of crazy action, martial art fighting, tits, gore, monsters, skeletons and worm infested body’s. BEER & BONG CLASSIC!!!

When Hammer collaborated with the mighty Shaw Bro’s they came up with this great vampire tale. Starring good old Peter Cushing as Van Helsing the vampire slayer. Where he and his son are in China helping out some locals to free their village from Dracula and his 6 kung fu vampires and their army of the living dead who have been steeling virgin babes from the village to drink their blood and make blood soup. With the help of some martial arts specialist they are going to kick some kung fu vampire asses. Classic Hammer horror madness with a Shaw Bros sauce!

THE BEAST IN HEAT  (Luigi Batzella/IT/1977)
Extremely tasteless yet ultra funny exploitation romp about an Ilsa like ss commander that uses a Neanderthal beast man to torture and rape local village girls. This beast man was created by the Nazi’s regime to fertilize women for the Aryan race. It’s up to the local resistance to stop these atrocities and kill the she-wolf and her sex beast. The scenes of the beast going ape with the local ladies, pubic hair cannibal scene and the baby that gets thrown in the air and shot are Oscar winning material. The beast man is played by real life cave-man look alike actor (no make up needed!) Salvatore Baccaro, and no it’s not a chunk of shit that is stuck on his ass but a giant wart!  Totally demented war drama with tons of tits and pussy carpets!!!

ONE DARK NIGHT (Tom McLoughlin/USA/1982)
Sadly overlooked and forgotten about supernatural horror about a teen girl that has to stay for a night at a local mausoleum as part of an initiation for a high school girls club. Too bad for her the restless soul of a deceased psycho with telekinetic powers is just buried in his crypt and wants to resurrect from his endless slumber in hell. He needs the souls of young teen sluts to gain more power and so he wakes up the corpses in the mausoleum and hover them around for an evening of fun and to scare the shit out of people. Cool FX, nasty corpses and great creepy atmosphere makes this a recommended one to watch!

SOSPETTO: segni misteriosi, con il sangue dipinto sul muro LP (Cineploit/AU/2012)
Awesome  soundtrack music that is inspired by 70’s and 80’s giallo movie scores. Tons of atmospheric theme’s, funky jazz grooves and easy listening stuff and an occasional prog rocking jazz tune make this record and outstanding listening experience. A must for fans of giallo type soundtracks and 70’s euro cult/exploitation movie lovers.

DEAN FERANCE & ROGER CONRAD:  Omaggio a Joe D’Amato e Marcello Giombini EP (Cineploit/AU/2012)
More soundtrack madness with two odes to composer Marcello Giombini who made the music for some Joe D’ Amato movies. On the A side you find the theme from Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead and and the flipside the haunting theme of Antropophagus. This 7”platter is housed in a great looking picture sleeve and inner sleeve with cool movie pics. KILLER!

DESTROY!: necropolis LP (Sound Pollution Recs/USA/1995)
Another forgotten fave from the good old days of being a crusty dreadlock mushie eating, dope smoking noise freak hippie fucker. Destroy was a crust punk/grind band from Minneapolis that did a couple of awesome records such as the legendary split with Disrupt and this is their one and only killer full length sing along album. 22 political monster hits to bash in the skulls of vivisectors and animal abusers and to burn the fucking system down! Great angry stuff with male/female vocal apocalypse!! CLASSIC NOISEAPE STUFF!

DECHE CHARGE / CLITORIS TRAFFICKER: split EP (Japan Overseas/Rotthennes Recs/Jap-Bra/1995)
Pure noisecore satisfaction!! The D-C side is some of my fave D-C shit, 61 noise drillers to lobotomize year brain with and to fuck up your hearing. If that is not enough noise for you check out Clitoris Trafficker who rape out the rest of your senile existence with their discharge inspired noise slaughter, the sound goes all over the place, especially when the vocals kick in. INSANE NOISE PAIRING!

CANNABIS CORPUS: 666420 EP (Wild Huntsman Records/USA/2001)
Great little noise treasure by another horde of THC fueled mongloids who are sadly unknown to me except for this killer outpot. Demented lo fi grindcore stoner noisecore freak fest with loads of crazy parts thrown in to make it all extra high and trippy. Would have loved to hear some more noise from these bong-rippers. Tons of great stuff going on on this cannabis green 7” platter. DO NOT LISTEN SOBER!!!

EXIT 13: the unrequited love for chicken soup EP (Thrash /FR/1990)
The originators of cannabis and earth friendly grindcore EXIT 13 debut EP is still a blast after all these years listening to it. 5 insane songs of blistering grindcore/speed thrash with some groovy parts and weird in betweens.  Hope the Disemboweling Party and Eat More Crust demo’s get a vinyl treatment some day! UBER CLASSIC PLATTER!!!

FUNERARY BOX: hell hammered horror MLP (Rescued From Life/USA/2013)
Forget about your Christian metal crap, here is the new masters of occult metal thrashing death FUNERARY BOX!! Created by two evil tentacles who crawled straight out of sir Aleister Crowleys hairy butthole. These metal maniacs not only butcher Jehovah with their battle axe chainsaw guitar sound but also hammer the brains out of Virgin Mary’s cunt.  You get seven hymns of metal destruction with influences from blackened thrash like Sarcofago, evil metal like Venom and occult death like Shub Niggurath all with the metal battle attitude of Randy“Macho Man”Savage!! Oh there is a delightful cover of the Rolling Stones hit “undercover of the night” as well at the end!!. You need to grab a copy or be a Def Leppard fan forever!!

HADES ARCHER: the curse over mankind MLP (Blood Harvest/Swe/2012)
Superior bestial black/thrash from Chile that sounds like the thousand nuclear missiles detonate straight in your fucking face while listening to Venom’s black metal on 45 rpm. The drum sound is like sonic nuclear thunder making your mother lose here bleeding tampon out of her fuckhole while the satanic goat of blasphemy sprays his semen all over her face. This is well executed ultra brutal nastiness for fans of REVENGE, SARCOFAGO and BLASPHEMY with great atmosphere and musicianship . Already a classic in my living room!

Another forgotten chiller from Craven is this freaky tale. After the mysterious death of her husband who got killed by his own tractor (hi hi hi). The wife  (Maren Jensen of Battlestar Galactica fame) invites two friends from the city that come to help her get over her loss and help out on the farm that is located in the middle of nowhere at some Amish people colony. These religious superstitious idiots think that she is a succubus. Freaky shit happens and people get killed and then there is that awesome surprise ending making you lose your brain! Awesome horror full of nail biting tension and creepy atmosphere. Bonus points go to the eerie soundtrack and to Michael Berryman of course!  Very underrated Wes Craven movie. Too bad mr. Craven lost the art of making good horror flix in the 90’s

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