donderdag 16 juni 2011


-The RUPTURE and AxSxH lathe's have arived. Going to work on the covers
and hope to get everything ready by the end of the week! (i hope)
-New movies added                                                                              3-9-11
Got some copys in of the INVOCATION OF OBSCENE GODS zine

Some new noise & movie treasures added     28-8-11
Some new movie treasures added                 21-8-11
Bunch of new stuff in the distro + more movies added!    13-8-11
New distro stuff and more movie's added!  3-8-11
-We have 60+ movie and 60+ noise recommendations online! check it out!!   31-7-11
-Some new distro stuff arived, see NFL distro list.
-SEPPUKU / NECROCUM split EP will finaly soon be pressed after many delays.
Co-release with At War With False Noise
-EXIT HIPPIES / FILTH MILITIA split EP's arived in the distro        24-7-11
-Some new Noise & Movie treasure's added
-Some new movie recommendations added!           21-7-11
-CSMD gig footage added (the show was great! Mesrine rules!)    16-7-11
-Shit load of rare noisecore and 90's Japanese fastcore added to the distro (see second hand section)
-Bunch of new Movie recommendations added!
New distro stuff!                                                                     2-7-11
-ELECTRIC FUNERAL: harvester of death EP
-RORT: st EP
-GAZ66: intrusion EP
-PTAO: 4ka 3x 3"CD boxset

New noise & movies added
CSMD discography + noise and movie recommendations added ! 26-6-11
Off to the press

NFL#40 RUPTURE: gatecrash the orgy 6" lathe cut (lmtd 69 copys)

NFL#39 AxSxH: live 8" lathe cut (lmtd 50 copys)

These wont be out for 2 or 3 months

NFL records helped out the chimps from NEKROMANTIKER with their debut EP!

NEKROMANTIKER: 6 amazing punk hits 7"EP 4,5euro+postage
(Nasty filthy raw noisepunk holocaust like Confuse/Swankys/Disorder from Dutchtopia)

OUT 16-3-2011

on NO FUCKING LABELS records/distro (The Netherlands)

NFL#38 SPLATTERED SPLITTER: demo 1988 7”EP 4euro+postage
(Raw bestial noisepunk/death/thrash/noisecore, think Confuse/Gai vs Autopsy/Fear Of God. Originally released as ultra lmtd Split 10” with SLOTH and now this obscure piece of filth is available on 7” with 1 bonus track that was not on the 10”. Lmtd 200 copys, with insert and A3 poster of original demo artwork)

NFL#31 CSMD / AxSxH: split 7”EP 4euro+postage
(This is the 3rd and final 100 copy repress on nice red vinyl/covers. Sci fi monster noisecore vs. pissed off fastcore!!! Last change to get this classic piece of noise vinyl!)

NFL#37  CSMD / SPOELSTRA: split EP 4euro + postage
( CSMD does 1 long sci fi doomcore/drone track and 2 monster noisecore cuts. SPOELSTRA is freak electro that sounds like the soundtrack of Logans Run, Buck Rogers and The Andromeda Strain!! )

NFL#36  VA/  SMALL DOSES: 100 band comp. CD  6,5euro+postage
(This must be the most insane and brutal noisecore/grindcore comp ever! 100 bands! all unreleased trx!
40 page booklet and die cut covers! TOTAL NOISE MASSACRE!!!!!!!)

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