zondag 28 juli 2013


-With a bit of luck we have the NEKROMANTIKER / CSMD: split EP (repress) Nekro U.S. tour edition in stock by next week when the Nekromaniacs are back from their U.S. trip.
-The plant that was suppose to press the CSMD LP is gone, after 3 months of waiting we still have no records so it looks like a total waste of time and money. Rumour is that the plant did press about 30 copies but not sure if we are going to get our tentacles on that. Hope to find another pressing plant that can do a cheap run of 100  copy's.
-Some new Noise treasures where added 22-8-13
-NFL will release the SETE STAR SEPT / NUT SCREAMER: split EP
Local noise punk drunks will tour the U.S.A. with Merciless Game this august!!

Here the dates, go check em out if they destroy your neighborhood!!
Aug 13 - Tue - Philadelphia PA
Aug 14 - Wed - New Brunswick NJ
Aug 15 - Thur - Baltimore MD at Barclay House
Aug 16 - Fri - Richmond VA
Aug 17 - Sat - Asheville NC
Aug 18 - Sun - Gainesville FL
Aug 19 - Mon - Nashville TN at Owl Farm
Aug 20 - Tue - Kansas City MO
Aug 21 - Wed - St Louis MO at Blank Space
Aug 22 - Thur - Columbus OH
Aug 23 - Fri - Detroit MI
Aug 24 - Sat - Pittsburgh PA at Skull Fest at The Shop

SPHC records will release NEKROMANTIKER LP that will hopefully be available around that time.
Same goes for the NEKRO/CSMD: split EP repress (lmtd tour edition).

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